Icebreaker is a team fight and a freeze-tag genre game created by Cracky4. The main objective of the game is to freeze all of the enemy teammates before the time runs out.


The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and Cracky4 on Error: Page "User blog:RBLXDeveloperInterviews/Cracky4: Icebreaker" does not exist., as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Icebreaker?
Surprisingly easy-going. I chipped away at it over summer, while all my friends were working or on holiday. I had a lot of fun toying with different ideas and taking the game in whatever direction I felt like.
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
The biggest challenge was not knowing how to code certain things. To overcome this I reached out to my friends who were more experienced than myself, they helped me code what I needed to. Perhaps a less obvious challenge I faced was self-doubt, I think every developer faces this at some point during a project. Towards the end of development I was seriously doubting Icebreaker would be played by anyone, but I pushed through and finished the game anyway. Glad I did because now the game is enjoyed by thousands of people every week.
What did you enjoy most while developing Icebreaker?
Having the testing place open so friends and fans could join. I enjoy being surrounded by my community when creating a game and getting hands on feedback. It also gives me a huge boost seeing people enjoying my game, without that I think I would’ve given into to the aforementioned self-doubt.
What was it like to develop a game that was featured in an official Roblox event?
Very exciting. I am very appreciative to Roblox for allowing me to work on events. I have now worked on three thus far. I put a lot of emphasis on making my games as presentable as I can, and it has paid off.
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Icebreaker was made nearly a year and a half ago, I hope it doesn’t represent the peak of my Roblox career. I’m going to keep working hard at improving my development ability and (hopefully) come out with something even bigger in the future.


Icebreaker Official Trailer

Icebreaker Official Trailer

When preparing for the start of a round, the game chooses a gamemode. After a brief period to prepare, players spawn onto the map. Once spawned into the map, they are given their icebreaker of choice. The game will countdown from three to one, giving them the ability to move once it says "Go!".

To swing a player's weapon, they must press the left mouse button. To freeze an enemy, they must land a hit by swinging his/her weapon. To unfreeze an ally, they must swing their weapon at the frozen ally. To distinguish between an ally and an enemy, enemies have an angry red face on top of their avatar.

However, if a player is frozen in grey ice, that means they cannot be thawed. Grey ice represents that the player has recently been frozen. This is to stop players from instantly breaking out of their ice to fight again.

If a player disconnects during a round, they'll be considered as frozen permanently for the round.

When you're frozen or when you're in the lobby, you can spectate. You can only spectate your teammates if you were assigned one in the round.

After the game, you will get coins. Coins are used to buy chests. You get coins by:

  • Participating ( 50 Coins )
  • Winning ( 150 Coins )
  • Freezing ( 50 x Number Of Freezes )
  • Thawing ( 50 x Number Of Thaws )
  • First Blood (Obtained by being the first one to freeze an enemy. ( 50 Coins )
  • Last Player Alive (Be the last person in your team to not be frozen. ( 50 Coins )

You can also obtain coins by breaking crates in the round. Four crates spawn around the map randomly in each round. You can break the crate by swinging your breaker at the crate. Simply walking into the crate will work as well. Each crate will yield 30 Coins. You must actually touch the coin that pops out of the crate in order for it to count.


Here is a list of the available gamemodes:

Icebreaker - Boss Battle Gamemode

Icebreaker - Boss Battle Gamemode

  • Team Deathmatch - Players are separated into two teams. You and your teammates must freeze all of the opposing enemies in order to win. When it reaches sudden death ( 30 seconds before the round ends ), any players that are frozen in the period is consumed by grey ice. 
  • Hide and Seek - Three players are chosen as the seekers, while the rest are hiders. Hiders are given a 30-second head start to hide. The hiders must hide from the seekers while the seekers must freeze all of the hiders. The seekers have increased walkspeed and cannot be frozen by the hiders. Take note that hiders can thaw each other if their allies are frozen, and gain a temporary speed bonus when they do. Hiders are also able to see where each seeker is.
  • Boss Fight - All of the players fight against a giant ice cream on top of a hill. As a team, players must take down the giant ice cream boss. The giant ice cream can freeze players by rolling down spheres of ice cream down the hill. The giant ice cream can also shoot down beams of ice cream to trip you. It requires server teamwork, as you will need to constantly thaw your allies and damage the boss's health.


Icebreaker - Regular Chest

Chests are items that can be bought by Coins to randomly obtain an item. Currently (as of February 19, 2017), there are only two chests, each costing 2,000 Coins.

The Regular Chest is available to all players and contains all available items (excluding items from bundles).

The VIP Chest is available to only players with the VIP gamepass. It gives you a higher rarity of items compared to the Regular Chest.

You can get four types of items in chests:

  • Breakers
  • Emotes
  • Faces
  • Trails

The chance you get a certain item will depend on the rarity of the item. There are four rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


You can customize certain aesthetics by obtaining items from chests to change them. Said above, here is a detailed explanation of each factor you can change.

