c00lkidd was an infamous exploiter on Roblox, best known for abusing exploits in popular games during his time (such as Work at a Pizza Place and Natural Disaster Survival), forming the popular exploiter group "team c00lkidd", creating "c00lgui", a popular tool for changing walk-speed properties and giving other related "powers" to the user such as inserting assets into a server, and being the alt of 007n7. It became speculated that all players who joined his team c00lkidd group were banned at the time of his termination. 

During and after his time being active there have been many imposters have popped up, however, none have been confirmed to be the real c00lkidd. His group team c00lkidd has had to deal with these imposters as well, some even being stolen and shut down by the official.

team c00lkidd

During his time exploiting, presumably in late 2014, c00lkidd created the group team c00lkidd under his main account 007n7. The group was primarily used as a trolling and exploiting group under the same means as the GGG or "Git Gud Gang". c00lkidd and many members would raid and exploit servers being a general nuisance on the site until 2016 when c00lkidd, 007n7, and team c00lkidd were all Banned. The group branched off to several separate groups, some being team skrubl0rd and Team 1x3x5x6.

After his termination in mid-2016 ownership of team c00lkidd was passed down to several people such as Jonas, KingTet, and Wheels. As of the current time a user and past exploiter PandoraIV owns the group. On November 8th, 2018, Pandora officially quit and shut down team c00lkidd, as stated on the official Discord. Later in 2019, the group began activity again.

The most well known c00lkidd members include LEETarmy, Rougue/KingTet, ADHDyoshi, Aesthesia/Anthrox, Apocalipce123, and prism131.

Team c00lkidd currently only has 2 official groups and any others, including past branches, are to be considered as fan-groups and are not to be considered official by any means. These groups are:

team c00lkidd (banned) 

~cK2~ Team c00lkidd 2 (main) 


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