Christina8787 is an infamous ROBLOXian best known for her feud with XiaoXiaoman and hating IronInforcer's Iron Cafe. Her place Club Christy was soon reviewed by XiaoXiaoman, Shortly after the Review. Her place Club Christy lost a huge amount of players and received lots of hate from the ROBLOX Community. Many forum posts got deleted that talked about this controversy. She also stole X101st from LordTheft.

She is still active however due to the amount of harassment that was put to here she is not as active compared to before.


Club Christy Controversy

In 2009, Christina8787 put up advertisements for her own place, Club Christy, which insulted the Iron Cafe and IronInforcer. These ads said that her version of the cafe was better than Iron's. This caused a lot of controversy on Christy's part, as well as the spawn for XiaoXiaoMan's second Raging Roblox Reviewer video. A lot of users criticized her both for her ads and her place. Chrisitina would then respond to XiaoXiaoMan's video which would make her get disliked by the Community and ultimately lead to her dormancy from 2013 - 2015.


PLURPrincess is an Alternate Account created by Christina8787 on August 20, 2010, she is very active on this account since her main account has received huge amounts of hate. She created The Pop Club place which did not receive that many hate due to the ROBLOX Community unaware of the real owner. However upon it being revealed who the real owner of the account was. She would again be harassed and be given criticism once again by the Roblox Community. However, this wasn't as big to the 2010 XiaoXiaoman and Christina Feud due to others lack of interest in it.

Involvement in X-101st

After a short feud with LordVade, Christina and deleted every member of X-101st, which was also stolen from LordTheft, as said above.

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