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CleverSource is a developer most known for his contributions towards Rovive (created by Ripull), Ripull Minigames, and Fray. For a short time in April 2019, he was a developer for Ripull Minigames along-side Ripull. He is also a former developer for the Roblox game known as Fray, a first-person shooter game based on Call of Duty. CleverSource is also the Community Manager for the game Island Royale. He is also the former Community Manager for Rovive.

Ripull Minigames

For a short time in April 2019, CleverSource developed Ripull Minigames, a game full of minigames for other users to play. He was a programmer for the game while Ripull was the lead programmer. He is also the first ever developer to develop for Ripull Minigames other than Ripull himself. The reasons for this are unknown.


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  • He lost all of his limited items through a scam in 2017.
  • He was the first user to join the DreamCraft group, the studio behind Adopt Me. This is most likely due to his connections with NewFissy.​
  • He is one of the four people on Ripull's friends list on Roblox.
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