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Royale High is a school roleplay/hangout game created by callmehbob. It is set in a high school for royal and/or fairy students and can be considered a fantasy Roblox High School.



Players customize their character to their liking and chat with friends. Throughout the day, they may attend classes and do homework to level up and earn diamonds which can be used to buy in-game items. A player is given 300 diamonds (without multipliers) after each level up.  Royale High has typical school subject classes. Some of the classes in Royale high include Baking, Swimming, Computer, P.E, Chemistry, Art, and English. 


Royale High has many items. They include halos, wings, skirts, heels, hats, earrings, and much more. There is a shop that players can buy mermaid tails, wings, skirts, and heels from. The other items players can get from the wheel in Divinia, the fountain, or other special "shops" in updates. In the dress-up section, players can customize their character. There are many pre-made clothes and hairstyles. However, if they wish to, players can buy a game pass that allows them to have more hair colors. There is also a game pass added recently that allows players' to change the design to some of their heels and skirts.

Last year in 2018, Callmehbob added a profile to the dress-up section. In the profile, players can add their favorite foods, their best friends, and all about themselves. If a player click/tap on a person in-game, they will be given an option to view their profile. They can also paint their profile using the paintbrush game pass. All of the players' badges earned during holiday events (see below) are also shown.

Game passes

Name Image Cost Details
Faster Flight! (+ Custom Speeds) FasterFlightGamepassForRoyaleHigh 249 Robux Offers players a flight speed slider when flying, from 45 (default) to 300.
Diamonds 2x Multiplier Diamonds 2x Multiplier For Royale High 749 Robux Multiplies the amount of diamonds gained when leveling up or collecting diamond spawns 2x.
If the player owns both the 2x and 4x gamepass, these gains will be multiplied by 6x.
Diamonds 4x Multiplier Diamonds 4x Multiplier Gamepass for Royale High 1649 Robux Multiplies the amount of diamonds gained when leveling up or collecting diamond spawns 4x.
If the player owns both the 2x and 4x gamepass, these gains will be multiplied by 6x.
Paintbrush Pass Paintbrush Pass For Royale High 289 Robux Allows the player to customize the colors on their profile and school locker for as many times players want, and customization of their roleplay name's color and font.
120+ New Hair Colors Pass 120+ New Hair Colors For Royale High 50 Robux Gives access to a larger amount of colors for the custom hair.
Special Fabric Designs Royale-gamepass-fabric

50 Robux

Gives access to a larger amount of fabric designs for the skirts, heels and accessories.
Crystal Ball Power Crystal Ball Power Gamepass for Royale High 300 Robux Being able to view the whole map and capture angles the player couldn't reach before. It can enable by pressing on the shift and P keys. The player can hold shift and W to slow down the camera.

