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dapperbuffalo was a Roblox administrator that typically moderated the Off Topic forum. A few forumers noted that he removed forum content without just cause, though they praised that he was one of the few moderators to frequently communicate with the Roblox community.

Despite the controversy that claimed he removed content without a legitimate reason, an equal amount of users seemed to believe that he was one of the few moderators who strictly followed the Terms of Service, and did not give bans for reasons not listed on it.


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  • Dapperbuffalo was one of the few Supermoderators on Roblox.
  • He has claimed to enjoy coffee.
  • Dapperbuffalo was one of the few Image Moderators on Roblox. In addition, he owned all 3 moderation badges.
  • He frequently spoke of his life on the forums; for example, he claims to own a white dog.
  • He appealed to many Roblox users by wearing the Doge Hat, to represent that he liked the meme.
  • Many Off-Topicers (Off-Topic posters) hated him for unfair bans, and it is believed that he caused a mad ban streak.
  • As a Chicago boy at heart, he admitted that he enjoys deep dish pizza and other things Chicago related. Source (dead link)
  • He also lost his administrator badge that he also had no Builders Club at all. But he is still in the Roblox Admins group.

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