Battle for ROBLOX is an in development game made by Davidii. It is a rework of the older game Davidii has created called League of ROBLOX. The objective of the game is to take down the enemy's base turrets. Once the base turrets are destroyed, the crystals are left vulnerable and can be destroyed. When the enemy team's crystals are destroyed, your team wins.


At the start of a new round, players start at level one, given 300 tix (ingame currency for rounds) as well. Players must choose their champion (character) to play the game. Once spawned, you can upgrade one ability with your ability point, making it usable.

Your main tix and experience benefactor is minions. Minions are for the purpose of distracting and damaging the turret for your team, and can also damage other enemy minions and enemy champions. They spawn nearby its team's crystals and go to their assigned lane. When you kill an enemy minion, you will gain 25 tix and a set amount of experience.

Golems are also a benefactor for tix and experience. Usually, golems are in the spaces between the lanes. Golems deal more damage and have slightly more health than a minion. When you kill a golem, you gain more experience and tix than a minion would. Golems will respawn at around one to two minutes.

Enemy champions are the final benefactor for tix only. When you kill an enemy champion, meaning you got the final blow, you get around 100 - 200 tix. When you assist on killing an enemy champion, meaning you helped kill the champion but didn't deliver the final blow, you gain somewhere to around 50 - 125 tix.

As you gain more tix and experience, you level up every time you reach a set amount of experience for your level. When you level up, you gain an ability point and get an increase on your champion's stats (with some exceptions). You can upgrade your abilities or make abilities usable with your ability points, as you gain ability points when you level up. Meanwhile, you can use tix to buy more items to make your champion more powerful in combat.

Turrets are NPCs that deal a high amount of damage to one enemy in its radius. While it can easily take down a big opponent, it cannot take down an army. Using the minions, you can kill the enemy minions so your minions can go distract the enemy turret. While the turret is distracted by the minions, you can damage the turret. However, when no more minions are around, it will start to damage you if you are in radius. If you manage to take the turret's health to zero, the turret is destroyed permanently (until the round ends), giving you 200 tix and a good amount of experience.

However, base turrets are the turrets nearby a team's base. Their purpose is to defend the crystals. When a base turret is still active, you cannot destroy the crystals. In addition, base turrets slightly deal more damage than a regular turret. When all the base turrets are destroyed, the crystals are left vulnerable and can be destroyed, leaving you to victory when you destroy them.

When you finish a round, you get 5 tokens if you are the winner of the round but 3 tokens if you are the loser of the round. Tokens are used to buy other champions or their skins.


Stats, short for statistics, is your champion's current condition. Here are the stats you can see.

  • Skillz: One of the two options that the game looks at to calculate damage.
  • H4x: One of the two options that the game looks at to calculate damage.
  • Toughness: Your defense against Skillz damage.
  • Resistance: Your defense against H4x damage.
  • Skillz Vampirism: How much health you can heal based on the percentage of your Skillz damage.
  • H4x Vampirism: How much health you can heal based on the percentage of your H4x damage.
  • Attack Rest Reduction: How fast the intervals are between basic attacks. Caps at 55%.
  • Cooldown Reduction: Reducts all of your abilities' cooldowns based on the percentage of this statistic. Caps on 40%.
  • Health: How much damage you can sustain before dying and needing to respawn.
  • Energy: The majority of abilities consume this. Without the needed energy, you cannot activate the ability.
  • Walkspeed: How fast you can walk every second, measured by studs.
  • Experience: You have a set amount of experience you need to gain. Reaching that increases your health, health regeneration, energy, energy regeneration, Skillz or H4x, Toughness, and Resistance. You also gain an ability point to upgrade your abilities.
  • Tix: Ingame round currency. Used for buying items to upgrade your champion.


Champions are the character you choose to fight in the round. Each champion has a unique set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some champions can be used for free, which are Shedletsky, Builderman, Matt Dusek, and ReeseMcBlox. However, other champions costs tokens, which are obtained by completing rounds in Battle for ROBLOX.

