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Coolwhip900 was a controversial player on Roblox who was well known for stealing several games and changing the name and thumbnail of the game to attract unsuspecting people. One example of this was his copied version of V_yriss' Survive The Disasters! game. He was also well known for using the bait and switch scam to get place visits and tickets. Other famous players who also used this scam include Jaredvaldez4 and Pieperson50. Coolwhip900 has also accumulated over 10,000,000 million place visits, with his most visited games having over 6.5 million place visits. He was also well known for scamming players out of limiteds and Robux, thus earning him a negative reputation within the Let's Make a Deal (LMaD) forum before he was terminated. He made a return to Roblox with his real alternate account called Cooldip980. This was proven by a forum Coolwhip900 posted listing his alternate accounts.[citation needed]

Places copied by Coolwhip900

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