League of ROBLOX is a Roblox-themed MOBA created by Davidii on April 27, 2014. Similar to most third-party MOBAs, players would have to destroy the enemy nexus to win the game. In League of ROBLOX, players can just destroy the turrets.

The game has been featured in a blog post and in a game review by maxxz.


General Information

When a player enters the game, they will be able to choose from 5 characters: Shedletsky, ReeseMcBlox, ChiefJustus, Builderman, and Matt Dusek. All other characters can be earnable or purchased from the menu.

When you select a character, the player will be loaded with a character that they picked, with some skills and 450 tix [currency in-game which allows you to buy items to upgrade your stats]. The player should ALWAYS only buy items that are helpful to him/her. For example, if the player starts with 2 basic stats: H4x [magic] and Skillz [physical/melee], then they should buy an item that has those two stats on it.

When the player is done buying their items, they can start going to any of the three lanes: Top, Middle, or Bottom [commonly referred to top, mid, or bot]. It is more helpful to go to a lane that has no people going into it because if players go into the top lane with no opponent there, it will be easy for them and they would receive more tix to get better items.

There are turrets, so players should be beware. Players should let minions pass and kill the opponent minions, but players shouldn't stay close to the turret or it will do massive damage to them. When players have a lot of minions, they should let them attack the turret and then attack with them. If the turret will start to chase and attack the player when the player is in range with no minions, they should run away.

When players destroy all three turrets in one lane, they should go help the other ones that haven't been destroyed. The game can only end in one way - destroy all opponent turrets before they do the same to players.


Stats, also known as statistics, is the "information" when calculating damage, deaths, and its overall gameplay in the field. Here are the types of stats.

  • Health - The main benefactor of whether a player is dead or not. When health reaches zero, the player dies and must wait a period of time before the player is respawned.
  • Speed - How much studs you move per second.
  • Skillz - Skillz is one of the two sources you have for damage. If an ability is calculated based on the player's Skillz, it calculates it and multiplies it from a percentage (plus any additional factors for the attack).
  • H4x - H4x is one of the two sources you have for damage. Same as Skillz.
  • Toughness - How much Skillz damage you can negate.
  • Resistance - How much H4x Damage you can negate.


  • Players can press the B key to Recall (teleport to your base).
  • Players shouldn't forget to buy items when they can afford them.
  • Players should use the turret to their advantage if someone is more powerful than them (the reason why they are so powerful is that they probably joined in the middle of the game, or they didn't buy any items).
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