Flood Escape is an obstacle-course puzzle survival game developed and published by Crazyblox. First published on August 15, 2010, the objective is to survive a facility by solving puzzles and obstacles before the impending eponymous flood drowns the player(s). The game was initially launched as a sole round-based platformer, where players could only play (what is now) multiplayer mode. Over the course of its development, this scaled out to a full open-world lobby, where games are not triggered by the server, but rather the choice of mode the player desires to do. Construction of the game was finished on August or September 2011, and there are now no more updates.

The game, despite its 169 million visits, has an average player count of around 3000, it's a low rank compared to the more popular hits on the front page. Nevertheless, it can still be found easily in the list when the player scrolls down on the website. The game has spawned clones including Acid Escape, and has been deemed a favorite by obby fans.


First development phase

Crazyblox first started working on the game sometime around 2010, and the game was published on August 15, 2010. This was the first development phase of Flood Escape, and the first version. This version was drastically different from the current version of Flood Escape, having a small lobby surrounded by walls and a ceiling and a showcase explaining what the "Buttons" in the game do, unlike the current lobby, which is rather big and spacious. The rounds also functioned differently; unlike a player having to go ( and wait, if there were players in the server ) into a lift, the game had scripts that automatically started a round and teleported all players to the game. If all players died, they would respawn at the lobby, and in approximately 20 seconds, a new round would start. This version also had little stages and only one difficulty. In 2014, this version of Flood Escape was made available as Crazyblox published it to a separate game. Users can play it by going to the lobby basement in Flood Escape and entering the teleporter.

Second development phase

This version of the game received regular updates until late 2012, when another development phase started. The game was rewritten, though some scripts were reused. This version resembles the current version of Flood Escape more, but there still is a long way to go. The exterior of the lobby has minor details, including some bushes and some trees. This version also added the Training Room, and rounds are no longer automated, as players have to go into a Lift within the lobby. This version of the game was heavily updated, many tweaks and extra details were added to the lobby. Near the half of this development phase, different modes with different difficulties ( Easy, Medium, Hard ) were also added. Near the end of this development phase, "Extreme Mode" was added, and a work-in-progress "Adventure Mode" which turned out to be Flood Escape 2. The music was also changed to a more extreme and intense track, fitting the game more. The lobby also had a "Waiting Room" with vending machines. This was the development phase of Flood Escape until late 2013.

Third development phase

The third development phase of Flood Escape is the current development phase. The lobby was completely rewritten again, making it more realistic and have more details and extra-activities. The interior of the lobby also got a basement, and the lifts were remade. Stages were tweaked, some part materials were changed, blocks were added more detail with new materials. This development phase was heavily updated throughout the ages. In late 2015, the music was changed to a techno track.



Flood Escape features a straight forward concept; players must avoid the flood by completing rooms, cells of buttons and platforms that are occasionally sequential; this is made to further increase the time necessary to enter the tunnel, which in turn gives another room. The multiplayer rooms are not endless, however, as they are designed to have 3 corridors with a final room.

You must complete an obby-like course to reach the door. At first, the door is locked by a fence, but soon, if a player presses a button near it, the door will be unlocked, wait for all the other players to get in, and the door will close, the door behind you will open, leading you to another room.

Players will die if the water level becomes higher than their torso, killing them instantly. This means when they are engulfed in water, they will immediately die if they fall in. Additionally, players will also die if they have not entered the tunnel in time, as when the flood is almost about to enter the tunnel, it will close.

The Lobby

The player spawns in the lobby, which is an island engulfed in an ocean of water. The player spawns directly in the center, facing the Multiplayer building that houses most game modes. To the right is an entrance to Extreme mode; to the left is the Training zone. However, the back of you is a river that kills you instantly when you touch it, so do not jump in it. There is also a bridge leading you to the teleporter to Flood Escape 2 in it.

Inside the Multiplayer building is two floors; the upper floor holds the Multiplayer mode lifts. From the main entrance, the Easy mode lift (green) is on the left, the Medium mode lift (yellow) in the middle and the Hard mode lift (red) on the right. A small pathway leads from each lift to a clear blue hexagon, looking directly into the Flood Gauntlet. Some small staircases are present to each side, which take players to the lower floor.

The lower floor is mainly ring shaped, with the middle being a straight drop into the Flood Gauntlet. In between the stairs is a teleporter to Retro mode, with Singleplayer mode directly opposite. To the left of Retro mode is another entrance to the Training zone, and another entrance to Extreme mode is to the right.

Game Modes

Flood Escape sports multiple game modes:


  • The old Easy difficulty picture, showing the map now known as Plumbing.
  • The old Medium difficulty picture, showing the map now known as Shaken Up.
  • The old Hard difficulty picture, showing the map now known as Decisive Stands.
Multiplayer mode is the standard choice for most players - in it, up to eight players attempt to escape the rising flood over four rooms. Three difficulties are available: Easy, Medium and Hard, with the main difference being the rooms chosen. It is the only game mode that provides wins.

The final room is a pattern-based partially symmetrical code room, where players must find a 3-or-4-button combination before the water completely drowns them out. The number of buttons alternate per difficulty on each table; Easy sports 3 buttons on each side, Medium has a 3 button and a 4 button table, and Hard has 4 buttons on each side, adjacent to Easy. When the code is correct, the signal on the wall will turn from red to green, and no more buttons on that table can be clicked. When both tables' codes have been cracked, the doors will slide open for the player's freedom.

