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Welcome to Bloxburg is an life-simulation and roleplay Roblox experience developed by Coeptus. The experience features a simulation of the daily activities of one virtual player in a household near a fictional city. The game's design is based on The Sims game series by Maxis and Electronic Arts, more specifically, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.

Since its beta release in 2016 and staying in development since 2014, the game has amassed over five billion visits and over 11,454,829+ favorites, despite being only available as paid access for 25 Robux. It is also the first paid game and the 8th game overall to reach one billion visits, having achieved this milestone on June 11, 2019.


Welcome to Bloxburg usually have some updates for likely when an event is happening. This is the rough estimate on where the updates take place:

Welcome to Bloxburg [NEW YEARS!] 30th of December to - 8th of February [ESTIMATE!] Welcome to Bloxburg [VALINTINES!] 8th of February to - 28th of February [ESTIMATE!] Welcome to Bloxburg [EASTER!] 30th of March - to about 25th of April [ESTIMATE!] Welcome to Bloxburg / House Building Simulator [APRIL FOOLS DAY!] ? (MAY NOT UPDATE) 25th of April to - About 4th of May [ESTIMATE!] Welcome to Bloxburg [SUMMER!] ? (MAY NOT UPDATE) July 4th to- 14th August? [ESTIMATE!] Welcome to Bloxburg [HALLOWEEN!] October the 4th - 24th of November [ESTIMATE!] Welcome to Bloxburg [CHRISTMAS!] December the 10th to- 29th of December [ESTIMATE!]

Welcome to Bloxburg usually gets an update once or twice a month. because of this, the game is notoriously known as one of the front page game who 'rarely' updates.

NOTE!: This is an very ROUGH Estimate, This can be wrong, but it's around the dates, it's sort of right BUT IT'S NOT!


The game is an open-world life-simulation game that takes place in the fictional city of Bloxburg. The Players must take care of their character by fulfilling moods. Players can build and customize their houses to whatever they likely want. Players can also achieve skills, work for money, explore the large city and most of all, roleplay and interact with other players.

Bloxburg is an immersive sandbox building game where a player can build almost anything creatively. Powering Imagination™

Players can build their own houses and other buildings on their house plots. To build, players can interact with the mailbox or the House button to enter Build Mode. When players enter build mode, a black transparent wall is surrounds their plot, which other players cant enter.

Players can build walls, roofs, floors, pools, mailboxes, trash, basements, etc.And most of the items can be coloured with the intercat button on the object. Players can also customize their house with counters, cabinets, electronics, beds, comfortable furniture, kitchen appliances, and other decorations.

Without any building gamepasses, players can build on a 1-story, 30x30 plot. The Multiple Floors pass allows players to build up to 5 floors high. The Large Plot allows players to expand their building area to a 60x60 plot. The Advanced Placing gamepass allows players to build items without collision, while the Basement gamepass allows them to build underground.

The building mode and Decorations have got significantly better trough time and there are a higher number of them now.


There are currently 12 jobs in the game, and each job gives a varying amount of money. Upon completing a certain number of tasks, the player will get promoted and start earning more money per task (If bought the Excellent Employee game pass, the earnings will be doubled and there will be more promotions). In order to receive the money, the player has to end their shift, after which they will receive their paycheck.

Cashier for Bloxy Burgers

As a cashier, the player takes orders from NPCs. The customers will line up in a straight line and tell the cashier what they would like to order. The cashier will then look at the register and select the items that the customer ordered. If the player gives the customer the correct order, they will find a place to sit down and eat their food, they will then leave.

If the player inputs the wrong order, the customer will get angry and give negative feedback through phrases such as "That's not what I ordered!". They will then proceed to walk out of the restaurant. If the player waits too long to input the customer's order, the customer will exit the restaurant.

Fisherman for The Fishing Hut

Upon starting the job, the player will automatically be given a fishing rod to cast at the shoreline. The rod can only be used at the shoreline, or else it won't work. When the player casts the fishing rod into the water, after a few minutes it should start to sink into the water. This indicates that a fish is tugging at the bait, and if the line is reeled while this is happening, the player will obtain the fish and earn money.