  • Shedletsky
  • Builderman
  • Matt Dusek
  • ReeseMcBlox
  • BrightEyes
  • JackInTheBlox
  • Rukiryo
  • Guest
  • BlockHaak
  • StickMasterLuke
  • Sorcus
  • NobleDragon
  • Polyhex
  • Lilly
  • Gusmanak
  • 1x1x1x1
  • Davidii
  • Merely
  • Seranok
  • JaredValdez
  • Defaultio

Here are the list of available champions in the game:

  • Shedletsky - Brawler (Free)
  • Guest - H4x Tank (50 Tokens)
  • Matt Dusek - H4x0r (Free)
  • JackInTheBlox - Fighter (50 Tokens)
  • Rukiryo - Fighter (75 Tokens)
  • NobleDragon - Juggernaut (100 Tokens)
  • BrightEyes - Support (50 Tokens)
  • StickMasterLuke - H4x0r (75 Tokens)
  • BlockHaak - Marksman (Free)
  • Polyhex - H4x0r (75 Tokens)
  • Merely - Juggernaut (75 Tokens)
  • Lilly - Assassin (25 Tokens)
  • Gusmanak - Marksman (125 Tokens)
  • 1x1x1x1 - H4x0r (50 Tokens)
  • Davidii - Fighter (25 Tokens)
  • Builderman - Tank (Free)
  • Seranok - Brawler (50 Tokens)
  • Sorcus - Marksman (75 Tokens)
  • ReeseMcBlox - Support (Free)
  • Defaultio - Support (100 Tokens)
  • JaredValdez - H4x0r (150 Tokens)
  • Wingman8¬†- Support ( 225 Tokens)
  • Cindering¬†- Support (150 Tokens)
  • Nikilis¬†- Assassin (75 Tokens)


Archetypes are labels champions are given. Those archetypes determine their base stats and their growth. An archetype is given to a champion based on its abilities and playstyle. Here are the archetypes available:

  • Brawler - Has no reliance with energy. Stops enemies from getting away. Lack of base power and growth.
  • Tank - Has high defenses, generally high health, and crowd control. Lack of damage potential. (For H4x Tank too)
  • H4x0r - Has high damage with H4x in general. Lack of defenses and energy regeneration.
  • Fighter - All-around champion. Has a kit based around melee combat or basic attacks. Lack of ranged options.
  • Juggernaut - Has high health and deals good damage to enemies back. Lack of base defense.
  • Support - Ally cooperation and high crowd control. Lack of damage potential or has high energy consumption.
  • Marksman - High damage in ranged combat and some buffs and debuffs. Low defenses and health.
  • Assassin - High speed for chasing and high dps (damage per second). Lack of defenses and health.


Battle for ROBLOX - Shedletsky


Shedletsky is a brutal melee sword fighter. His short cooldowns and unreliance on energy make him most dangerous in sustained conflicts.


Ghostblade: He equips Ghostblade and sweeps those around him, dealing damage while at the time being untargetable.

Darkheart: He slashes strongly upward with Darkheart, Dealing damage while shredding toughnes..

Venomshank: He dashes forward and stabs with venomshank, Slowing those hit.

Illumina: He summons illumina along with an arena and can attack much harder and faster temporarily.


Battle for ROBLOX - Guest

H4x Tank

Guest just wants to be friends. Unfortunately, his friends end up getting bloxxed. Oops.


Safe Chat: Guest talks in a very annoying fashion. Those nearby are damaged and slowed. Guest is energized by annoying people, so this can be used faster if it hits more people.

Ignorance: Guest doesn't know the rules to this game very well. He forgets how to take some of the damage he's supposed to take for a bit.

Lag: Guest doesn't have a great internet connection. Without warning, he can suddenly be back where he was a few seconds ago!

WANNA BE FRIENDS?: Guest yanks in nearby 'friends' and 'shares happiness' with them. During this 'hug', the 'friends' are slowed for a few seconds.

Matt Dusek

Battle for ROBLOX - Matt Dusek


Matt Dusek is a combo-oriented H4x0r who can dish out a lot of damage in the hands of a skilled player.


Index: He fires a long-range, Fast-moving projectile which deals damage and makes enemies 'Indexed.' 

Array: He channels a blast at a targeted area, Slowing 'Indexed' enemies and dealing damage to all enemies in the targeted location. Enemies hit become 'Arrayed.'

Binary Search: He Fires a Slow-Moving, Long-ranged projectile which, Upon stopping, Explodes in a cone, dealing damage to enemies. It deals even more damage to 'Arrayed' enemies.

Allocate: He Sacrifices some of his Health for a Shield and Movement speed bonus. Additionally, His other cooldowns reset.