Bonus Rounds

If the player hits a total of 6 buttons in the 3 rooms, completing the code room will unlock one of two bonus rounds, which is a time challenge the player must complete to get a point bonus. The time set to complete these bonus rounds differs greatly between difficulties. Powerups, such as the gravity coil, are not in the player's inventory in bonus rounds.


For gaining generalized skill in-game, the Training zone is available. It is a hallway with 3 doors that lead to the corresponding optional activities to try, where they all reward training points, separate from points or wins. When the player has at least 15 training points, he/she can choose to convert those to 1 real point.


This is a true obby inspiration. The objective is to complete 2 stages with 1 Path-to-Success to reach the end that awards 9 training points. The 1st stage is Crate-jumping, where you have to jump on crates floating on water, the 2nd stage is Platform-jumping, where you will have to hop on platforms sticking out from water, after completing all 2 stages, walk on the Path and enter atunnel, then, touch the grey acid door to teleport back to the halland receiveyour points. If you fall down after you complete the first one in the 2nd stage, you get 3 training points. Jumping into the water will teleport the player back to the spawn.

Code Cracker

Set up in the same layout as the Hard difficulty's code room, this activity allows the player to practice his/her code-cracking skills endlessly to prepare for the final room in Multiplayer. To do so, you must click on the buttons randomly to crack each code, after all 2 codes are cracked, the glass door will open,and you can go out to earn your points. There is no threat, and the player is not given any time limits. Cracking each set of codes gives 5 training points.


The only activity that is time-based, To win, go in to the room and get ready, the activity will pick a random colored platform, youmustgo on the platform as soon as possible, then the door will open and you are allowed to go out, you can play as long asyou want onthis activity. Completing the activity awards 3 training points.


  • Room 1 of Extreme Mode
  • Room 2 of Extreme Mode
Introduced in 1.3, Extreme is like Singleplayer; the player is unable to have any items or teammates with them. However, there is a slight advantage: an air meter. When they're underwater, the air meter will quickly deplete, but they will not die instantly when underwater; but if the air meter hits zero, then the player will die. The player can recover air, however, by going up to the surface and surviving. This is the hardest mode of all so far, and requires sharp reaction times, speed, skill, and memorization by even expert players. It can be unlocked at 10 wins, or by purchasing the Unlock Extreme gamepass (100 ROBUX).

There are currently only two rooms on Extreme mode, but at least three more are expected.


Introduced in 1.5, Singleplayer is a game mode that allows players to practice in individual rooms rather than the normal sequence of 3 rooms, and also sports an endless mode that trials players on the number of rooms they can complete before dying. However, Singleplayer strips players of any items they like, and limits the player from using them. As a result, Singleplayer is a test of how well players can take on various rooms with nothing but their own skills.


Retro mode is the earliest stable version of Flood Escape, as version 0.6. In it, only a general Multiplayer mode is available, using old maps from both Easy, Medium and Hard, but there is no code room at the end of it. Instead of wins, players get points just for surviving rooms, which do not save. Only taunts can be bought at the shop, and spectating only works for the rooms themselves, not individual players. A button that teleports the player back to normal Flood Escape is found on the side of the screen.

Most rooms from Retro mode are still used today, with a few adjustments. These include:

  • Thin Glass (Easy 1)
  • Side Floors (Easy 1)
  • Warehouse (Easy 1)
  • Plumbing (Easy 2)
  • Shaken Up (Medium 1)
  • Divided Paths (Medium 1)
  • Maintenance (Medium 2)
  • Decisive Stands (Hard 2)
  • Concerning Heights (Hard 3)

Flood Gauntlet

Also introduced in version 1.5, the Flood Gauntlet is a PvP arena located deep below the lobby. In it, players battle each other with Flood Swords. There are two ways to enter this: either jump straight in on the lower floor, or stand on the blue hexagon on the upper floor with the sword equipped and click 'Perform Dramatic Entry' to smash the hexagon and fall in. Either way, players require a Flood Sword to enter, costing either 65 points or the Flood Sword gamepass (50 ROBUX). If a user attempts to enter without a sword, the game will teleport said user out and say "A Flood Sword is required to enter!"

Also, Flood Swords do not damage players outside of the Flood Gauntlet.


Although it was still confirmed to be in development (and confirmed by Crazyblox), Adventure mode could have been released in 2015. However, due to the lack of motivation, the production speed has greatly deteriorated, but not as far to have it canceled. It's was a slow development, and it takes a lot of time to finish by its owner. The room that goes to adventure mode has been replaced with a Flood Escape 2 teleporter, so it's unknown if adventure mode is currently possible, although it's likely canceled due to the development focus of Flood Escape 2.


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Version dates

  • 0.6 - September 2, 2011 - September 26, 2011
  • 0.89 - September 26, 2011 - October 2, 2011
  • 0.9_2 - October 2, 2011 - October 9, 2011
  • TEST 1 - October 9, 2011 - December 25, 2011
  • 1.0.3 - December 25, 2011 - January 17, 2012
  • 1.1 - January 17, 2012 - May 12, 2012
  • 1.2 - May 12, 2012 - January 2013
  • 1.2_2 - January 2013 - March 17, 2013

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  • A version of this game is featured in Horrific Housing.
  • Flood Escape has won an award for "Hardest Roblox Level" during the 4th Annual Bloxy Awards.
  • On May 8, 2019, Flood Escape was struck with a content deletion due to an "accidental moderation". This has led to attention after Crazybox posted a tweet regarding the deletion, which has resulted in over 600 likes. In a few hours after the game being struck with a content deletion, the game became available for players to play once again.


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