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Super Nostalgia Zone is a Roblox game developed by CloneTrooper1019. It simulates the older game engine of Roblox, mainly focusing on the 2006-2008 era with a few extra bits and pieces from 2009–2010. Super Nostalgia Zone features 31 old Roblox games, with more coming soon.

The game allows the player to wear old shirts, pants, faces, T-shirts, and hats with the in-game currency "Tix". Tix is earned daily in amounts of 10, which is very similar to how Tix functioned.

Four special hats can be obtained in the game are:

They are earned by completing replicas of old event places from 2008 and 2009 respectively. However, they can only be obtained during October because they are Halloween-themed. (Note: acquiring these hats will only give you them in-game, meaning it doesn't give you these items on the Roblox site.)

List of Games

This is a list of all the current 29 Super Nostalgia Zone games, in alphabetical order.

  • Balance
  • Chaos Canyon
  • Community Construction
  • Crossroads
  • Dodge The Teapots of Doom!
  • Doomspire Brickbattle
  • Glass Houses
  • Happy Home In Robloxia!
  • Haunted Mansion
  • HERE, where the world is quiet
  • King of the Hill
  • Minigame World
  • Mini Robloxia
  • Nevermoor's Blight
  • Pinball Wizards!
  • ROBLOX Bowling Alley
  • ROBLOX Halloween Paintball 2009
  • ROBLOX Halloween Treasure Hunt 2009
  • ROBLOX World Headquarters
  • Rocket Arena
  • Rocket Fight Advanced
  • Santa's Winter Stronghold
  • Sunset Plains
  • Super Nostalgia Zone Sandbox
  • Sword Fights on the Heights IV
  • The Undead Coming
  • The Underground War
  • Thrillville
  • Ultimate Paintball
  • Yorick's Resting Place



Balance is a Super Nostalgia Zone Game. The aim of the game is to fight other players on a baseplate, with a Superball. The Trowel is used for defense.


  • Try to predict where your target is going to go next. While your predictions may not be correct, you can still try again.
  • Try to move around a lot so you don't get hit.
  • Try to be able to jump and move around while still having accuracy with your shots. This way it can get you more KOs and fewer wipeouts.
  • You can still die from getting hit off the map by the ball even if you have the shield.
  • If the map is flat enough, try using the trowel to block any incoming superballs. If the map is tilted, the bricks will slide right off.

Chaos Canyon

Chaos Canyon is a game where you have to fight with BrickBattle tools. Unlike most BrickBattle games, the map is larger and has a Wild West theme.

Community Construction

This game is about building structures with tools such as the Move Tool. The map has a blue river.


This game is an original BrickBattle game created by the user ROBLOX.

Dodge The Teapots of Doom!

The aim is to dodge teapots to avoid getting killed. When you complete it, you spawn on a platform.


  • There are walls that you can go behind. They're not completely safe, but it's better to be behind them then stay in the open.
  • As more people complete it, the difficulty is increased, and the teapots move more erratically.

Glass Houses

This is a game where you have to fight the opposing team with BrickBattle tools. There are also turrets to help fight the opposing team.


  • The turrets can be destroyed, so stay away from the turrets if an opposing team member is targeting you.

Happy Home In Robloxia

This game is a place where you build around the house. This also used to be the starter house in 2010–14.

Haunted Mansion

This game is similar to other BrickBattle games, but all the tools are more Halloween-themed.


  • Use the Halloween themed Jetboots to have less opacity, making it harder for opponents to see you.

King of the Hill

The aim is to capture the hill and become the 'king' by sitting on a chair to get the crown. The king has to throw boulders to stop the other people (peasants) from killing you.

Minigame World

This game is where you play minigames, similar to Person299's Minigames. Examples of minigames are Iceberg Stomp, Race to the Flag and Red VS Blue Soccer.

Mini Robloxia

This game is about exploring 'mini' structures.

Nevermoor's Blight

This game is about exploring different places, similar to Mini Robloxia.

Pinball Wizards!

This game is about fighting opponents with Pinball Guns.

ROBLOX Halloween Treasure Hunt 2009

This game is an event from 2009 where you have to find treasure chests.

Roblox World Headquarters

This game is a BrickBattle game where you have to fight near a fictional Roblox HQ.

Rocket Arena

This game is another BrickBattle game where you fight with rocket launchers. Jetboots and trowels are also included.


