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DANGERTIM112 is a user who is famous for creating the game Build to Survive the Zombies. The game is currently the 18th most played game on ROBLOX, and currently has over 18+ million place visits and over 192,000 favorites. In the game, players must build a fortress using the stamper tool in order to protect the said players from zombies. The zombies come in rounds, however, the fortresses are not reset with each round. Players can fight each other if they wanted to. The game has been reset to the Starter Place multiple times. DANGERTIM112 has an alternative account who is known as DANGERTIM113.

Build to Survive the Zombies as of now

DANGERTIM112's game, Build to Survive the Zombies was last updated sometime in 2013 and that was the last time it was updated. Some people thought that the game was hacked because it had not recieved any updates since then and that the game had reseted to a starter place before, then coming back as the game again. Build to Survive the Zombies is currently broken because of ROBLOX updates. However, some players still play it today.

DANGERTIM112 became active in August of 2016, he just only played a few games then he hasn't returned since.  Some developers have fixed BTSTZ and remaked it. 

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