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Alex Quach, known as clockwork, is a former Roblox administrator. He was a summer intern at Roblox through 2007 and returned for another internship during the summer of 2008. After ending his summer 2008 internship, he went to work at Blizzard Entertainment, and helped work on Starcraft 2.

clockwork wearing the Teapot Turret in 2008.

clockwork has been through many periods of inactivity and sudden activity. Shortly after his 2008 summer internship, his account was password guessed, and he was terminated. After his account was unbanned around December 13, 2010, he temporarily returned to Roblox around August 3, 2011. His account was password guessed again, terminated, and eventually unbanned. He later appeared in January 2015, sold some of his limiteds, then went inactive again. He came back again in May of 2017, but it is unknown if this was actually clockwork. On an unknown date, he was later terminated for an unknown reason, possibly due to being compromised. His account was later unbanned and was used by Roblox staff as one of the few accounts to upload UGC items on the avatar shop for testing purposes.

C-Framed places

Two of clockwork's places, Duck and Satellite, are composed of numerous C-framed bricks. Many users believe that there are at least 200 C-framed bricks in each of his places and that it took him approximately a month to build both places. Some evidence points to believe that these were imported into Roblox through scripts he had created as well.


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  • clockwork is the creator of the Teapot Turret and the Valkyrie Helm, and is also one of the first users to publish UGC in the form of the Football Helmet.
  • He has a pair of shades and headphones named after him, both of which have spawned their own series of retextures.
    • Roblox sold Clockwork's Shades for 19358 Robux at one point, which is the same number as clockwork's user ID.
  • A YouTube video was created showing a user gain access to clockwork's account and changing pinned forum posts. It was later taken down after the exploit was patched.
  • clockwork published some meshes and images (which were pertaining to modern firearm) to Roblox. Some of these meshes (intended for use in Kiseki) are used in popular free models.
  • At one point from very late 2007-2012, he had his own YouTube channel named Palmfreak where he often posted small scripts and other videos such as Clockwork's Action and Cool Stuff.
  • clockwork is notable for his audio assets, which include "Old ROBLOX Music" (some are removed for copyright), and other soundeffects that are used in games, such as Undead Nation, Arsenal and even Murder Mystery 2.
  • clockwork wearing the Teapot Turret in 2007.

    He also owns two copies of the Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head. It is unknown how this happened.