  • If a bridge is broken, or you need to get somewhere currently inaccessible, use jetboots.
  • Hiding under a bridge is a good strategy if you need to regenerate your health.

Rocket Fight Advanced

This game is similar to Rocket Arena, except you also have a superball and a sword.


  • If someone is near the edge of the map, try knocking them off with a superball.

Santa's Winter Stronghold

This game is an event game from 2006. If you are on the Santa team, you have to collect as many presents as possible. If you are the Elves team, you have to fight the Santa team and collect presents.

Sunset Plains

In this game, you fight with BrickBattle tools over several maps

Sword Fights on the Heights IV

This game is a sword fighting game created by Shedletsky. There are a multitude of swords scattered across the map, and each sword has its perks.


  • Use Trampolines to evade your foes.
  • Go into a Teleportation Gate or use a Touchstone to warp to safety if you are low on health.
  • If you have jetboots and an enemy is chasing you, use the jetboots and hover over them. This strategy also
    applies with the Ghostwalker.

The Undead Coming

This game is where the Humans team have to fight the Zombies team using a pistol while the Zombies try to kill the Humans. When a Human dies they respawn on the Zombies team and try to kill off the rest of the Humans.

The Underground War

In this game, you have two tools: the swuvel and the sniper. You have to use these to dig tunnels and fight the opposing team. You also have to try and capture the opponent's flag.


This game is a roleplay game situated in a fictional town called Thrillville.

Ultimate Paintball

This game is where you have to fight the opposing team with paintball guns.


  • There is a river that loops behind both of the team's bases. Use this to sneak attack the opposing team.

Yorick's Resting Place

This game is similar to the ROBLOX Halloween Treasure Hunt where you can also gain items.


This is where you can buy 'Tix' with real Robux. This will show the prices for buying each amount of 'tix':

Image Amount Price
15 Tix 6 ROBUX
37 Tix 9 ROBUX
75 Tix 22 ROBUX
150 Tix 24 ROBUX
375 Tix 44 ROBUX

750 Tix

1,500 Tix 78 ROBUX
3,750 Tix 187 ROBUX
7,500 Tix 350 ROBUX
15,000 Tix 675 ROBUX
37,500 Tix 1,600 ROBUX
75,000 Tix 3,100 ROBUX
150,000 Tix 6,000 ROBUX
375,000 Tix 14,400 ROBUX
750,000 Tix 27,500 ROBUX
1,000,000 Tix 35,000 ROBUX

Nostalgia Club

Nostalgia Club is Super Nostalgia Zone's version of Roblox's Builders Club. It costs 500 Robux per 30 days. The description on the game says: "With Nostalgia Club, your daily login is increased to 250 tickets a day, and you get a cool hat to keep! You also receive a complementary 1,000 tickets for free.".

Settings Page

The settings page can change the aesthetics and performance of your Super Nostalgia Zone experience.

In-Game Music

This setting will toggle the in-game music.

Character Bevels

This option toggles bevels. Bevels were the smooth edges on bricks that were removed in 2013.

Classic Sky Style

This setting toggles the classic, less realistic skybox design.

Click To Move

This setting enables the classic click to move feature, removed in 2012. 

30 FPS Cap

This setting limits Super Nostalgia Zone's FPS to 30.

Follower Camera

This setting toggles the Follower Camera. The camera will follow your character, as opposed to it being free moving.

Reduced Particles

This setting reduces particles to improve graphics performance.

Retro Explosions

This setting toggles pre-2008 explosions, which were simple red spheres.

Tool Equip Sound Bug

This setting toggles the old sound bug that would occur whenever a sword was equipped.

Stencil Shadows

Turn shadows on or off.

Stats Page

The stats page shows how many knock-outs, and wipeouts you have. It also shows your knockout/wipeout ratio, how much badges you have, how many places you've visited, and how much friends you have encountered in games. Lastly, it shows the badges you have and don't have, as well as their descriptions.


Combat Initiation

Description: "This badge is given to any players who has proven their combat abilities by accumulating 10 victories in battle. Players who have this badge are not complete newbies and know how to handle there weapons."



Description: "This badge is given to the warriors of Robloxia, who have time and time again overwhelmed their foes in battle. To earn this badge, you must rack up 100 knockouts. Anyone with this badge knows what to do in a fight!"