Seller for Ben's Ice Cream

This job is similar to the Cashier job at Bloxy Burgers. The customer will walk up to the ice-cream cone-shaped building and give their order. Ben's Ice Cream has three flavors of ice cream: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. It also has three available toppings: sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and cookie dough. NPCs ask for two scoops of ice cream, each consisting of one of the three flavors, and sometimes orders a topping for it.

If the player gives the customer the correct order, they will walk away while eating it. If the player gives them the wrong order, they will announce this by giving negative feedback; something along the lines of "This isn't what I ordered!", and will walk away from the stand. If the player waits too long to give the customer the order, the customer will leave the stand without saying anything.

Stocker for Bloxburg Fresh Food

When working as a stocker, players will grab crates from the back of the store and restock empty or near-empty shelves.

If a shelf is low on items, the player will restock with a crate from the back of the store. If a shelf is full, a player will not be able to restock it until it is near-empty. When a shelf is restocked, a timer will start ticking and when the timer runs out, the shelves deplete themselves.

Janitor for Green Clean

As a Janitor for Green Clean, the player will automatically be given a broomstick. With this broomstick, they can clean up the trash on the ground and graffiti on buildings.

Currently, three types of trash piles exist and two different animations for these. There are spilled sodas, trash heaps, and graffiti. Once a player cleans up these messes, another will automatically spawn itself. Trash only appears in front of the store, and around Bloxy Burgers and Stylez Hair Studio.

Trash heaps are generated randomly, for example, spill sodas are in all different colors and graffiti sometimes displays random inscriptions, some of which relate to the game and its developers. Certain graffitis depict the name “Coeptus”, which refers to Bloxburg's creator.

Upon entering the Green Clean building, a player is able to talk to Glen the Janitor but he does not say much. At the back of the building, there are shelves with cleaning supplies.

Woodcutter for Lovely Lumber

Trees that grow to the left of the Lumber Cut building can be chopped down by players. If a player is standing next to the tree, they must click the “Chop” button to hit the tree with the axe. Usually, it takes around 10 hits for the tree to fall over. Once the tree collapses, the player earns money.

Lovely Lumber is run by a lumberjack named Jack Lumber. Upon interacting with him, he explains that everyone in his family is named Jack, which his family believes is the best name.

Cashier for Bloxburg Fresh Food

When working for Bloxburg Fresh Food, the player scans items and bag items for the customer.

Upon starting work, the player gets to choose which register to work at, although they are all the same. Customers walk in single file lines up to the register and proceed to place their items onto the conveyor belt. The player has to scan each item individually but to earn money they have to go and get bags, and then place them on the left side of the register. The maximum amount of bags the player can use is 8. Customers tend to use 2-4 bags at a time in comparison. When the player presses "Done!", the bags disappear.

Once the player uses 50 bags, they will run out. When this occurs, instead of the register displaying "Done!", it will display "You're out of bags! Get more in the back warehouse!". Outside of the back room of the store, there are stacked crates that are labeled "BAGS". Once the player has clicked on the crates, they will receive more bags. When the player re-enters the aisle, they will now be given an option to "refill" the bags.

Pizza Baker for Pizza Planet

As a pizza baker at Pizza Planet, the player will cook specific pizzas as a chef.

The kitchen is located in the back area of Pizza Planet. Here are 4 different workstations. Located on a pad to the right, the ordered pizza is displayed which the player can create. Once the pizza is made, it gets carried out onto a conveyor belt and goes into the oven. There are crates located on either side of the kitchen that is used to refill the work areas once they run out of ingredients.

When the player clicks "E" or interacts with the station on the right, they're able to place the dough. From here, a menu pops up that displays toppings, and the ingredients that are needed to make the pizza. There are three toppings; vegetables, pepperoni, and ham. The player must make the pizza that is shown on the pad, or else an error noise will play and the order will be canceled, after which a few seconds later a new order then pops up. If the player succeeds at making the ordered pizza, a victorious jingle will play and a new order will pop up on the pad.

