Escape Room is an escape room puzzle game made by DevUItra, alongside builder Lavacomet. The game features a variety of different puzzles you can choose, each following the same objective: to escape the room under a limited amount of time. The game doesn't allow hints nor pausing.

Front page

Escape Room was in the "Featured" section of ROBLOX's front page in August 2017. It briefly held a spot in the top popular sort with over 9,000 concurrent players. Since then it has been part of the Coco event during November of 2017, the Kids Choice Awards Event in Spring of 2018, the Hallows Eve event of 2018, where it again neared the top of the popular sort with over 10,000 concurrent players, and the 2019 Egg Hunt where it hosted the Eggdini Egg prize.

The game officially left the beta stage in September of 2018.

A sequal for the game has been rumored, but the developers decline public comment at this time. 

The official Website for Escape Room is


You will choose a map and then teleport to the server. You will be put on the map with the doors locked. To escape, you must solve puzzles to unlock rooms and find the exit. Once you find the exit, a white light will glow on the screen and show you a page saying you have managed to escape the map.


Here are the current maps you can play.

Singleplayer Maps

These are maps that can be only played by one user; yourself.

  • Prison Break 
  • I Hate Mondays
  • Treaure Cave [v1.0.0h]
  • Escape Artist [v1.0.0s]
  • School Escape [v.0.9.3b]
  • Bank Heist [v.0.9.3b]
  • Underground Expedition [v1.0.0n]
  • Cabin in the Woods [v1.0.0n]
  • Elevator Escapades [v1.0.0n]
  • Jungle Escape [v0.9.3b]
  • Underground Facility [v1.0.0n]
  • 007 [v1.0.0n]

Multiplayer Maps

These are maps that you could play with other players, but you could still play by yourself.

  • Lava Laboratory [v0.9.3b]
  • Enchanted Forest [v1.00s]
  • Melt Down [v0.9.3b]
  • Temple of the Pharaoh [v0.9.3e]
  • Mission Musician [v1.0.0u]
  • Reactor Breach [v1.0.0e]
  • Theater Escape [v1.0.0s]
  • Twilight Manor [v1.0.0s]

Version ID Letters:

  • n: Normal
  • b: Beta
  • a: Alpha
  • e: Error / Known Issue
  • u: Unknown State


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  • Escape Room has been awarded on The 6th Annual Bloxy Awards as Best Single Player Game.
  • Escape Room has been named the Hardest Game of 2017 at the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards.
  • The original Pre-Alpha version of the game was designed in just three days.
  • The game in its current state took just under 10 months to complete. 
  • Escape Room has been in 4 Events, featured twice, and participated in one Live Op [Weekly Event].
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