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Perilous Skies is a game created by Crazyman32. The game is one of Crazyman32's most played, having achieved over 2M+ place visits and over 82K+ user favorites since its creation.


The game play simulates plane piloting. Players battle each other in a dogfight, using their planes as the only weapons. The objective of the game is to kill your opponents using missiles and a gun implanted in the planes. Perilous Skies has been praised mainly because of the GUIs and the scripting within the game. The missiles once fired, follow the targeted plane and chase the plane till dodged or hit. As you obtain more kills you unlock better upgrades and planes. The also features an animated automatic take off.


The game won an award at the ROBLOX Rally 2011. The award was called The DaVinci Future of ROBLOX Transportation award. It was awarded to players who had games with exceptional vehicle programming and scripts. The game has also been featured on the ROBLOX blog on more than one occasion.

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