Lumber Tycoon is a tycoon based game on Roblox created on October 22, 2008 by Defaultio. The goal of the game is to cut down trees, take them back to your sawmill and sell your cut planks to Home Depot. By selling your planks you gain money to upgrade you chainsaw, and home. The game has a little over 10 million visits and was featured in a game review by Maxxz. The game is under the genre All.


You start out at the spawn, home depot. You select your area, then you claim it. You chop down trees, each having its own number of clicks to knock it down.

Small- 18, 8

Medium- 68, 83

Large- 188, 184

You can upgrade to many things. With tools, you can upgrade from axe, to chainsaw (70 Cash), then to big chainsaw (400 Cash).

You can build a shelter at your area using planks or cash. You can earn upgrades such as depositing more logs, buying a car, and building a sawmill.


After a while, place copies started appearing. They were not as popular. An example of a copy is one by MrGallardo (7,000+ visits). As nowadays exact copies appear, these were rip-offs. Another example is one by Colts5437 (8900+ visits), both games from 2009.

Also, there a few glitches, such as planks flying out all over the place when the wooden bin is overloaded. Another one is that you could steal a chainsaw from someone, and some other things.

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