Boys and Girls Hangout is a game made by DemSkittlesDoee. This game has gained infamy for the excessive amount of ODers, free models, and bad behavior that is found ingame.


Around 2015, this game became infamous for the amount of online daters that lurk though the servers. The gameplay itself was shallow, but many players within the Roblox community complained about the inappropriate (and in some cases illegal) behavior. Parents of younger Robloxians saw this behavior and began warning the public about the safety of children playing the game. Eventually, the game was removed from the site, but was re-uploaded sometime later. The game remained silent in late 2016-2017 but some of the old behavior began to pick back up again. This game was also known for its effortless building and design. Most of (if not all of) the structures in the game were made via toolbox (free models) and were badly placed to the point where it is possible to find an empty stretch of nothing and jump into the void. The game also contains avatar editor which is usually frowned upon as many online daters were known to use it.


Boy and Girls Hangout received criticism due to its bad community and basic building techniques. Roblox players tend to see this game as an example of an ODer-infested place while some of them see it as one of the worst places on Roblox. Players who do enjoy the game seem to like it because it is the perfect area to start a roleplay (although these roleplays would be seen as cheesy by some of the community). This and a few other games were known to leave a huge scar on the Roblox brand name.


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  • This game was ironically copylocked.
  • Users usually blame this game as one of the leading causes for tags.
  • In some versions of the game, the game was renamed to Boy and Girls Dance Club.
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