Heroes! is a medieval roguelike-based game created by Davidii. This game has only one simple control: The WASD keys/Arrow keys, as you can attack by getting near the enemy if you have a melee weapon, or facing the enemy if you have a ranged weapon. As of December 1, 2018, it has earned itself 26 million visits and over 386,000 user favorites with a positive upvote rating of around 77% (134,000 likes and 40,000 dislikes).

This game was used in two events: The Roblox Medieval Battle (2017) Event and the Roblox Heroes (2018) Event.


Heroes! - ROBLOX Game Trailer

Heroes! - ROBLOX Game Trailer

There are three gameplay options you can choose. The first one is Quick Run, where you join random people on a random server on a random floor. The second one is Tailored Run, where the game creates a custom dungeon at an appropriate level for you or for your friends. The third one is called Story Mode.

At the start of a new dungeon, you and your teammates are in a room with no enemies, with 1-4 unlocked doors. Your team can either go together through one door, or have each individual person go to a different door. Once going into an unlocked room, they'll be greeted by enemies, along with 1-3 locked doors, although sometimes none. To advance, the team must kill the enemies in the room to go to other rooms.

Only a set amount of rooms are on each floor. Once unlocking the last room, there will be either a boss or a crowd of strong enemies. In addition, there is a chest that gives you some items (weapons, abilities, raw materials, and scrap kits) and possibly a strongbox, which has a weapon with a higher level than the other weapons you obtain on the floor. Once the team kills the enemies in the last room, they advance to the next floor.

However, there are lives your team shares. If a person dies, the team loses a life altogether and the person respawns. If a person dies with no lives available, the person won't respawn and will instead view the ongoing fight on top of the map as a ghost. If the team gains a life and a person is a ghost, the first who died before the others (if available) will be respawned. If the entire team dies with no lives, the team loses and goes back to Floor 1.

There are two items that can be spawned in a room: Health potions and Gold. Gold is used to gain lives, while health potions are used to heal your or your teammates' lost health.

When killing enemies, they may have a chance to drop a raw material. Raw materials are used to level up your weapons.

Heroes! Strongbox

The strongbox.

Strongboxes are like crates, needing a key in order to open them. Strongbox keys can be earned by playing the game daily. Strongboxes are only obtained through chests. The level of the weapon depends on the level of the strongbox.


Weapons are the tools you use to fight enemies. When you first start the game, you are given a level one sword that deals 10 damage. However, as you complete more rounds overtime, you gain better weapons and tools to help you kill more enemies.

Weapons can be obtained by two ways:

  • Chests: Chests are a reward for completing a floor. When you open a chest, the server may earn a new weapon based on the floor they're on.
  • Strongboxes: Strongboxes are awarded by chests as well. When you open a strongbox, you are awarded with a weapon based on the strongbox's level.

Weapons have are either melee, ranged, or shields. Melee weapons will attack nearby opponents within their range. Range weapons will attack any enemies in front of them from a large distance, but can only reach 13 studs. Shields give you a "threshold", which allow you to sustain damage and regenerate your shield threshold after 5 seconds of not being attacked.

Weapons have different types of weapons. They are (in comparison to the Sword):

  • Swords (Normal Range, Normal Attack Speed, Normal Damage)
  • Axes (Normal Range, Slightly Slower Attack Speed, Slightly Higher Damage)
  • Battleaxes (Normal Range, Slower Attack Speed, Higher Damage)
  • Claymore (Higher Range, Normal Attack Speed, Slightly Lower Damage)
  • Dagger (Lower Range, Higher Attack Speed, Lower Damage)
  • Halbred (Higher Range, Lower Attack Speed, Normal Damage)
  • Mace (Normal Range, Normal Attack Speed, Normal Damage)
  • Maul (Normal Range, Lower Attack Speed, Higher Damage)
  • Spear (Higher Range, Lower Attack Speed, Higher Damage)

