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"nowhere ville, USA"

Town is a Building and a first-person shooter game developed by DecodeUnicode, reziren, Vespei, and CrimsonArbor. The game was created in mid 2020 and since then has accumulated around 27 million visits.


The game is based around using spawn commands to spawn weapons in order to kill other players and to defend your self, you get no achievement or prize from doing this. There are currently 68 guns in the game, 19 of which are part of a gamepass. you can customize your gun with the variety of attachments you can add to your weapon, changing its stats and optics.

In order to get permission to build, you must play the game for 1 hour before receiving the build tool; the build tool is the F3X build tool but with less features.

You must first spawn a plot to build your base or gun shop. only you can interact with your build and not other players unless you allow them to build on your plot with a specific command.


  • H- view controls and hotkeys
  • E- interact
  • SHIFT- sprint
  • C- crouch
  • X- prone
  • Q/E- lean while holding a gun to look around a corner
  • R- reload weapon
  • V- modify weapon
  • GRAVE (the button below the 'ESC' key)- open inventory and wear armour
  • B- drop item/weapon
  • T- chamber
  • J- surrender
  • Z- use riot shield with pistol or grab body as body shield (make sure to hold a pistol and then press Z)


to see the commands, guns and attachments, type: !cmds

  • !st / !spawntools <player> <kit>
  • !sa / !spawnarmor <player> <armor>
  • !s / !spawn <player> <item>
  • !s / !spawn <item>+<attachment1>+<etc> (e.g. !s ump+ergo+com+coy+green)
  • !sts / !setspawn <item> <item> <etc>
  • !tms / !togglemeshes <true/false>
  • !vk / !votekick <player> <reason>
  • !twt / !toggleweather <rain/snow/clear>
  • !rf / !refill <player>
  • !sm / !spawnmags <player>
  • !ta / !toggleammo <true/false>
  • !sb / !spawnbot <type> <tool> <armor> <allseeing> <team> <kill players>
  • !tb / togglebots <true/false>
  • !kb / killbots
  • !cb / !cleanbots
  • !cg / !cleangibs
  • !sw / !spawnwave <amount>
  • !tw / !togglwaves <true/false>
  • !t / !time <time>
  • !tt / !toggletime <true/false>
  • !tb / !togglebgm <true/false>
  • !ta / !toggleamb <true/false>
  • !p / !passive
  • !h / !heal <player>
  • !sd / !setdamage <num 0-1>
  • !sf / !setff <num 0-1>
  • !team <player> <team>
  • !tr / !togglerespawn <true/false>
  • !suspend <true/false>
  • !admin <player>
  • !tmt / togglemature
  • !bt / !btools <player>
  • !cp / !createplot <optional integered position, true/false>
  • !rmp / !removeplot
  • !rtp / !rotateplot <degrees>
  • !svp / !saveplot <name>
  • !lp / !loadplot <name>
  • !clp / !clearplot
  • !ps / !psave <name>
  • !pl / !pload <name>
  • !pt / !ptrust <player>
  • !rmpt / !puntrust <player>
  • !kick <player>

(note: some commands only work if you own a private server)

(note: this was copied from the commands section in the Town Wiki)


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • the game map uses the default suburban map
  • this game has a day and night system
    • its very dark at night (pitch black)
    • in order to see when its night time, spawn night vision goggles: !s n
  • don't want to die? Type: !passive or !p
  • although there is Ammunition in this game, it serves no purpose and all guns have infinite ammo
  • spawn commands for guns can be shortened e.g. !s ak47 ➤ !s ak, !s L96A1 ➤ !s l9
  • roads are placed 0.5 studs above the ground
  • people can glitch through walls by holding a gun, leaning against a wall (Q/E keys) and spinning the camera around very quickly, however, this is against the developer's rules and can result in a game ban if you're reported for doing so.
  • there are cars in this game
  • town also has a separate version: town debug which contains more commands, items and seems to be updated more often.
  • town has separate gamepasses that unlock more weapons, or give you a shovel.