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Royale High is a school-themed roleplay/hangout and dress-up Roblox game owned by callmehbob. It was originally titled Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School, and intended as a Winx Club fan roleplay game, up until November 2017 until the game was renamed and reworked to more than a fan game.


Players are intended to dress up, roleplay or chat with other players, and complete various gameplay activities to level up and gain more diamonds to purchase new items. Players are given a teleportation staff to navigate the game, along with a phone to communicate with friends and keep track of timers.

Royale High's main in-game currency is Diamonds, which is earned through gameplay, or may also be purchased with Robux. There are sometimes limited currencies used in specific seasonal events.

Royale High is split into multiple realms that have different purposes. All of them can be used to chat with other players or roleplay, and some have the sole intent of roleplaying.

To move, players can hold ⇧ Shift (PC) or toggle the sprint button to run faster. Double jumping will enable or disable flying in most realms. At the right side of the screen, a menu with buttons for the player's phone, customization (Dress Up), animations, the in-game shop, and realm teleportation can be accessed at any time. The menu also contains the player's current level and experience to their next level, an on/off toggle for music, and the YouTube Settings, a menu for hiding certain UI elements or adding filters for the ease of video creators or in-game photographers. Certain realms add additional buttons to the menu, and the menu can be hidden at any time.


Players can customize their character with being able to choose clothing, hair, faces, skirts, shoes, wings, and accessories to wear. While some of these are free at all times, many items are either obtained through limited-time events or must be purchased either with diamonds or Robux.

A large amount of the content in the customization menu, including 2D clothing, custom faces, hair textures, and item patterns (fabric designs), are contributed by players in the Royale High community through various submission opportunities and forms hosted by the developers on Twitter. The clothing also aims to directly support clothing designers on Roblox, allowing a direct way to purchase the original shirt and/or pants on the Roblox website.

While customizing, players can also opt to edit their Profile, also known as the Journal, where they can add certain text entries to answer questions or fill out prompts. With certain game passes, players can also recolor their journal or add stickers. Other players can view a player's journal by clicking on their character, which also includes certain interaction buttons.


Players that are level 75 or higher may access the Intergalactic Trading Hub realm to trade customization items and diamonds with other players. There are certain items that cannot be traded. There is a 40 item limit to how many items can be traded at once.

Game passes

All game passes that are or were available in Royale High.

Name Image Cost Details
Faster Flight! (+ Custom Speeds) FasterFlightGamepassForRoyaleHigh.png 249 Robux Offers players a flight speed slider when flying, from 45 (default) to 299.
Diamonds 2x Multiplier Diamonds 2x Multiplier For Royale High.png 749 Robux Multiplies the amount of diamonds gained when leveling up or collecting diamond spawns 2x.
If the player owns both the 2x and 4x gamepass, these gains will be multiplied by 6x.
Diamonds 4x Multiplier Diamonds 4x Multiplier Gamepass for Royale High.png 1649 Robux Multiplies the amount of diamonds gained when leveling up or collecting diamond spawns 4x.
If the player owns both the 2x and 4x gamepass, these gains will be multiplied by 6x.
Paintbrush Pass Paintbrush Pass For Royale High.png

300 Robux

Allows the player to customize the colors on their profile and school locker for as many times players want, and customization of their roleplay name's color and font.
120+ New Hair Colors Pass 120+ New Hair Colors For Royale High.png 50 Robux Gives access to a larger amount of colors for the custom hair.
Special Fabric Designs Royale-gamepass-fabric.png

50 Robux

Gives access to a larger amount of fabric designs for the skirts, heels and accessories.
Crystal Ball Power Crystal Ball Power Gamepass for Royale High.png 300 Robux Enables the player to use Roblox's free camera mode (normally only enabled to developers). Only the keyboard shortcut ⇧ Shift + A is enabled, so this is exclusive to PC players only. Also grants the player the "Crystal Ball" in-game accessory.
Sticker Packs Pass! Royale High stickers pass.png 50 Robux Gives access to additional sticker packs for players to add to their Journal in-game.

Removed game passes

Fly on Earth FasterFlightGamepassForRoyaleHigh.png 80 Robux Players who purchased this gamepass could fly inside the realm Earth. It was later removed and everybody could fly. Players who had owned the gamepass were given a Magical Broomstick item and 2,000 diamonds. The picture used is the same picture that is featured on the Flight Speed gamepass.