Weapons consist of one material as well. The type of material for a weapon is essential to upgrade one in the future. In addition, using a salvage kit will give you their core materials. These are the materials weapons can be made of:

  • Raw Iron (for Iron weapons)
  • Raw Gold (for Gold or Holy weapons)
  • Raw Wood (for Wooden weapons)
  • Raw Emerald (for Emeraldwrath weapons)
  • Raw Diamond (for Diamond weapons)
  • Raw Bone (for Bone weapons)
  • Raw Steel (for Nomadic, Steel, or Imperial weapons)
  • Raw Colbat (for Bluesteel weapons)
  • Raw Sapphire (for Sapphire weapons)
  • Raw Opal (for Regalite weapons)
  • Raw Darksteel (for Darksteel weapons)
  • Raw Obsidian (for Obsidian weapons)

Weapons, when first opened from a chest, may also have some effects as well. Effects are special triggers that happen when you attack, and they either may be beneficial or harmful to the user. These effects are permanent, i.e. they cannot be removed. Take note that some weapons will not have any at all, and shields cannot have effects. The available effects are:

Name Image Effect
Broken Heroes! Broken Deal 10% less damage and attacks 10% slower.
Cursed Heroes! Cursed Deals 1 damage to yourself every time you attack.
Dull Heroes! Dull Deals 10% less damage.
Nullifying Heroes! Nullifying Deals double damage to wizards and mages.
Pristine Heroes! Pristine Deals 10% more damage and attacks 10% faster.
Quick Heroes! Quick Attacks 10% faster.
Rageborn Heroes! Rageborn Deals 1% of damage more for every 1% of health you're missing.
Sharp Heroes! Sharp Deals 10% more damage.
Slow Heroes! Slow Attacks 10% slower.
Vampiric Heroes! Vampiric Heals you by 1 each attack.


Upgrading is when you use raw materials to upgrade your weapon, either by damage or by threshold (for shields). When you upgrade, you use up your raw materials to upgrade it. The raw material used to upgrade it will depend on what material is the weapon. The more higher your level for your weapon is, the more raw materials you will use to upgrade them. But over time after you have reached a high enough Floor, it will start to become useless since upgrading a weapon will not give it a massive damage boost as it would in the beginner floors.


Heroes! Scrap Kit

Scrap Kit, an item used to scrap items.

Scraping is when you sacrifice a weapon in order to get its core materials. The materials you earn is based on what material the weapon is. The amount of raw materials you get is based on the level of the weapon. In order to scrap, you need a Scrap Kit, which is earned by chests.


Discarding is when you delete an item from your inventory. Once you discard an item, you can never get it back. Discarding helps players that want to clear up their inventory.


Skills are utilities you can activate by pressing the space bar. Skills have a set duration and a set cooldown. The effectiveness and power of the skill depends on its level. These skills are obtainable by chests or strongboxes. Here are the known skills you could obtain.

Name Image Effect Cooldown
Sprint Heroes! Sprint "Increase your speed [by a percentage] for 5 seconds."
This skill is useful if you ever need to quickly get from one side of the map to the other.
10 seconds.
Battlecry Heroes! Battlecry "For the next 3 seconds, you attack faster by [a set percentage]."
This skill, when paired up with a weapon with high damage output, allows you to mow down hordes of enemies with ease.
6 seconds.
Hold Fast Heroes! Hold Fast "Become invincible for [a set duration]. You cannot move during this time."
This skill allows you to recover health for some time, but will hold your allies back while waiting for the ability to disappear.
5 seconds + duration.
Intimidate Heroes! Intimidate "Push back enemies [by a set distance] away from you and temporarily stop their melee attacks."
This skill can be proved to good use if there are tough enemies nearby.
8 seconds.
Shadow Step Heroes! Shadow Step "Become invincible for [a set duration]. You cannot attack during this time."
This skill is helpful for retreating against a horde of enemies.
5 seconds + duration.
Combat Roll Heroes! Combat Roll "Roll in the direction of movement [by a set distance]."
Good for dodging attacks, if timed correctly.
1 second.