Description: "Anyone who has earned this badge is a very dangerous player indeed. It is given to the warrior who have bloxxed at least 250 enemies and who has tasted victory more times than he or she has suffered defeat. Salute! Those Robloxians who excel at combat can one day hope they will achieve this honor, the Bloxxer badge.



​​​Description: "This badge is awarded to players who have invited 3 friends into a single game session."


Description: "This badge is awarded to players who encounter a friend in-game over 10 times. Note that you don't have to encounter an individual friend 10 times, the counter just increases for every friend that you encounter in a game."


Description: "This badge is awarded to players who visit every single place in Super Nostalgia Zone."

Avatar Page

The avatar page will allow you to change your body color by clicking on the part you want to change. You can also wear any T-shirt, by putting in the AssestId of the T-shirt, image, or decal. There are also some pre assorted T-shirts.

Catalog Page

The Catalog page is right below the avatar page. You can browse and buy various hats, shirts, pants, and faces. You can also search for the said items using the search bar.


The following table will show the list of hats and their prices.

Needs a little fixing, so it is similar to above.
Image Item Price
No Hat Free
2008 Roblox Visor 8 Tix
2007 Roblox Visor 8 Tix
Ribbons 20 Tix
Lampshade 25 Tix
Blue Winter Cap 29 Tix
Kitty Ears 30 Tix
Mouse Ears 30 Tix
Chef Hat 35 Tix
Firefighter Helmet 40 Tix
Stage Prop 50 Tix
Paper Bag 60 Tix
Red Baseball Cap 60 Tix
Screw 70 Tix
Little Fluffy Cloud 85 Tix
Sapling 100 Tix
Astronaut Helmet 115 Tix
Ninja Mask of Shadows 120 Tix
Game Input Device 125 Tix
Target Hat 150 Tix
Lavender Baseball Cap 150 Tix
Brickasaw Headband 160 Tix
Antennae 200 Tix
Headrow 210 Tix
Blue Baseball Cap 240 Tix
Hammerhead 250 Tix
Headstack 280 Tix
Satellite Dish 325 Tix
Cheese Hat 350 Tix
Picnic Hat 390 Tix
Superbrick Visor 400 Tix
Monstars Visor 400 Tix
Blue Snipers Visor 400 Tix
Roblox Rogues Visor 400 Tix
Question Mark 420 Tix
Wizard's Hat 500 Tix
Vegetable Hat 500 Tix
Bandana 600 Tix
Chessboard 640 Tix
Arrow Hat 670 Tix
Bighead 700 Tix
Green Baseball Cap 750 Tix
The Agonizingly Ugly Yellow Baseball Cap 750 Tix
Native American Headdress 760 Tix
Police Cap 770 Tix
Emerald Eye 850 Tix
Thunderstorm Hat 860 Tix
Biology Textbook 900 Tix
Chemistry Textbook 900 Tix
Helmet 930 Tix
Straw Hat 980 Tix
Traffic Cone 1,000 Tix
Hunting Hat 1,050 Tix
Princess Hat 1,090 Tix
Red Stetson 1,150 Tix
LOL Sign 1,200 Tix
Viking Helm 1,250 Tix
Teakettle Hat 1,337 Tix
Fruit Hat 1,500 Tix
Police Sergeants Cap 2,000 Tix
Striped Hat 2,050 Tix
Brown Cowboy Hat 2,140 Tix
Bunny Ears 2,420 Tix
Italian Ski Cap 3,000 Tix
Tan Stetson 3,540 Tix
Navy Captain Hat 4,050 Tix
Sombrero 4,500 Tix
Golden Crown 5,000 Tix
BiggerHead 5,500 Tix
Jester's Cap 5,950 Tix
Tiara 7,000 Tix
Bucket 7,331 Tix
Fedora 9,000 Tix
Coif of Glory 9,500 Tix
Got Milk Visor 10,000 Tix
Teapot Hat 13,337 Tix
White Cowboy Hat 14,000 Tix
Pirate Captain's Hat 20,000 Tix
The Void Star 20,000 Tix
Kaiser Helm 27,500 Tix
Valkyrie Helm 30,000 Tix
Clockwork's Headphones 33,920 Tix
Purple Banded Top Hat 50,000 Tix
The Crimson Catseye 50,000 Tix
JJ5x5's White Top Hat 100,000 Tix
Happy 100K Day 100,000 Tix
Ninja Mask of Awesome 150,000 Tix
The Bluesteel Bathelm 250,000 Tix
The Ice Crown 250,000 Tix
The Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom 300,000 Tix
Sparkle Time Fedora 500,000 Tix
The Kleos Aphthiton 750,000 Tix
Domino Crown 1,000,000 Tix


The following table will show the shirts and their prices.