Battle for ROBLOX - JackInTheBlox


JackInTheBlox is a disruptive melee support character best paired with another melee fighter. Doing things like granting Attack Rest Reduction and increasing Skillz in close quarters make him an ideal support for melee carries.


Pounce: He dashes forward towards the nearest enemy. The target is damaged and slowed severely.

Tiger Roar: He roars both terrifyingly and inspiringly, granting allies Skillz and reducing the Skillz of enemies.

Claw Rush: His next few basic attacks grant allies Attack Rest Reduction in an area. Enemies hit will lose Toughness for a brief amount of time. Every other basic attack will damage nearby enemies for extra damage.

True Hunter: Passively grants him Attack Rest Reduction and makes his basic attacks during stealth stun the target. When activated, makes him invisible for a time.


Battle for ROBLOX - Rukiryo


Rukiryo is an arcane sword fighter that uses a mixture of talent and knowledge in order to dish out tons of damage and move around the battlefield with ease.


Aether Blade: After a short delay, he creates a magical sword which thrusts straight forward, damaging enemies.

Counter: For a short duration, the next hero that strikes him will be instantly counterattacked.

Blade Dance: Whenever he strikes an opponent with a basic attack, he gains speed.

Swordburst: He unleashes a devastating array of both his physical blade and magical blades to create a whirlwind of destruction around him.


Battle for ROBLOX - NobleDragon


NobleDragon is a durable, mobile brawler that gains damage the more health he has. He is well suited for a solo lane, and highly effective in team fights.


Fire Breath: He breathes fire, dealing damage to enemies in a cone in front of him over time. Enemies burned for too long become stunned.

Claw Tackle: He charges forward, damaging any enemies and dragging them with him.

Draconic Rush: He temporarily gains movement speed and Skillz vampirism.

Noble Flight: He soars a huge distance, dealing massive damage where he lands. Enemies in the blast zone are knocked airborne, then are slowed briefly after.


Battle for ROBLOX - BrightEyes


BrightEyes is a unique support designed to support a single ally very well. Her unique style helps her to pair up and provide a great deal of assistance to one specific ally. While she has many buffs and a fair amount of crowd control, she has no healing capabilities.


Promotion: She marked an ally as her Promoted Ally. If she's got one already, she executes a low-health minion and gives Tix to her Promoted Ally.

Advertisement: She shoots a projectile that damages and slows. If she's got a Promoted Ally, she shoots one from them, too.

Gear Up: She buffs her Skillz and H4x, and her next basic attack will reduce its victim's defenses. If she's got a Promoted Ally, she buffs them too.

Bright Eyes: She fires a devastating rainbow, dealing damage to and stunning enemies hit. If she's got a Promoted Ally, they get speed for every enemy Hero that got hit.


Battle for ROBLOX - StickMasterLuke


StickMasterLuke is a burst-oriented mage who summons the natural disasters of the earth to annihilate his foes.


Lighting Bolt: He passively builds up charges, which he actively uses to creates bolts of lightning at targeted locations, dealing damage.

Underground War: He digs underground, and when he emerges he deals damage and knocks enemies airborne briefly.

Gale Force: He summons an intense wind immediately in front of him, pushing enemies to the end of its range and dealing damage.

Meteor Strike: He summons a meteor from outer space, crashing it down on the targeted location and dealing massive damage.


Battle for ROBLOX - BlockHaak


BlockHaak is an aggressive, defensive marksman with situational abilities to compensate with his lack of mobility. 


Barrage: Togglable. When active, He loses speed and damage but shoots disks much faster.

Courageous Leap: He jumps to the targeted location. If he lands near an enemy, He gains Skillz and reduces this move's cooldown.

Unfazed: For a time, He transforms the damage he deals into a shield.

Daring Dash: He buffs his movement speed briefly. This ability has a short cooldown.


Battle for ROBLOX - Polyhex


Polyhex is a bomb-crazed maniac who wants to blow everything up. With a lot of tools for ranged area attacks, he's a formidable opponent.


Bomb Toss: When he basic attacks, he throws a bomb instead. The bomb lands at the targeted area, and the place he threw it at gains more damage the more presisely the bomb is thrown at an enemy. This does not afftect multiple enemies. (note that the description of this move wasn't this long.)

Soccer Bomb: He kicks a soccer bomb which slows down as it goes. When it hits an enemy or reaches the end of its range, it explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Nitro Bomb: He creates a bomb with three hit points. Upon dying it explodes, dealing damage in a wide area. The damage is dealt for whoever killed the bomb.

