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Crazyman32 is a Roblox player who is well known for his scripting and building skills, as well as his YouTube videos and demonstrations.


Crazyman32's games have been played over a million times and have been scripted incredibly well. His game Perilous Skies was one of the games which became an extraordinary success within the first few weeks before it eventually became less popular. Despite the decreased popularity, some players have been found still playing it, though. Realistic Paintball II is another example of a great game made by Crazyman32. It never succeeded like the others though, but is still one of his famous ones. RO-Port Tycoon was one of his greatest game out of all of his games, which had achieved 3 million place visits and is still played by many ROBLOX users daily, although most of his games that he had created aren't finished because he has too many ideas for games.


In 2011, Crazyman32 later stated to many users in the ROBLOX community that he will be quitting ROBLOX after playing for 3 years, to major in either computer science and engineering at OSU, but will still check in now-and-then. He also said that before he leaves, he will make one final game called Galaxy Warriors, which is on his alternate account GalaxyWarriors.[citation needed]

Crazyman32 returned though, and he still has a Builders Club membership. He also said that he was moving on to bigger things like Java.[citation needed]

On July 15, 2016, Crazyman32 announced on the RBXDev forum, his Twitter, and on his ROBLOX bio that he is quitting once again, thanking the community for making his 8 years on ROBLOX an incredible journey. He stated that he wanted to pursue software development as a career, and that quitting ROBLOX was the best option for him.[citation needed]


During his time on ROBLOX, crazyman32 has worked on many projects, many of which have never been fully completed. Most of the time, his projects would become very popular before actually being completed, and he would later abandon them.

Some of crazyman32's projects are described in the sections below. Others, which are more important or which have had more impact, have their own articles:

Crazyman32/FreeflightCrazyman32/Perilous SkiesCrazyman32/Ro-Port Tycoon


Tumble was one of crazyman32's projects, which was inspired by another ROBLOX game where the goal was to fall down stairs. In Tumble, your objective is to score as many points as you can falling down several mountainsides. You first try to find as good a position as possible to fall from and then hit the "Tumble!" button to move into a sitting position and roll down the hill. Players are scored points based on how many points they hit on the way down and how fast they hit them. Bonus points are given if they hit another player. The game has a shop that you can buy upgrades from, but only Premium users can save their purchases and points.

Snowball Mania

Snowball Mania is a sports genre game made by crazyman32. Players play through different maps and throwing killer snowballs at the opposition to add points. Scoring points gives you the ability to upgrade snowballs and machine guns for better aiming and more ammos. Two teams, Merry Militia and Snowy Snipers, will try to kill their oppositions in order to earn more points. There are multiple maps that change during the game when the round changes. The game currently has over 100,000 visits. The game has been featured on the ROBLOX blog.


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  • His friend gunner120 showed him ROBLOX in 2008. Since then he has learned how to script and has become a massively famous Robloxian.
  • He was active on the Roblox Talk forum.
  • He likes to play the guitar.
  • He likes to show off his scripting and building abilities in making realistic simulation games.
  • He is one of the few people to have Stealth Pilot on their first 6 friends
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