Realms are separate places in the overall Royale High game that players can teleport between for different gameplay activities or areas to roleplay.

Royale High's starter place varies and changes depending on the update. Sometimes the starter place is set to a certain realm if there is a seasonal event or update in the realm. Otherwise, it is typically set to the Arrival Screen, a "main menu" for the game that provides all realm teleportations, direct teleportations to timers, access to the phone menu, a level leaderboard, and a changelog.

There are three school-based realms, where players can complete classes and activities for diamond and experience rewards and participate in scheduled school days;

  • New Royale High campus - the current "modern" school with the most up-to date classes.
  • Old Royale High campus - the previous school with slightly different classes, intended for players with lower-end devices.
  • Enchantix High - the latest version of Royale High as it was under Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School, with a heavy focus on Winx Club themed classes, dorms, and activities.

Certain realms house time-gated interactives for players, but otherwise are meant for roleplaying;

  • Luxury High-Rise Apartments - a roleplaying realm with interactive objects and party hosting, where each player gets their own apartment instance. Players can sit down at their computer for a daily log-in bonus of diamonds with increased diamonds for log-in streaks, or sleep in bed to regain their energy and gain XP.
  • Earth - the "human realm" with the Town wheel that can be spun daily for prizes. It is also the only way to access the Moonlight Square realm. The Designer Boutique, a teleportation hub to partnered clothing stores to support clothing designers, is also located here.
  • Divinia Park - a large park area with interactive elements, often used for events. Players can make a wish upon the Fountain of Dreams for every 2 hours for rewards such as diamonds, experience, or the extremely rare halo accessories.

Other realms have additional gameplay elements;

  • Sunset Island - a tropical island with numerous roleplay elements, free accessory chests, and a fashion pageant event. Players cannot fly in this realm.
  • Battle a la Royale - a PvP minigame to gain experience, where 2 teams shoot other players with arrows to incapacitate them.
  • Moonlight Square - a city realm only accessible through Earth, with elements to interactively browse randomized clothing stores to encourage purchasing clothing to wear around Roblox and support Roblox clothing designers.
  • Intergalactic Trading Hub - a realm only accessible to players level 75 or higher, being the only realm that players are able to trade with other players. Players cannot fly in this realm.

Other realms only exist for roleplay or interacting with other players;

  • Beach House - a beach-side mansion with additional provided tools such as tents, beach chairs, pool toys, and various areas to prepare food and drink items.
  • Fantasia Getaway Resort - a hotel with assignable rooms to players and certain additional items for roleplay. Players cannot fly in this realm.

There is also an additional realm, In Loving Memory of Lizzy Winkle, which is in a separate experience from Royale High. The realm is meant as a tribute to Lizzy_Winkle, a member of Royale High's fan community with multiple wings & items added in-game, who passed away on November 29, 2019. It can be accessed in the "Earth" realm in Royale High by interacting with the memorial tree, though the player will only be able to join if they had played Royale High prior to the realm being created.

Royale High also once had Diamond Beach, a name applying to various instances of a realm of a private beach cove that was used for testing or as a lobby. There was also the Divinia realm, a small island where the Fountain and the Designer Boutique were originally located, introduced on February 1, 2019 and interchanged with Earth as the lobby until it has since been fully inaccessible since August 31, 2019.

Some additional realms are made available or replace other realms during events.


Royale High hosts and organizes multiple in-game events.

In-game events

During various seasons and holidays, Royale High hosts in-game events for interactive activities, rewards, and limited-time items.

Some events consistently return every year;

