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Dinosaur Simulator is a simulator game made by ChickenEngineer. The ultimate goal is to survive as prehistoric dinosaurs and other unique creatures against predators, and natural threats of starvation, dehydration, and weather. Gaining more in-game currency to unlock new dinosaurs and unique skins are the main progression in the game to get better in the game. The game has gone through many major updates reaching newer amounts of playable characters, currency, trading, and advanced mechanics. As of now, there are over 100 dinosaurs and skins to play with. Every creature has different stats, diets, sounds, play styles, and strategies to fit your taste. The main currency in Dinosaur Simulator is DNA, which is earned by surviving days, becoming juvenile, adult.

Every creature has its own stats. There are 4 different stats; health, attack, defense, and speed. Most carnivores have high attack stats, and herbivores have good health and defense stats. For an example as an Elder, the maximum growth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex deals 270 damage, and the Triceratops, as an Elder, has 30 defense. A hybrid, the Albino Terror has 35 defense, nearly nothing in-able to do bleed to it, other than the Megavore. The attack stat shows how much damage you do to a creature when you attack it. The defense stat shows how good your resistance to an attack is. The health stat shows how much your maximum health is, and the speed stat depicts how fast your dinosaur can run, and walk. As your dinosaur gets older, the speed decreases as you grow. Skins can be obtained in the Trading Map, where you buy eggs, and unlock random dinosaurs from the eggs, rarities varying.

There are also "hybrids" such as the Albino Terror, Megavore, and Avinychus. These creatures are a hybrid, such as the Megavore, is a breed of many different types of dinosaurs.[1] The big but nimble Avinychus, and the white and scary Albino Terror based on the Indominus Rex.


Developers and Administrators have their own dinosaurs, information on that can be found on the Developer Dinosaurs page.


In the game, each animal has its own diet. A diet is what the animal eats. A carnivore, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, eats meat as it is a carnivore. Carnivores can eat fish in the ocean, lizards on land, and other animals. An herbivore, such as a Triceratops, eats plants as it is an herbivore. Herbivores can eat ferns found on the map and the leaves of trees if they are tall enough. However, in fall and winter, the trees become inedible and ferns stop growing, forcing herbivores to wander around in search of existing ferns. An omnivore, such as the Ornithomimus, can eat meat and plants. However, it is a rarity to see many omnivore players, as most are small and weak.


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