Image Item Price
No Shirt Free
White Shirt 20 Tix
Camo-Shirt 40 Tix
Link 100 Tix
Bone Armor 100 Tix
Stanford Sweatshirt 125 Tix
Cloud 200 Tix
Battle Shirt of Awesomeness 200 Tix
Nuke the Whales 250 Tix
Spartan Armor 250 Tix
Emerald Armor 250 Tix
Wave 300 Tix
Offer 300 Tix
Ruby 300 Tix
Vision 300 Tix


The following table will show the list of pants and their prices.

Image Item Price
No Pants Free
Toxic 100 Tix
Bone Armor 100 Tix
Jeans 125 Tix
Grey Wizard Robes 125 Tix
Cloud 200 Tix
Battle Pants of Awesomeness 200 Tix
Emerald Armor 250 Tix
Red Wizard Robes 250 Tix
Twisted Metal 300 Tix
Offer 300 Tix
Dark Armor 300 Tix
Ruby 300 Tix
Vision 300 Tix
Wave 300 Tix


The following table will show the list of faces and their prices.

Image Item Price
Default Free
Lazy Eye 100
Drool 150
Good Intentioned 150
Glee 250
Alright 250
Winky 450
Fang 500
Chubs 800
Toothy Grin 950
O.o 1000
Classic Goof 1000
Daring 1000
Uh Oh 1050
Mysterious 1230
Chippy McTooth 1440
It's Go Time! 1500
:-/ 1500
Slickfang 1750
Fearless 2500
I Am Not Amused 2500
Aghast 3000
RAWR! 3000
Hmmm... 3333
Frightful 4500
Frightening Unibrow 8000
Sad 9000
Classic Vampire 10000
Sinister 10001
Emotionally Distressed Zombie 20000
Stitchface 40000
Existential Angst 50000

Games Page

The Games page shows all of the available games, as well as how many players there are, and how much servers are active. It also gives you the option to create a solo server that friends can also join which is very similar to VIP Servers except in the older versions of Roblox.

Friends Page

The Friends page shows what your friends are playing. (Only if your friends are currently playing Super Nostalgia Zone.)


The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and CloneTrooper1019 on Jul 15, 2019, as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Super Nostalgia Zone?
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
Ironically enough, the challenges I ran into revolved around accurately replicating how gimicky and awkward Roblox felt to play back then. Super Nostalgia Zone's mechanics clash heavily with Roblox's more modern polish, and a lot of the time I found myself having to reimplement lots of features and mechanics that either no longer existed on Roblox, or no longer behaved like they used to. The key focus for me was accuracy and attention to detail. I tried to replicate every minor quirk and feature I could observe, striking a balance between authenticity and user experience. Every feature and mechanic in the game has a meticulous amount of detail put into it. From accurately emulating how the old character animations felt, to the explosion and forcefield effects, the user interface, camera, controls, cylinders, humanoids, lens flares and skybox, really everything in the game is something that I put a lot of attention to detail into, and I'm quite satisfied with how everything has turned out.

The biggest challenge by far was the restoration of Roblox's bevel feature. This is something that I introduced fairly recently, and it required me to do things that I feel confident saying no Roblox developer has ever had to deal with. I wrote an external program that would procedurally generate bevel meshes for me, and these meshes would be turned into MeshParts which I would then batch into .rbxm files that I could load into Roblox Studio. Bricks in the game are swapped out at runtime with these bevel parts, so I had to adjust a lot of existing code in the game to compensate for these new constraints.

I ended up adding write support to a C# library I had written earlier in the year to accomplish the automation of this task. There were a few other attempts I made prior to arriving at the procedurally generated MeshPart solution (such as utilizing the in-game CSG API and having a custom LOD system written in Lua) but I'll spare you the details as it would take up several more paragraphs for me to explain all the hiccups and issues I ran into getting this all to work. Solving challenges like this is the kind of thing I live for, I love to push boundaries and using newer Roblox technology in ways that were not expected.
What did you enjoy most while developing Super Nostalgia Zone?
Is there anything else you'd like to share?


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