  • Halloween - Beginning in 2017, Earth has been transformed into a Halloween theme and/or a new temporary realm, Autumn Town, is added to the game with Halloween and Autumn activities, along with Halloween-themed rewards and temporary items in the shop. In 2019, Royale High partnered with its featured clothing stores for a candy hunt.
  • Christmas - Beginning in 2017, Earth is transformed into a Christmas/Winter theme (also known as "Christmas Town" during this time), with holiday activities, items, and badges.
  • Valentines - Beginning in 2018, some realms are given Valentine's Day theme decoration, while new items and badges are added. The Battle a la Royale realm was originally added as part of the 2020 event. The 2021 event, hosted in Divinia Park, also included sections for Lunar New Year and Black History Month.
  • St. Patrick's - Beginning in 2019, a realm is given a raining event, where afterwards a rainbow ending with a cloud in the sky appears to reward players with diamonds and sometimes a free item. Themed accessories, shoes, and wings are available to players to purchase or attain through rewards.
  • Easter - Beginning in 2019, a "hunt" event is given that rewards players with items for completing them. In 2019, Royale High partnered with its featured clothing stores for an egg hunt. In 2020, Moonlight Square was given a bunny hunt game that rewarded Bunnies which could be used to purchase items. In 2021, Divinia Park was given an egg hunt minigame that rewarded Golden Eggs which could be used to purchase randomized accessories or diamonds.
  • New Years - Beginning in 2019, various gameplay events occur with some limited-time accessories (at minimum, a party hat for the year). In 2019, notable Royale High community members and YouTubers were presented in an event as NPCs to complete quests for diamonds and accessories. In 2020, a party hat was added along with the Party feature in the Apartments. In 2021, a temporary realm, Royale High City, was made for a ball-drop event while Royale High developers were presented as NPCs to complete quests for accessories.

Some events have only appeared in select years, or are extremely minor;

  • April Fool's - in 2019 and 2021, a temporary event was added to the game adding minor jokes and prank items.
    • In the 2019 event, the current lobby, Divinia, was modified with various minor jokes, including a fake "ban" screen when joining, and a free fake skirt was added into the shop, Royale High was temporarily renamed "princess simulator" on April 1st.
    • In the 2021 event, Divinia Park was modified with various joke textures and map modifications, including a tower obstacle course that could be completed for accessories. Royale High was temporarily renamed "Tower of Royhell" on April 1st.
  • Independence Day - An Independence Day event (mostly focusing on the 4th of July (USA) and Canada Day) was introduced temporarily into Divinia on July 4, 2019 adding some themed accessories such as flags and 4th of July themed decoration. No formal Independence Day event occurred in 2020, though the Beach House was given some minor decoration and the flag accessories being rewarded to players during the time the decorations were present.
  • Lunar New Year - Since 2020, Royale High has added an accessory corresponding to the Chinese Zodiac animal of the new lunisolar calendar during Lunar New Year, with some minor decoration. A small part of the Valentines 2021 event was dedicated to the Lunar New Year 2021, which fell on February 12, 2021.

Roblox events

Royale High was featured in the Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of Egg event, which rewarded the Eggchanted egg for completing the quest inside Battle a la Royale.


Despite being one of the most popular games (beating Jailbreak and MeepCity on occasion), it has received mixed reactions. Since it primarily targets a female audience, male players tend to criticize the game more often as there is not much to appeal to them in comparison.

Incidents and controversies

Copyright concerns and stolen assets

Royale High was originally a Winx Club fan game. However, it has taken steps in recent years to remove direct monetized items related to or directly using items from Winx Club, including gameplay elements and wing designs. In December 2019 and January 2020, Royale High developer KateKa22 hosted the "Elements Wings Contest" to gather new element designs for wings to replace Royale High's massive amount of copyrighted wing designs in its shop, including designs taken or ripped from Winx Club and Perfect World. Over 70 new designs from 60 different artists replaced the old designs. As of now, Royale High continues to retain their Enchantix High realm, including all Winx Club theming, music, images, and assets.

Multiple hair styles still in-game are ripped from The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 (or mods/"custom content" for these games). Some accessories also appear to be ripped from various free accessory and part packs made for MikuMikuDance character models. However, these appear to be sourced from the toolbox, originally from mass stolen asset ripping uploads made to Roblox when mesh uploading was first enabled.

Influencer badge removals

Royale High has numerous badges meant to be granted by notable figures in the Royale High community ("influencers"), including popular artists, YouTubers, and other content creators. These are forms of "you met" badges, which can be granted by the player to nearby players when prompted.

Due to various community incidents with certain players associated with these badges, the game has had to disable or sometimes entirely remove badges for these players.

