The Stalker: Reborn (originally The Stalker) is a military-based combat game created by CloneTrooper1019. Players are dressed up as Combine soldiers, where they have to fight and survive against one player who is the "Stalker"; a semi-transparent creature who's main goal is to kill all of the Combine soldiers.


Players must enter the dropship, which arrives after a map is voted upon. There must be at least 4 players for the round to begin, giving 30 seconds as a buffer for more players to join before it teleports players into the round.

From there, the Combine soldiers must try to kill or survive the Stalker, by using teamwork to kill the Stalker with their weapons and traps. The Stalker has to kill the Combine soldiers in order to win. The Stalker is also given various taunts, as a way to threaten or mislead Combine soldiers before attacking.

In between rounds, players can purchase different weapons, upgrades, and cosmetics such as suits and hats for their character.


Gear is an important part of enemy fighting and gameplay. Each suit has a unique ability.

Default Gear

The default gear is the gear you start with if you joined for the first time. With good stats to go with beginner players and well-balanced health/speed.

Tank Gear

The tank gear is mainly for team defence as you get an extra 50 health points except you become slower. The additional 50 health can be a major defensive advantage.

Speedy Gear

The speedy gear is the exact opposite of the tank gear, instead of giving you addition health, you lose health but to balance your health loss while wearing the speedy gear, you gain more speed. This is a very good class for ambushing.

Wildcard Gear

The wildcard gear is a very randomized suit. The suit basically randomizes your stats where you can either gain health or lose health, gain speed or lose speed, gain jump power or lose jump power.

Engineer Gear

Much like a TF2 engineer, this is the engineer of The Stalker. It's a very well balanced class with normal health/speed. It's a very strong and powerful source of detecting the Stalker and injuring the Stalker with your sentry guns and laser detectors that turn red if the Stalker walked into it.

Power Gear

The power gear is more of a support class. Since the setting of The Stalker is in dark places, the power gear adds additional flashlight power which makes gameplay a lot easier overall.

Medic Gear

Medic gear is also a support class that is proven to be useful for team help as the medic's healing is very effective. If your team is full of injuries, the medic will do all.

The Stalker

The stalker is the main antagonist of the game. It's a dark, transparent being with lots of speed. It's the player who hunts down the combine soldiers, when you play as it, the game applies a dark filter to your vision. It has 300 health, and it's default abilities are telekinesis and wall grip. You can get new abilities for The Stalker, along with several skins to customize the stalker's appearance.


All of the game's maps are based upon a frightening atmosphere. Although, some maps are taken place outside and inside buildings. The map you play on depends on the map vote. There is a map vote before the dropship arrives and teleports you to the actual map. The map with the most votes is the one that the players will play on.


The shop is the place you buy hats, gears and more items. You use player points to buy items. If you have bought the VIP gamepass for the game, you will be allowed to enter a room with free dropping player points.

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