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Cindering (formerly known as gam3r2009) is a 22-year-old developer from Massachusetts, USA[citation needed] who is well known for his famous game Roblox High School (created after ROBLOX Middle School), a roleplaying game. Released in 2009, it has consistently been on the front page since 2014. Cindering also owns the ROBLOX Roblox High School: Fan Club, a group with 3M+ members and was the first group on ROBLOX to achieve 1M members, which was achieved on September 8, 2016. He joined ROBLOX on February 28, 2009.

He has 25k+ followers on Twitter, and 230k+ followers on ROBLOX.

Games and Creators

Cindering also developed the game Sharpshooter Mines, a shooter/tycoon style game with a focus on mining ore. It has received 3M+ visits.

ROBLOX High School has been featured in 5 ROBLOX events: BLOXgiving 2014, a Big Hero 6 tie in, ROBLOX Summer Camp 2015, a Peanuts movie tie in, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Finding Dory, and Imagination

Cindering developed a new RHS map for his Summer Update which was released in August 2015, adding many new features, buildings, and items to the game.

Cindering's popular map, ROBLOX High School, was originally designed for ROBLOX Best School Map contest and was called ROBLOX Middle School.

Cindering claims to be developing a new game that is not about role-playing, but it is not clear what this is yet.

In January 2018, Cindering announced that he would be making a sequel to Roblox High School. On May 4, 2018, Roblox High School 2 was announced[1]. Roblox High School 2 was available to play for 25 Robux under early access, until December 14, when Roblox High School 2 was released.

Cindering gives credit to other developers that help him. Here is the credit list for the game developers written:

  • Cindering: Creator of RHS, designer & scripter of the game, GUI designer
  • Umbra_Crowspike: Co-creator of RHS, lead builder & main partner for game's design
  • MorphoPeleides: Co-creator of RHS, map builder
  • Archaeic: Builder of updated map
  • xJennyBeanx: Builder of updated map
  • Myzta: Builder of updated map, new furniture designer
  • NWSpacek: Builder of RHS's new vehicles, Spooky furniture set design
  • Wonuf Creator of the fishing update + RHS's official uniforms
  • Aesura: Creator of new artwork, clothing, & posters for the game


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