Holiday updates

  • Halloween 2017 - Players can teleport to different realms and escape a maze to obtain a badge.
  • Christmas 2017 - The lobby received a winter and Christmas-themed update. Jumping down a chimney will reward the player with a badge.
  • Valentine's Day 2018 - The map of the lobby was changed to reflect Valentine's Day. Joining Royale High on February 14, 2018, would reward a badge to the player.
  • Halloween 2018 - Trick-or-treating was added. Candy obtained from trick-or-treating could have been traded for a holiday-exclusive accessory (such as the "Kitchen Accident" which was a Bloody Knife). A Pumpkin Contest was also held, where a player can guess the correct number of pumpkins in the game. If they were able to guess correctly, they were rewarded with 2,000 diamonds. Every server spawned a random amount of pumpkins. Players could also obtain the "Halloween Halo" and the "Eerie Fog " badge from the fountain.
  • Christmas 2018 - The "Santa Event" was added, You buy cookies (Each costs 200 diamonds, and the more cookies you have, there is a greater chance that Santa will come), and at a random time, Santa will come and drop some gifts. You will know Santa has come when you hear bells, and the fire goes out. The Winter Crystal Halo was also added.
  • New Year's Eve 2019 - NPCs of YouTubers, game developers, and notable artists and designers featured in the game were added. Talking to some of them would reward the player with either diamonds or an accessory for their character. Some NPCs will require the player to do a small quest in order to gain a reward. If one joined Royale High on exactly 12:00 am on January 1st, they will get a badge.
  • Valentine's Day 2019¬†-¬†Players were able to obtain a badge for joining on Valentine's Day. Some were also able to obtain the "Valentine's Day Halo" from the Fountain of Divinia and also, the "It's Officialūüíē " badge. The lobby is now set up as Divinia. There was also an "Accessories" tab added in shop where players can use their diamonds to purchase items.
  • St. Patrick's Day 2019¬†- The fountain had¬†been recolored to gold and players were able to obtain the St. Patrick's Day/Rainbow Halo and the "After it rains " badge.¬†The accessories and heels sections in the shop feature items that are made by the Royale High community, reflected Saint Patrick's Day.¬†Players can use their diamonds to purchase an item. On St. Patrick's Day, when the weather is rainy, players were expected to see a rainbow in the sky where there was¬†a pot of gold on the cloud and the gold coins were¬†worth 5 diamonds each. In some cases, there was¬†a clover ore during the rainbow that gives players an accessory that was¬†also available in the shop. Players were able to obtain a badge for joining on St. Patrick's Day.
  • Easter 2019¬†- Divinia has been redesigned to reflect Easter.¬†Players can obtain the Easter Halo and the "Happy Little Fluffy Bunnies " badge from the fountain. There's also an egg hunt where players have to go to different home stores to find eggs in each one to reward an exclusive accessory or diamonds. There's also a¬†badge when players completed every store.
  • Christmas 2019¬†- If you played during Christmas day, you will receive a badge called "Christmas 2019! Royale Christmas 2019! " for playing. A new Christmas themed map was made to temporarily replace earth. Players could buy an ornament for 175 diamonds each to decorate a large tree. The more ornaments on the tree will increase the chances of Santa coming that night. If Santa comes, he will rain down some gifts and when touching one, the player would receive a new limited christmas accessory. Players could only get one gift per Santa's arrival. Players could also receive the 2019 Christmas halo and the "Icy Blast " badge.¬†
  • Valentine's 2020 - If you played on Valentines Day , you would receive a badge called "Royale Valentines Day 2020! " for playing. A new permanent realm was added called "Battle a la Royale", where it was a PvP arrow shooting game.¬†Players could also receive the 2020¬†Valentines¬†halo and the "My Heart Glows For You " badge.¬†

The Lobby

Earth, the current lobby, is being worked on. If a player joins a server, they will spawn on either side of a road that connects all the buildings in it. They can primarily see the Designer Boutique. They can also see the fountain which they can click on(In the far distance along the road), put in diamonds, and either win more diamonds, lose diamonds or possibly obtain a halo. There is also a wheel that players can spin to get prizes and a boutique where they can go to the clothing stores. There are also heart shaped diamonds that randomly spawn around Earth in different locations and have different values. Other notable current features of Earth include but are not limited to: A fall-themed cafe, a tower with a VIP spa area, and the cars.


Despite being one of the most popular games (beating Jailbreak and MeepCity on occasion), it has received mixed reactions. Since it primarily targets a female audience, male players tend to criticize the game more often as there is not much to appeal to them in comparison.


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  • There's a badge given to people who have their designs which are accessories or wings chosen to be in Royale High.
  • There are two accessories that can be only obtained if players¬†redeem the toy codes from the callmehbob and Enchantress toy figures. They also each give 2,000 diamonds and¬†exclusive Roblox items.
  • There are also badges if users are able to meet a certain YouTuber¬†or developer in-game.
  • The game was formerly¬†called Enchantix High, but it's now a side realm¬†along with Fantasia Getaway Resort, and the classic/old Royale High.
  • There was an April Fools' prank where when a player¬†enters the game, it will give them a fake ban¬†note. It also had a FREE Glowing Beach Skirt when it's just a decal of a blue sparkling skirt with the back saying, "April Foolz" with the exception of the lighting. The game also had its description changed, icon, and renamed to "Princess Simulator."
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