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David B. Baszucki[1], known on Roblox as david.baszucki, is one of the founders of Roblox alongside the late erik.cassel, and is currently the company's CEO. He formerly used the notable builderman account but has long since abandoned it in favor of this one. He has four children and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.[2]


Baszucki was a General Motors scholar in electrical engineering at Stanford University.

Clip image007

The Interactive Physics software incorporated parts, hinges ropes and springs.

David Baszucki RDC 2015

David Baszucki in real life, at the 2015 Roblox Developer Conference.


David Baszucki seen wearing a costume on the Happy Halloween from the ROBLOX staff blog post.


David Baszucki speaking at Roblox Developers Conference 2018.

David rdc2020

David speaking during the virtual Roblox Developers Conference 2020.


Before founding Roblox, Baszucki founded the now-defunct company Knowledge Revolution with his brother Greg. There, Baszucki helped create a physics simulator called Interactive Physics, which later sold millions of copies and from which Roblox was inspired.

After Knowledge Revolution was bought by MSC Software for 19 million dollars, he became the Vice President and General Manager of MSC Software, where he was in charge of the desktop simulation division. After three years in this position, Baszucki left MSC Software and then went on to develop Roblox, along with co-founder Erik Cassel, who also held a senior position in the company.

In 2021 Baszucki founded the Baszucki Group, a philanthropic group investing in organizations working in various initiatives such as mental health and democracy.


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  • The account's original name was David.Baszucki, but was uncapitalized in 2009.
  • His join date is not visible as being in 2004 due to the ways information is displayed on the frontend. (visible date May 15, 2007)
  • This account originally had the ID 3, but was changed in 2006 to ID 1, then was swapped with the newest account at that time in 2007.
  • Other accounts owned by David Baszucki include dbb, Admin, Test, Roblox, Toolbox and other 2004 accounts.
  • His account was the third made, erik.cassel's account being fourth.
  • David is friends with some unknown people with no place visits, an example being sancho101. This is due to a game exploit in 2015 allowing users to make the game think they are using another account. The two users then friend each other and are added to the "fake" accounts.
  • david.baszucki is one of the only eight users with a period in his name; the other seven being erik.cassel, Predator.John123, YUKI.N, foot.longer, Mr.Dog, Mr.CoolRobloxPlayya101 and mimi._.2121.
  • On February 25, 2021, he officially became a billionaire according to his net worth.
  • David has his own Rthro bundle.
  • David's join date is July 2004 instead of February 27, 2006, due to a glitch that set 2004 users' join dates to February 27, 2006.
    • However, his join date is set as May 15, 2007 instead of February 27, 2006. The account ROBLOX was created on May 22, 2005, and its ID was swapped with david.baszucki's to make its ID 1.



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