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Coeptus is a Roblox game developer who is well known for his game Welcome to Bloxburg, which has accumulated over 5 billion visits, making it one of the most visited games of all time despite being only Roblox Video Stars Program available for paid access. He also owns a fan group called Welcome to Bloxburg: Fan Club.


Coeptus has won 6 awards, which he achieved awards for his game, Welcome to Bloxburg.

Award Category Event
Best Custom Items 5th Annual Bloxy Awards
Favorite Updated Game 5th Annual Bloxy Awards
Highest Rated 5th Annual Bloxy Awards
Most Returning 5th Annual Bloxy Awards
Best Roleplaying Game 6th Annual Bloxy Awards
Mobile Game of the Year 7th Annual Bloxy Awards


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Two of the same hats in Coeptus's inventory.

  • He is the only well-known game developer to use the traditional noob appearance as his avatar, this appearance has since been updated.
  • His name translates from Latin, and means "beginnings".
  • He uses his Twitter account to update fans about his game for important announcements and shares their in-game creations.
  • Due to unknown reasons, he has two copies of The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate Queen - Hat in his inventory, as well as a large variety of UGC items.