Paid features are an optional purchase (via ROBUX) one can make to enhance its gameplay, located in its shop menu ingame.

Loot Boosts

Loot boosts are temporary boosts one can buy with ROBUX that affects the level of the items you obtain via chests and strongboxes. You can only have one boost on at a time, and they only last for one hour.

Currently, there are only four boosts you can buy ingame:

  • Enthusiast - Looted items have 1.5x level for 1 hour. (150 ROBUX)
  • Veteran - Looted items have 2x level for 1 hour. (225 ROBUX)
  • Extremist - Looted items have 2.5x level for 1 hour. (315 ROBUX)
  • Mind Blower - Looted items have 3.25x level for 1 hour. (525 ROBUX)

Spellbooks and Spell Runes

Spellbooks and spell runes both grant a passive effect that grants an upside for the user at the cost of a downside, and can be obtained by buying it with ROBUX. The difference between spellbooks and spell runes is that spellbooks are temporary, which means they are lost when you purchase another spellbook. Meanwhile, spell runes are permanent and can be equipped and unequipped whenever you want.

Currently, there are only eight passive effects you can buy from spellbooks and spell runes:

  • Touch of Riches - Acquire double gold, but have half health.
    • Spellbook costs 8 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 80 ROBUX.
  • Reckless Fury - Deal double damage, but suffer double damage.
    • Spellbook costs 12 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 120 ROBUX.
  • Vampiric Fangs - Heal 1 health each time you attack, but lose 1/2 a health every second.
    • Spellbook costs 16 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 160 ROBUX.
  • Iron Bones - Take as half as much damage, but deal as half as much damage.
    • Spellbook costs 8 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 80 ROBUX.
  • Wind Step - Move 50% faster, but gold is only 50% as valuable to you.
    • Spellbook costs 16 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 160 ROBUX.
  • Immortal Blood - Heal 1/2 a health each second, but suffer 1 damage each time you attack.
    • Spellbook costs 16 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 160 ROBUX.
  • Doomseeker's Call - You run faster the lower your health is, but damage you take is increase the lower your health is.
    • Spellbook costs 24 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 240 ROBUX.
  • Hoarder's Hands - Loot you find is at a level 10% higher, but you lose 3 movement speed.
    • Spellbook costs 24 ROBUX.
    • Spell rune costs 240 ROBUX.


Paths are a cosmetic feature that gives you a "path" you leave behind whenever you walk. This feature can be obtained by buying it with ROBUX.

Currently, there are only six paths you can buy ingame:

  • Darkness - 250 ROBUX
  • Fire - 150 ROBUX
  • Gold - 500 ROBUX
  • Ice - 100 ROBUX
  • Light - 125 ROBUX
  • Magic - 375 ROBUX

Doorkick Animations

Doorkick animations are a cosmetic feature in which they only change the animation on how you knock down doors. You can change how you kick down doors (from the default animation) by buying it with ROBUX.

Currently, there are only five doorkick aniamtions you can buy ingame:

  • Belly Flop - "Use your entire torso to ram through doors with this animation." (175 ROBUX)
  • Dropkick - "Dropkick through doors with this animation." (25 ROBUX)
  • Faceplant - "Just, uh, fall through the door. With this animation." (225 ROBUX)
  • Punch - "Punch your way through doors with this animation." (25 ROBUX)
  • Shoulder Charge - "Ram through the door with your arm or shield with this animation." (75 ROBUX)

Hit Effects

Hit effects are a cosmetic feature in which they apply an effect or particle whenever you land a hit on an enemy with your weapon. You can apply an effect by buying it with ROBUX.

Currently, there are only five hit effects you can buy ingame:

  • Blood - 75 ROBUX
  • Explosion - 150 ROBUX
  • Gold - 250 ROBUX
  • Hearts - 275 ROBUX
  • Smoke - 100 ROBUX
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