Delivery Person for Pizza Planet

This job gives the most money out of all the jobs in bloxburg.Upon entering the job, the player will be spawned in a back room of Pizza Planet, where there is a conveyor belt which conveys the pizzas. Once the player grabs a pizza, they have to exit the building and get onto a Pizza Planet moped. The player must not get into a personal vehicle, or else the job will be canceled. Once on the moped, a yellow arrow will point in a direction. If the player then follows the arrow, they will meet a randomized NPC. The player delivers the pizza to them by pressing "E" next to the NPC, or clicking on the NPC, and clicking "Deliver Pizza". The customers usually appear on the side of the road.

Pizza Delivery is the most well-paid job, but it is also is the most time-consuming.

Hairdresser for Stylez Hair Studio

Upon entering the job, the player has to stand behind a chair. A customer will then proceed to sit down in the chair.

The mirror in front of the chair shows the customer, along with four different arrows. The first two arrows scroll through the selection of hair, while the other two lets the player select hair color. Similar to the other jobs, the customer will state which hairstyle and color they want. The player then has to style the NPC with their desired color and/or style.

If the player gives them the right style, they will earn money and the customer will leave happy. If the player gives the customer the incorrect style, an error noise will play and the customer will exit the building. If the player waits too long to style someone, the customer will stand up and leave the studio without saying anything.

Mechanic for Mike's Motors

When working as a mechanic for Mike's Motors, the player will be doing three things; painting, refilling and replacing tires on mopeds/motorbikes.

Upon entering the job, a customer will drive their vehicle onto the platform, and then say what they would like done with the vehicle. This can either be an oil change, a paint-job, or a tire replacement.

There are four types of paint colors; green, purple, black and red. To paint a car, the player must grab a paint roller located on a table. If the customer requests an oil change, then the player has to pick up oil can situate on another table. There are three types of wheels, which are located on a rock on the left side of the room; Moped, Bloxster, and Classic tires. If the customer requests a tire change, then the front and back tires must be changed separately.

Miner for Bloxburg Mine

When working for Bloxburg mines, players mine different ores. Dependent on the ore and the job level is how much money a player gets. If TNT is mined, and the player is too close to it, it will explode, and then the player will respawn and automatically end their shift. Some people may compare it to the game, Minecraft.

Job Tips

  • The higher the player's mood is, the more money they earn. For example: If someone was earning $996 per delivery when their in-game mood is very low, they could earn $1200 if their mood is very good.
  • Pizza Delivery is the current highest paying job in Bloxburg, but the customers will spawn at random parts of the map. A player may get lucky and only have to drive to the street opposite Pizza Planet, or they may have to travel to a corner of the map, for example, the far side of Bloxy Acres, which is a neighborhood where players can spawn their houses.
  • Remember to stay on roads while delivering pizzas, as some players can block others from their plot (or enter Build Mode) and end up wasting more time.


Gamepass Image Description Price

Excellent Employee

Makes you a truly excellent employee, increasing both your earnings and how often you get promoted. The cost of Excellent Employee is 300 Robux.
As a Premium member you get: halved bills, double daily rewards, a special nametag that appears on the chat and in-game, increased donation limit and the ability to choose where your plot will be!

The cost of Premium is 400 robux.Multiple Floors
Allows you to build up to five floors and make your house even more awesome. The cost of Multiple Floors is 300 Robux.
Unlocked Stereo
(Because Roblox deleted millions on Audio in the Creator marketplace, gamepasses like this are no longer helpful)

Allows you to: play any Roblox Sound in-game, create custom playlists, access vehicle radios and use the DJ booth at BEAT.

This gamepass is no longer for sale. The original cost is 400 Robux.
Advanced Placing
Allows you to place objects without collision checks in Build Mode, which means that they can be placed inside each other. The cost of Advanced Placing is 200 Robux.
Large Plot
Increases the size of your plots to 50x50, allwoing to build even bigger houses. The cost of Large Plot is 400 Robux.
Allows you to build basements. The cost of Basements is 100 Robux.