Super Bomb Survival: He creates an area where bombs rain down from the sky for a duration, dealing damage to everyone in the area.


Battle for ROBLOX - Merely


Merely is one of the richest ROBLOXians around, and he flaunts those fat stacks with deadly flourishes.


Money Bomb: He tosses a money bomb that damages and slows enemies caught in the explosion. The damage goes up with his total R.A.P.

Bribe: He tosses a sack of cash which tempts the first target hit (dealing some damage first, of course), causing it to move towards him. The range of this goes up with his total R.A.P.

Money Wall: He collects nearby Limited Items, then shields himself from damage. This shield is stronger with more total R.A.P.

Fortune: Passively, enemies near him drop Limited Items when they die, which he can pick up to increase his total R.A.P. Enemies can step on the Limited Items to destroy them. However, he loses half of his R.A.P if he dies. Actively, he creates a field which damages and slows targets inside of it. The duration of this field increases with his total R.A.P.


Battle for ROBLOX - Lilly


Lilly, the leader of Vortex Security, is an aggressive, mobile fighter with elegant, tricky techniques.


Confidence: She activates Vortex Security. The next few basec attacks she gains attack rest reduction.

Quick Shot: She activates Vortex Security. After a brief delay, she damages enemies in a line with her ranged weapon.

Grenade Drop: She leaps to a targeted location, activating Vortex Security upon landing. She leaves behind a grenade that explodes after a delay, dealing damage to enemies hit.

Vortex Security: Passive. Activated by other abilities. She spins in a circle, dealing damage to enemies. She is additionally untargetable during this time.


Battle for ROBLOX - Gusmanak


Gusmanak is a hardened, grizzled, veteran survivor. With a wide array of guns to help him in his fight, he is a versatile ranged fighter.


Pistol: He equips a mid-range pistol that restores Energy with each successful hit.

Shotgun: He equips a close-range shotgun that fires multiple pellets.

SMG: He equips a SMG with an extremely high rate of fire.

Rifle: He equips a rifle which has long range and deals more damage the further his target.


Battle for ROBLOX - 1x1x1x1


1x1x1x1 is a monstrous entity of malicious code -- once a legendary hacker. His ability to engage opponents and devastate at close range with H4x is unparalleled.


Trace.exe:It throws a projectile which deals damage to the first enemy hit. Then, it teleports to the victim.

Crash.dll: It channels briefly, then deals damage to and stuns nearby enemies.

DataMine.msi: It steals movement speed from nearby enemies, then, briefly after, deals damage to nearby enemies.

Virus.bin: For the next few seconds, it deals damage to nearby enemies and heals for a percentage of the damage taken to enemies. Heal percentage is lower against minions.


Battle for ROBLOX - Davidii


Davidii was once a normal man. Years of surviving alone in the wilderness has transformed him into a primal, animialistic, reckless warrior that fights with abandon.


Unrelenting: He leaps into the air, crashing down to deal damage. Primal bonus: Heal.

Vicious: He Spins around, dealing damage. Primal bonus: Extra damage.

Resourceful: He pierces an enemy in front of him, dealing a large amount of damage as poison. Primal bonus: Slow.

Primal: Passively grants every third successful basic attack a bonus effect based on the last ability he used. Additionally grants increased Attack Rest Reduction based on missing health. Actively, he becomes briefly invulnerable.


Battle for ROBLOX - Builderman


Builderman is a tanky, durable, disruptive character with many ways of knocking opponents around.


Banhammer: He slams his hammer down, dealing big damage and knocking victims back.

CFraming: He summons a series of impacts in a line in front of him, each of which deal damage to those caught in the building. Bonus if enemies knocked back by Banhammer crash into the CFramed wall.

Rebuilderman: He heals himself for a larger percentage of his missing health, and boosts his defense.

Unshakeable: Passively grants shields as he hits targets with abilities. Actively, he shakes the baseplate, knocking nearby enemies airborne and slowing them. They also take some damage.


Battle for ROBLOX - Seranok


Seranok is a sustained fighter equipped with the most powerful tools of his domain: the catalog. His weapons are so powerful, in fact, that they are banned to only be used by the most prestigious members of his domain.


Banhammer Spin: When active, He spins around, gaining momentum that can be earned by successfully landing basic attacks or abilities dealing damage to nearby targets. Targets hit too many times by the spin become stunned.

