Cam (CMParmy, known on YouTube as CMParmy) is an English Roblox YouTuber with over 102K subscribers. He primarily uploads Tower of Hell gameplay and challenge videos, formerly uploading gameplay videos of other obbies.


  • He joined Roblox on November 23, 2017 and has amassed over 11K followers.
  • He owns a fan group called CMParmy Group with over 4K members as of May 25, 2020. His group sells six shirts which feature his username. The group's icon features an avatar head with Pal Hair and a Mr. Chuckles face over a blue swirl background.

YouTube Channel

  • His YouTube channel icon features an illustration of an anime boy over a dark sky.
  • His channel slogan is "Join the Army" which is featured on his YouTube channel banner.
  • His video background music can be categorized in the aesthetic and lo-fi hip-hop genres.
  • His first name is Cam, as stated in the description of his YouTube channel.
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