The moods represent the in-game character's stats. It can be viewed by clicking the person icon on the bottom right of the screen. All moods will lower themselves over time and eventually deplete.

Mood Increased By Decreased By
Hunger Eating food items or consuming beverages. Working, exercise, any type of movement.
Fun Watching television, using a computer, playing with toys, reading a book, playing an instrument and dancing, being around other players. Being AFK (Away From Keyboard)
Energy Sleeping, sitting, drinking coffee, showering, drinking Epicsauce and bathing. Exercising, painting, dancing.
Hygiene Showering, using the toilet, bathing, washing their hands, or brushing their teeth. Exercising, watching TV, playing games, sleeping in an unmade bed, eating or drinking unhealthy things.


Mood If the mood is high If the mood is low
Hunger All other moods are decreased slower. All other moods are decreased faster.
Fun Increased earnings at work. Lower salary at work.
Energy Fast walk speed. Slower, more depressed walk speed.
Hygiene No stink particles and flies. Stink particles and flies.

Although some people believe this, players will not die if their mood reaches 0%. Instead, they will walk slower, get paid less at work, have stink particles and flies, so it is highly recommended to keep the mood high.

Moods can be increased via the Moods menu for 25 Blockbux, this option is only available if at least one of the players' moods is under 50%.

Mood Trivia

  • Moods overlap, the one shown is the most recently triggered mood.
  • Having higher motives increases pay during work.
  • Fun is the fastest draining motive, while Hygiene is the slowest.
  • Drinking Epicsauce boosts energy at the high expense of hunger and hygiene.


Skills are very important stats that are increased by doing specific tasks. There are currently 8 skills that exist in the game so far; Athletic, Cooking, Gaming, Gardening, Intelligence, Music, Painting, and Writing. Two other skills are shown: Crafting and Programming, but these skills will probably be later implemented into the game.

Skills Trivia

  • Each skill, once maxed out to level 10, rewards the player with a trophy that can be placed or sold.


Emotes are small actions the player can perform. The emotes menu can be brought up by clicking the player, then clicking emotes. Some emotes increase Fun but decrease Energy. Players can also add emotes from their Roblox avatar by customizing their character.

List of Emotes (When first joining the game)

  • Becky Dance
    • Increases Fun
    • Decreases Energy
  • Laugh
  • Cheer
  • The Dreamer
    • Increases Fun
    • Decreases Energy
  • Sit
    • Increases Energy
  • Point
  • Wave
  • Arm Wave
    • Increases Fun
    • Decreases Energy


Amount of Money Robux Price
$1,000 20 Robux
$5,000 90 Robux
$10,000 160 Robux
$50,000 700 Robux
$100,000 1,300 Robux
$500,000 6,000 Robux
Amount of Blockbux Robux Price
50 Blockbux 20 Robux
250 Blockbux 90 Robux
500 Blockbux 160 Robux
2,500 Blockbux 700 Robux
5,000 Blockbux 1,300 Robux
25,000 Blockbux 6,000 Robux

Gamepasses can also be purchased through the in-game store.


The following is a list of locations in the city of Bloxburg:

