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Solar Conquest is a sci-fi building/fighting place, built by CocoaWarrior. The game is quite popular, having racked up over 3 million visits, and over 104,000 favorites.


There are 5 Home planets. Home planets are planets with a team and spawn. These planets have the same building set, but each have different colors that correspond with the planet's color. They are:


  • Javion (Neon Orange)
  • Foroth (White)
  • Kathara (Bright Red)
  • Havalu (Bright Blue - with ring)
  • Cothran (Dark Green)


  • Yiodhav (Bright Green)
  • Euglathar (Bright Violet)
  • Toraphan (Cool Yellow)
  • Dlentev (Dark Blue)
  • Aktiophar (Nougat - with ring)

There are numerous other planets, each with different textures and material bricks. Some even have bricks not found on home planets, such as glass.

The Game[]

In the game, players start off on the 'Undecided' room. There are differently colored teleports, each leading to a planet spawn.

Starter Pack Tools[]

Players will start with these tools when they enter a game:

  • Laser Gun. A weapon that fires red beams at opponents.
  • Rocket. A weapon that fires explosives at opponents.
  • Move Tool. A tool for dragging parts around.
  • Copy Tool. A tool for cloning parts and moving the clones around.
  • Delete Tool. A tool for removing parts.
  • Resize Tool. A tool for changing the sizes of parts.
  • Anchor Tool. A tool for allowing blocks to fall by 'gravity'.
  • Plane Tool. A tool that enables the ability to fly ships:
    • Pressing the Y key will start the engine to full speed.
    • Mouse clicks will alter the direction of the ship.
    • The X key will either instantly slow the ship down, or stop it entirely.
    • The F key launches rockets out of the two, one or four gun(s).
    • The E key launches lasers or of the two, one or four gun(s).
    • The M key will speed your ship up.
    • The N key will slow your ship down.
    • The Z key will activate the special when it's ready.

Buyable Tools[]

These five tools can be purchased from the shop GUI on the right pane:

  • Attack Upgrade. This single use tool will upgrade a ship's attack power. Worth 60 Credits.
  • Speed Upgrade. This single use tool will upgrade a ship's maximum speed. Worth 60 Credits.
  • Special Upgrade. This single use tool will upgrade a ship's special duration. Worth 75 Credits.
  • Subspace Tripmines. Just like the Gear item, only they takes an age to set. Worth 50 Credits.
  • Teleport Tool. This tool allows the player to teleport to anywhere they want. Worth 140 Credits.

VIP Tools[]

These three tools are only available in the VIP room:

  • Ultra Laser. An enhanced Laser Gun that fires grey lasers.
  • Ultra Rocket. An enhanced Rocket tool.
  • Jetpack. Available with any of the five suits, this acts similar to the ships: (Maximum speed of 60)
    • Y starts the Jetpack and X stops it.
    • Clicking the mouse will change your direction.
    • M will speed you up and N will slow you down.


One of the main parts of Solar Conquest is the ships found on team planets. When someone steps on the regen button, a ship will appear after a few seconds. There are four different ships on this game, each with its own special ability:

  • Fighters. These one-person ships are the main lightweight forces of each world. The special enables it to temporarily fire rockets and lasers faster. Normal maximum speed of 100.
  • Carriers. These heavy vehicles have built-in seats, to carry other players around. The special creates a 'forcefield brick' around the ship, which eats rockets and lasers up. Normal maximum speed of 80.
  • Cloak Fighters. These VIP ships are close relatives of Fighters, with different specials. This special makes the player and ship turn invisible, instead of firing faster. Normal maximum speed of 100.
  • Gunships. Much heavier than Fighters, these VIP ships have four guns on them. The special is the same as the Carrier special, with the forcefield. Normal maximum speed of 80.

Game Play[]

There are many ways of playing Solar Conquest, which can be simplified into three categories:

  • Fighting. Players are able to declare wars on other planets, and make alliances and peace with them, too.
  • Building. Players can choose one planet of their choice and build a base on it. Deleters are not allowed.
  • Exploring. Players can always have a good look around at each planet, and discover some new things.

VIP Benefits[]

A Solar Conquest VIP is available for 30 Robux or 70 Tix, with the following benefits:

  • The ability to spawn Gunships and Cloak Fighters
  • Access to the VIP room on the Bright Green (old server) or Bright Red (new server) planets, with:
    • Improved Rocket and Laser Gun givers
    • Colored suits with Jetpack abilities
    • Sparkle plates


The problem with good games is that glitches are easy to spot, and Solar Conquest is no exception. At least three glitches exist:

  • The 'neutral' glitch. In a new system (and maybe an old one), anyone who steps on a certain selector (the blue Dlentev selector in a new system) in the Undecided room and steps off quickly is classified as neutral. This is a small problem if you die, especially for non-VIPs, as you get stuck in the middle of the place and keep falling to your death, whereas VIPs get a teleport to the VIP room. Some players occasionally make the neutral team a new team, calling the White or Black planet something related to the word 'neutral'.
  • The 'carrier' glitch. When you activate the special of a Carrier or Gunship (the forcefield special) and jump out of the pilot's seat, you can clone and move the forcefield around. Be sure to anchor it though - it falls away if not.
  • The 'escape' glitch. When you manage to get a seat into the Undecided room, and you resize it to touch the roof, then you sit on it, you can escape from the Undecided room. This gives you a forcefield that shields you and any ships you control from rockets and lasers for much longer than usual.


A total of six badges are available in Solar Conquest, and two more badges are depreciated:

  • The 'Mountain Climbing' depreciated badge. Hidden during the 2010 mountain adventure building contest.
  • The 'Nuclear Winter' depreciated badge. Hidden during the 2010 nuclear winter contest.
  • The 'Encountered Cocoawarrior' badge. Achieved when Cocoawarrior is in your server.
  • The 'Space-Warrior' badge. Achieved at 10 Kills.
  • The 'Elite Space-Warrior' badge. Achieved at 30 Kills.
  • The 'Space Pwnzar' badge. Achieved at 50 Kills.
  • The 'Solar Explorer' badge. This is obtained by touching all four 'badge buttons' in an old system:
    • One is at Havalu, in the middle sand column.
    • One is at Javion, found at ground level in a wall.
    • One is on the Bright Violet planet, in one of the corner pieces.
    • And one is on the Bright Orange planet, in the 'pyramid' in the middle of the lava.
  • The 'Solar Explorer II' badge. This is obtained by touching all four 'badge buttons' in a new system:
    • One is on Dlentev, just under the surface.
    • One is on Toraphan, in one of the corner surface rocks.
    • One is on the White planet, in the cave.
    • And one is on the Camo planet, halfway up a wall.