CowCowManManThingIt (CowCow for short) was an alt account owned by a Canadian YouTuber known as greenlegocats123. This account was mainly featured in his trolling videos.


The YouTuber greenlegocats123 created this account called 'CowCowManManThingIt' on July 21, 2014, for the purpose of using it as a trolling account, or an alt. Greenlegocats123 has said that the username was randomly made and that it has no meaning behind it.


CowCow's avatar wears the Pal Hair, Oilcan the Boxtroll, and Sk13r.


This account is where the phrase "Hail CowCow" spawned from. He said on discord that the phrase was created by fans after he used to do satanic ritual trolling at Dunkin' Donuts and that fans started saying "Hail CowCow" instead of "Hail Satan".


CowCowManManThingIt was permanently banned on July 31, 2017, with exploiting stated as the reason. After he was discovered to be banned, he filled in an appeal, which was denied on August 2nd. 

Many players had speculations over the account's termination as soon as it was posted. The tweet is found here. greenlegocats123 claims to have never exploited using this account and also claimed that there was not any evidence of exploiting.

Video background

The video can be found here.

In the video greenlegocats123 can be seen playing in three separate accounts, including CowCowManManThingIt, while using admin commands in the game Little Angels Daycare and at an Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid game.

Some say that this video was the reason behind the termination. They say that if CowCow did not exploit in the video, he would have not uploaded the video. At 2:42 in the video, he is seen using a fly command, even though the game did not have admin commands. Players believe that this could hint the video being the reason for the termination. After that, he uses building tools to change the color of a part and copied random parts. CowCow has acknowledged that the video is likely a part of the termination and says that it could have been a mistake by an admin who thought that he (CowCow) exploited to get admin.

greenlegocats123 made a video showing his theory of why he believes alexnewtron had his account terminated and "evidence" to back the theories. The video has attracted a lot of attention and some see it as "proof", although it is still unconfirmed if alexnewtron had a part in the termination. The video has received positive ratings from the Roblox community and has accumulated over 190,000 views and 8,000 likes.

He begins by talking about how him and alexnewtron had ongoing arguments on Twitter in the weeks before the termination. greenlegocats123 then made the a video called "The Truth of Meep City" where he discusses the affects alexnewtron's game has had on Roblox's community and the problems it has. A few days after the video went up, the account was terminated. greenlegocats123 theorizes on how easy it would be for alexnewtron to get the account terminated because alexnewtron was working as a Roblox Intern at the time the arguing and termination happened. He says alexnewtron could've easily gone to a moderator and asked for them to terminate the account by showing the video and saying it was exploiting. greenlegocats123 then showed that alexnewtron admitted to stalking his YouTube channel, which he says explains why he got terminated months after the video released.

greenlegocats123 next speaks about how only 1 account out of 4 in the video were moderated. 2 of his other accounts (DarthCowCow, CowCowsGhost) and TypicalModders, who is an exploiting YouTuber who appeared in the video, account (Formakoth) were not terminated or moderated. He says this could be evidence that alexnewtron only wanted to take out his "main account" as an act of revenge. He also says if the video was the actual reason all 4 accounts would have been terminated or banned.

greenlegocats123 then brings up the frequency and length of moderation against exploiters. Many see this to be the "proof" of alexnewtron having a part in the termination. greenlegocats123 asks two of the larger Roblox exploiting YouTubers (TypicalModders and Citizen, who have millions of views on their exploiting videos) if they have ever been terminated, and only TypicalModders had been because he says he exploited in a Roblox Admins game to try and get terminated. Other than that, neither had received any moderation for their videos.

Another point people see as "proof" is when he shows other people being moderated for exploiting. All of the ones greenlegocats123 showed are people getting banned for 1-3 days for exploiting. greenlegocats123 says it does not make sense for him to be terminated for exploiting for a first time offense and for others to be banned. The moderation notes he shows in the video come from before and after his video was made, and he says that the severity of moderation would not have changed randomly between the moderation notes he showed. He also says that his account being terminated while others were banned could prove that there was more to it than just exploiting despite exploiting being the only reason given on the moderation notice.

Attention was then drawn to a Tweet that alexnewtron made in which where he claims to know another reason why CowCowManManThingIt was terminated, despite the only reason on the termination notice and appeal email given being exploiting. alexnewtron was also seen liking Tweets shortly after greenlegocats123 Tweeted about the termination, despite not following greenlegocats123.

Other Roblox community members including legobloxian have made videos discussing the accounts termination. It is widely agreed on that alexnewtron did play a part in the termination, although it is still unknown. alexnewtron has yet to respond to the video.

To this day, no one knows who the exploiter actually was.

Alternate accounts

greenlegocats123 has many alts that were created before and after CowCowManManThingIt's termination. Notable ones are DarthCowCow and CowCowsGhost. These accounts were created before CowCowManManThingIt was terminated. The majority of his alts were created to avoid server and game bans in games such as Frappé, and not account moderation. His main account is Devastator934, which has been shown in some videos of greenlegocats' encounters with scammers in Trade Hangout. He also use his account GordoTheFrog, which was recently terminated for participating in an inappropriate game which was named "Scent Cons".


CowCowManManThingIt has been criticized by people for trolling, as trolling is seen as immature and annoying by many players. He has also been seen as uncaring by some due to the phrase "Hail CowCow", as some see it as his fans wanting to "worship" him whilst he does nothing about the phrase. People also see the character as a symbol of trolling.

His unconfirmed exploiting on a game has also spawned some criticism from players, who say it "ruins the spirit". 

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