Freeflight is a popular adventure game made by crazyman32 on August 7, 2008. The game has no objective, it is simply an adventure "fly-around" game. When you spawn you can fly around using a helicopter, a plane, glider or wingsuit. It has some complaints as of people crashing into each other causing both players to explode. crazyman32 has made a short term solution in a form of a gamepass: the instant respawn gamepass. Even with the gamepass, players still found it impossible to fly.

Premium Gamepass

Freeflight Premium

Premium is the only game pass Freeflight has, which costs 80 ROBUX. Buying the gamepass will give you beneficial perks and gain access to game features not available to players without the gamepass. Its perks are:

  • Wingsuit speed increased
  • Max heli altitude increased to 400
  • Spectate GUI controller
  • Instant respawn time
  • Quadricopter
  • Wingsuit 2.0
  • Hovercraft
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