Lunar New Year event inaccuracies

During Royale High's Valentines 2021 event in Divinia Park (started on February 12, 2021), the game also included a section of the park dedicated to celebrating the Lunar New Year due to its date (February 12) falling near Valentine's Day in 2021, called the Lunar New Year Celebration Area. The area intended to represent multiple cultures that celebrated (or were presumed to celebrate) Lunar New Year. However, food stalls were providing numerous items unrelated to the Lunar New year. Some stalls focused on Japanese dishes such as taiyaki ice cream and ramen, while Japan does not directly celebrate Lunar New Year. Bubble tea was also included, despite its lack of relation to Chinese New Year. Additionally, the buildings were heavily based on Japanese shrines. This displeased some players, who made posts on Twitter that were shared in the Royale High community explaining some issues with the event. Royale High developers had contacted someone to inquire on accurate practices, but some errors occurred in the communication.[1] Some of the developers inquired for improvement suggestions[2] and overhauled the Lunar New Year Celebration Area to be more accurate and respectful, however, the changes were never added to the game before the event ended.

Crown Academy lawsuit and community conflict

Ice7, a programmer for Royale High, shared on Twitter on July 21, 2020 that he had filed a lawsuit towards Star Status two weeks prior on the basis that their game, Crown Academy, had used stolen Royale High code and assets in its production from a previous Royale High developer that was now working for Star Status.[3] In his post, he provided links to legal documents that included screenshots of alleged reused code, assets, and text from Royale High.[4] Star Status later filed a counter-suit against Ice7, confirmed by PixelatedCandy, the owner of Star Status.[5]

Although the screenshots are not confirmed to be real, their release triggered a very volatile response from the Royale High community. Upon the opening of Crown Academy's public access beta, it looked different from the screenshots presented on the legal document and did not contain any visibly stolen assets. However, some Royale High fans still believed the game was stealing, and demanded certain items such as select skirts and shoes were removed or changed. Despite that these assets were not actually stolen, nor their concepts created by Royale High originally (though some being somewhat visually similar), some of these items were reworked and updated. Additionally, the unrelated game Enchanted Academy (2) by GrottyPuff was confused by some players for Crown Academy, and was also attacked for a second time in relation to Royale High.

When Crown Academy released in open beta on August 21, 2020, many people joined the game to leave a dislike or to harass players for playing a "copy" of Royale High. Crown Academy temporarily filtered various forms and abbreviations of "Royale High" from its in-game chat for a few weeks to limit its players being harassed.

In February 2021, CHROMASTASIA (QueenChroma), an artist that had been independently contracted by one of Royale High's 3D modelers to conceptualize the "Winter Guardian" item set for Royale High, had brought up that Crown Academy had released an item called the "Winter Guardian Cape" / "Blizzard Guardian Cape" around the same time that Royale High had released their Winter Guardian set. This was discussed personally with the Crown Academy developers and the name of Crown Academy's item was changed to the "Everwinter Cape", though the initial similar naming appears to have been a coincidence.[6][7]


On May 15, 2021, while callmehbob and LauncelotHandsome were on vacation, callmehbob's account was hijacked presumably by sim swapping. During this time, Royale High's main place map (Divinia Park at the time) was maliciously updated to ignore all game scripts, and instead teleported players to a Among Us-themed tycoon game. The game was later deleted, and therefore the teleport failed, leaving players on an out-of-bounds spawn until the game was later reverted by Roblox. callmehbob's account was semi-restored at the aftermath of the Incident until she gets logged into her account.

Royale High developer calinpj04 informed players on Twitter that their data was externally saved and would be reverted. (Tweet removed)[8]

Roblox Toys

The game has 8 associated Roblox Toys with it.

The first two toys, "Enchantress" and "callmehbob" also reward items inside Royale High. This is checked with if the player owns their associated reward accessories, Enchantress Tress or Callmehostentatiouslyslyempressed respectively, and joins Royale High. Owning the "Enchantress Tress" Roblox accessory rewards the badge "☪ The Enchantress ☪", the "Mood Changing Necklace" in-game accessory, and 2500 diamonds in-game. Owning the "Callmehostentatiouslyslyempressed" Roblox accessory rewards the badge "You found callmehbob!", the "callmehbob Diamond Ring" in-game accessory, and 3000 diamonds in-game.


All major contributors to Royale High.

Royale High additionally utilizes a large amount of community-contributed content, permitted featured content, or licensed assets by numerous independent creators, of which are credited in-game.