  • Breakers: Breakers are the weapons you equip when you participate in a round. There are multiple skins, and you can change the shape of the breaker with the right item.
  • Emotes: Emotes are quick comments you can make by pressing [T]. It can consist of words or a picture.
  • Faces: Faces are shown on the top of the screen in a round, serving as who is a frozen and who is alive. Faces can have something on top of it, or something on its face.
  • Trails: Trails are the particles you make when you walk. On default, players do not create particles when they walk.

In addition, you can change clothes, which will depend on the map. In a set place on the map, there will be a button next to an R15 avatar of the outfit. Pressing on the outfit will change your shirt, pants, or accessories into the outfit. You can always get rid of the outfit by walking onto the button "Reset Clothing" in the lobby.

Available Items

Here is a list of items that can be obtained via chests. This means it excludes items obtained from bundles. To see its name, click on the image.

Icebreaker - Crystal Breaker Icebreaker - Original Icebreaker - Bat Icebreaker - Silver Icebreaker - Aqua Icebreaker - Bronze Icebreaker - Bright Rainbow Icebreaker - Pastel Rainbow Icebreaker - Cheese Icebreaker - Light Camo Icebreaker - Earth Icebreaker - Sky Icebreaker - Blue Stripes Icebreaker - Bluesteel Icebreaker - Dark Camo Icebreaker - Red Stripes Icebreaker - Night Icebreaker - Green Stripes Icebreaker - Gold Icebreaker - Shiny Icebreaker - Smasher Icebreaker - Neon Red Icebreaker - Ice Sword Icebreaker - Ghost Icebreaker - Toy Sword Icebreaker - Obsidian Icebreaker - Neon Blue Icebreaker - Neon Green Icebreaker - Blue Lightbreaker Icebreaker - Red Lightbreaker Icebreaker - Green Lightbreaker Icebreaker - The Overseer Blade Icebreaker - The Blade of Korblox Icebreaker - The Blade of Redcliff

Icebreaker - GG Icebreaker - Tired Face Icebreaker - Well Played! Icebreaker - Help I'm Frozen Icebreaker - I want Coins Icebreaker - Boooooo Icebreaker - I'm Cold! Icebreaker - Battle Cry Icebreaker - Help! Icebreaker - Rubber Ducky Icebreaker - Get Pranked Icebreaker - Iceblock Icebreaker - Thank You! Icebreaker - Happy Face Emote Icebreaker - Angry Face Icebreaker - Nice Freeze! Icebreaker - Heart Icebreaker - Bacon Icebreaker - Sunglasses Face Icebreaker - Taco Icebreaker - Gotta Go Fast Icebreaker - Disapproving Face Icebreaker - It's Lit Icebreaker - Laughing Emoji Icebreaker - Kappa Icebreaker - Winking Face Icebreaker - Broken Heart Icebreaker - Lenny Face Icebreaker - Poop Icebreaker - Gorilla




Bundles are gamepasses that award you a variety of items based on a theme. Items in bundles cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Bundle Cost Reward
Christmas Bundle 145 ROBUX This bundle includes 4 Epic items including a Christmas tree breaker, a Santa face, A Santa phrase emote, and a snowflake trail.
USA Bundle 95 ROBUX

This bundle includes 3 Epic items and one Rare including a USA flag breaker, a Trump face, A Trump emote, and a dollar bill trail.



ICEBREAKER Description 2.6.17

The description concerning about it being an unfinished game.

Before February 10, 2017, the game was still in development, with the shop being in-development and having only one gamemode.

However, in that release date, the amount of coins players had before the release date will be reset. However, Cracky4 will reward players based on the amount of coins with a Limited ingame item. Here are the rewards, as a quote from the description of February 6, 2017:

ICEBREAKER Tester's Badge

The Tester's Badge.

  • 10k points: Limited Edition Common item
  • 25k points: Limited Edition Rare item
  • 50k points: Limited Edition Epic item
  • 150k points: Limited Edition Legendary item

In November 2016, the game wasn't even released to the public as an official release. Players who joined the game before its "official release" will get a badge called "Tester's Badge", which was a reward for helping Cracky4 test out the game and giving him feedback. Currently, it is not available on the badges section of the game.

Under Review

Icebreaker! Under Review

Icebreaker! under review on February 22, 2017.

On February 22, 2017, the place was put under review for apparent filtering issue. It is unknown where the apparent filtering issue takes place, but it is most likely the chat's censorship. The chat censorship for this game was handmade and replaces words that would normally be censored with innocent words, so Cracky4 may have possibly missed a few words to censor. There may be also a possibility that Icebreaker! was put under review because kids under 13 years old did not have the whitelist.

Cracky4's Group Announcement

On February 22, 2017, on a group announcement on the official fan group called Roblox Icebreaker, Cracky4 has stated that the game will be back up on February 22, 2017. However, on Twitter, Cracky4 explained the issue and stated that the place will be back up tomorrow (February 23, 2017). These two claims contradict each other, but it is unknown why these two claims are different. The most logical reason is that ROBLOX postponed the release of the game taken out of review and informing Cracky4 about it.

The game was taken out of review on February 23, 2017, just as the tweet claimed.

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