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John Yung (known on Roblox as D8Dev, previously known as d4rk886, originally dark886), is a famous user on Roblox best known for his military game Base Wars: The Land, which was the most visited game on Roblox with over 30 million visits. D8Dev is currently working on "Base Wars II" and "Zealous Fighter".

D8Dev has officially stated that he is a Hongkong-er. He has also stated that he plans his games on paper before building them.


D8Dev owns multi places. Although Base Wars makes up for nearly all of D8Dev's place visits, he still has many other places.

Zealous Fighter

Zealous Fighter is a new game currently under development. It is a fantasy fighter game against NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and other players.  

Infection Attack II: Mutation

The place with the second most visits is Infection Attack II: Mutation, which is a Zombie Defense Shooter with over 600,000 place visits.

The Mystic Land 2

He also owns a RPG called The Mystic Land 2.

Base Wars: The Land

Base Wars has 20 badges that players can attempt to obtain. The VIP T-shirts are no longer on sale. Instead, gamepasses can be purchased and they have same function as VIP T-shirts. Base Wars:The Land won the ROBLOX Game of the Year Award for User's Choice Game of the Year during Roblox Game Conference 2012.


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  • D8Dev has said that "Free models don't even match my style. I can't find the stuff I need."
  • D8Dev became inactive on Roblox for a while due to his loss of BC membership. D8Dev posted in his group "D4rk886's studio" that he may be inactive for an unknown time. Team Base Wars (Owned by CoeJoeTheGreat) posted this news and almost all the Base War's players knew this piece of shocking news. But after a while, he got OBC and became active again.
  • D8Dev regularly engages with his community to answer game-related questions.
  • D8Dev did a major revamp and balance update to Base Wars in 2012. Although there are some of the old players hated it, there are still a lot of players like it. 
  • Despite being a Hongkonger, he has stated that he does not know PinYin.