The Hunger Games is a game on Roblox that was built by coolgoldboy15. The game is based on the The Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Collins. Like in the novel, the purpose of the game is to kill all of the other 'tributes', and survive to the end of the round.


The game simulates the 74th Hunger Games as described in the novel. Players spawn in a glass room with a bird's eye view of the arena. There are 24 spawns, one for each male and female tribute from each district. In the middle of the spawn room is the game control room. Scripts in the game select the map in which the players will fight in. The players are then teleported onto the map, which has 24 spawns surrounding The Cornucopia. The Cornucopia contains supplies that the tributes will need in order to survive in the arena. Once the round starts, players are allowed to leave their spawns on the map and fight each other. Once a player is killed, that player respawns in the spawn room, and can then watch the rest of the round. They can watch it by either watching through the room they are in, or click the 'watch game' GUI in the center of the screen to get a more detailed and higher quality view of the games. Players also have the option of not fighting in the games in the first place, and just watch the game through the methods previously mentioned. Once a player wins the round, their picture and username are displayed on the victor's wall within the spawn room.

There are a variety of weapons within the game. Each tribute starts with a few basic weapons, such as a Linked Sword. There are several ways that players can gain upgraded weapons. They can get them at the Cornucopia or kill a tribute and pick up the weapons that the said tribute dropped once they died. Players can also achieve higher quality weapons through gaining points when they kill other tributes, and using the credits earn to purchase new weapons.

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