Vine Staff: He summons a circle of slowing, damaging traps.

Trident Charge: He channels briefly, then charges forward with phantoms on each side of him, dealing damage.

Nuclear Arms: He begins rapidly firing rockets that deal damage in a small area.


Battle for ROBLOX - Sorcus


Sorcus is a ranged character with many tools at his disposal for consistent damage from a distance. Though his kit lacks mobility, he makes up for it in raw damage output.


Piercing Shot: He fires an arrow that passes through enemies, dealing damage to each of them. Has the same range as his basic attacks.

Sharpshooting: He increases his basic attack range for a duration.

Explosive Arrow: He fires an arrow at a targeted location. It explodes on impact, dealing damage to enemies in a field.

Arrow of Redcliff: He fires an arrow with incredible range, increasing damage of the arrow with the lengh it has traveled.


Battle for ROBLOX - ReeseMcBlox


ReeseMcBlox is a support character equally capable of supporting her allies and sabotaging her enemies.


Moderate: She unleashes a powerful magical blast damages, slows, and shreds the defense of first target hit. If the target is hit with a basic attack during this move's duration, they become stunned.

Reorganize: Reese makes a healing field around her, healing allies. This field will not heal if an enemy hero is inside it.

Inspire: She inspires her allies around her, Making them deal non-stackable burn damage.

Ban: She shoots a projectile that 'bans' the first enemy hero hit, preventing them from taking any actions or damage for a short amount of time.


Battle for ROBLOX - Defaultio


Defaultio is a kind-hearted forester, ready to help his friends in need with a touch of nature.


Forester: He plants a tree, or grows one bigger.

Chop: He chops in front of him, damaging and slowing enemies. If he hits a tree, it falls over, dealing damage depending on how large the tree and stunning targets.

Peaceful Atmosphere: He causes a tree to heal everyone around it, based on its size, for a time.

Nature's Fury: He plants a tree at a distance, and then each tree he has planted damages and slows enemies around it for a time.


Battle for ROBLOX - JaredValdez


JaredValdez... a notorious content thief and scammer from the days of ROBLOX yore. He brings to the fight some serious firepower -- all because he exploits the masses.

Great Idea: He throws a projectile that damages the first target hit and debuffs their offense.

Clickbait: He throws a projectile that damages the first target hit. If it kills the target, he gains bonus Followers. If the target is affected by Great Idea, they are Ragebaited towards him briefly.

Ad Blitz: He throws an ad that deals damage to enemies it passes through. After a short duration, all the ads he has thrown return to him, dealing damage again.

Front Page Hit: Passively, JaredValdez earns Followers by dealing damage or killing targets with Clickbait. Actively, he fires a massive piercing projectile that deals bonus damage based on how many followers he has.

(note that these were made by a user named D3ADPOOLGRUMPYCATNIC, on roblox usernamed  DEADPOOLGRUMPYCATNIC) 



Wingman8 is a brilliant military engineer who brings an extremely long range arsenal of weapons to support his comerades from afar.


Foxhole: He digs a foxhole. While behind it, He can throw grenades that explode after a medium amount of time.

40mm gun: He creates a turret that he can fire when near it.

100mm Cannon: He creates a cannon that he can fire to shoot an explosive at long distances. 

Tactical Helicopter Strike: He calls a bullet-storm in the targeted location, dealing damage and shredding resistaince.




Cindering is a support that's focused equally on helping his allies and harming his enemies. You know that when cindering steps on the field that you're sure to learn a lesson.


Honor Society: Cindering grants experience to nearby allies, as well as slightly buffing their offense permanently.

Suspension: Cindering thows a long range projectile that explodes, dealing damage to, shredding defenses and attack rest reduction for the enemies hit.

Picture day: Cindering plops down a camera, that in a delay briefly stuns and blinds enemies.

Award ceremony: Cindering massively buffs the defenses and health regen of nearby heroes.




No description given.


Knife throw: Nikilis throws a knife that does damage to the first target hit.

Rush: Nikilis charges forward, dealing damage and passing through enemies.

Vanish: Nikilis goes invisible and gains speed, but cannot attack while invisible.

Murder: Nikilis stabs the target in front of him. If the target has only %25 health to %50 and are struck by this stab, they die instantly. Enemies over that health percentage take "true damage."

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