Name Description
Pizza Planet Pizza Planet is a restaurant serving pizza and soda in Bloxburg. Soda is $5 and Pizza slices are $6 each. Players can also get whole pizzas delivered to their house, via a phone, for $35. Players can work here, as the restaurant offers two of the highest paid jobs in Bloxburg, those being delivery person and baker. However, players cannot work as a cashier due to unknown reasons.
Bloxy Burger Bloxy Burger is a fast-food restaurant that serves burgers and soda. Players can work as a cashier.
Bloxburg Fresh Food BFF Supermarket is a store in Bloxburg selling groceries. Buying groceries isn't needed in Bloxburg, as players can make meals without having to buy any food. Players can work here as a cashier or stocker.
Stylez Hair Studio Stylez is a hair salon in the town center. Players can work as a hairstylist or customize their character here.
Green Clean Janitorial Services- Players can work as a street cleaner, cleaning up spills and graffiti. Located behind Stylez
Beat Nightclub The Beat Nightclub is a fancy nightclub in Bloxburg. Players with the game pass "Unlocked Stereo" are able to play custom Audio IDs. Players can also order drinks, a Bloxy Cola is $2, and Grape Juice is $5.
Ben's Ice Cream Ben's Ice Cream is located at the beach near the Ferris Wheel. Players can buy 3 types of ice cream ($4 each) and even work and sell ice cream.
Mike's Motors Mike's Motors is a vehicle dealership. It offers no discount on vehicles. Players can work as a mechanic.
Fishing Hut The Fishing Hut is where players can get fishing supplies to fish in the ocean.The fisherman can be talked to.
Bloxburg Mine Players can work as a miner here.
Bloxburg City Hall The Bloxburg City hall is where the Bloxburg government currently resides. It serves to pose so far except for decoration. Often used as a School in Roleplay.
Bloxburg Gym The Bloxburg gym is the only gym in the city of Bloxburg. Players can train their athletic skills here for free. The equipment inside consists of Punching Bags, Weight Lifting Stations and Treadmills. It is located near BFF Supermarket.
Fancy Furniture Fancy Furniture is a furniture store in Bloxburg. Players can purchase house items from Fancy Furniture, or from build mode. Buying from the store does not give a discount.
Ferris Wheel The Bloxburg Ferris Wheel is located at the Beach next to the Fishermans Hut. It only uses is refilling the players' mood.
Gazblox Gazblox is the gas station brand in Bloxburg. There are two locations of Gazblox. One is in the Town Center, and the other, featuring a mini-mart is located on the highway, near the campsite. As of right now, cars do not need gasoline.
House The house is an important location, it is currently where the player lives and spawns. The size of the normal plot is 30x30, however, with the "Large Plot" game pass the plot becomes 60x60. The player can decorate and build the house however way they would like. When purchasing a new plot, they are also able to purchase pre-built houses.
The Mountain The Mountain is a mostly barren, empty, mountain in Bloxburg. It serves no purpose, all though there are Wing Gliders at the top of it. It is difficult to reach the top in a vehicle, as the road has many twists and turns.
The Campsite A campsite is a small place, with tents and a fire. This place is free entry, so it is suggested to sleep in until the player has a working house. It's located on the highway above Riverside, near the gas station.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Upon reaching level 50 at a job, players achieving this job level would be granted an award called the "Excellence Award". This is very hard for players to achieve without the "Excellence Employee" gamepass.
  • All checks given to players are signed by "Mr. Blox".
  • The game is currently the highest-rated front page game, having done so for a long time.
  • Welcome to Bloxburg has been awarded as the Mobile game of the year during the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards.
  • On April Fools' Day of 2020, the title of the game was renamed to "House Building Simulator". The game's thumbnail was also changed.

    Thumbnail for Aprils Fools Day

  • The game crashes on some mobile devices.
  • The game is criticized for being in beta for almost 5 years.
  • The game has reached over 5 billion visits as of September 2021, making it the 9th most visited game.
  • Pizza Planet is a reference to Toy Story's Pizza Planet.
  • On 2019, when Bloxburg was still in Beta, Coeptus put in the description that the game would be completely free after it was finished with beta.
  • Updates usually arrive on the weekend.
  • There is no set release date for updates. Updates are released when they are ready.
  • Welcome to Bloxburg is the most visited paid access Roblox game.
  • On September 23, 2021, the game surpassed 5 billion visits. In celebration, players were awarded with a trophy and 100 bloxbux.
  • The 2021-22 New Year's update was the first time that a countdown was added.


  • The game was criticized for having to pay 25 Robux in order to access, due to the fact that most players don't have Robux.
  • The game is criticized for being in Beta ever since its release in 2014.
  • Update 0.9.9 had been criticized by players for the new water texture, length it took for the update to release (due to health problems), lack of content, and overpriced items.