The Pinewood Builders Computer Core (PBCC) is a modern-futuristic underground data storage facility roleplay game made by Diddleshot. 

The game is widely known to be a classic Roblox game in the roleplaying genre, having been featured on Diddleshot's spotlight article on the Roblox blog and was published in the official Roblox Top Adventure Games book. On February 5, 2019, the game was featured on ROBLOX's front page.

The game is Diddleshot's most frequently visited game, having reached two million visits on January 16, 2016. As of 2020, the game has over 22 million visits. Among the other Pinewood facilities excluding the game Mega Miners, it also has the most number of parts, having more than 34,000 parts.

Built in the April of 2010, the Pinewood Computer Core is powered by a computer-based internal fusion reactor core, with the facility itself being located miles beneath the refurbished Pinewood Research Facility in the Sahara Desert, and is still continuously being updated today.

The facility was originally a well-known place for looking around and trying to guess codes until several updates over many years shifted its gameplay.

It was often referred to as an underground variant of Diddleshot's much older game, Roblox Powerplant, with there even being recurring beliefs that the Computer Core itself was beneath the power plant. Eventually, this was heavily debunked with the opening of the 2014 Pinewood Research Facility.

Any material after this point may contain spoilers about gameplay.


For years, the Pinewood Computer Core has been well known for its unsolvable keypad. Inputting the correct code into this keypad is believed to unlock powerful secrets. Only Pinewood's most trusted members are said to have access to all codes, as even some members of the Pinewood Intelligence Agency deny knowledge of the codes. There is a code hint on the Roleplay Clipboard, but the second code was half censored and the third code was covered in a gooey matter that looks like the Abomination liquid. Players are usually seen fighting over or taking turns with the control pad trying to guess the third code. No one has been able to guess it so far, some even believing it to be a hoax. The following is what is currently known:

Primary Code (5-33-41-18)

The primary code, 5-33-41-18, can be inputted on the first mainframe keypad in Sector B (Core Mainframe) to unlock the second mainframe keypad, and can also be used to unlock the door to Sector F, as well as sector G. This code is found from an announcement, which is played occasionally: "Today's security code is 5-33-41-18."

Secondary Code (6-44-52-29)

The secondary code, 6-44-52-29, is found by adding one to each of the digits in the primary code. This code can be inputted in the secondary mainframe keypad to unlock the third mainframe keypad. It was kept unknown for years until Diddleshot leaked it in a group shout sometime in 2015. Unfortunately, the code does not work on the sector G door, which is used to access the e-coolant, and must have been changed as of April 4, 2020. The new to code to sector G is the primary code which is 5-33-41-18, which is played over the PA system every little bit.

Tertiary Code (Unidentified)

The tertiary code is currently unknown. As of February 5, 2019, there has been confirmation of the existence of a third code. There is a badge in-game that states: "You found the third code! The third mainframe code is impossible to get, it's almost guaranteed you will not get this badge. Or is it? What could lie beyond?"  Currently, there are only 12 people that have this badge 9 others have it as well but this was because someone abused ";s" and gave it to 9 people these users were ordered to delete the badge afterwards but the badge holder amount still increased. Based on the relationship between the first and second codes, current theories suggest that the code maybe 7-55-63-34 or 7-55-63-310 (Tested, they don't work). Players also suggest that it might be 89012345, a previous code to the computer core. Others think it goes by the code 34466** or 36****0, the Asterix meaning the number isn't known. Information found from talking to one of the code guessers resulted in this main sentence that I believe was quite well regarding the information on how to guess the code: "So, did you guess the code or gather information". Response: "It was an educated guess, I look at the people who play it every day and took an educated guess from there".

Users who have the "You found the third code!" badge are all in the PIA or was in the PIA at some point, and they include Diddleshot, Logocracy, Uncondoned, Corpocracy, Supremo_miguel, LENEMAR, Hurrah123456, Unsayableorc, Csdi, TheGreatOmni, and Erika1942.

Upon Logocracy's resignation from the Head of Security and the Head of PIA, he has left a message to the Pinewood members which may be in correlation with the third code. The message is shown here.¬†Unfortunately, it does not seem that any of these codes work, based on multiple tests of each code failing. Although¬†there is a rumor, confirmed by multiple users, that there is a certain code that when entered, causes the code input box to display the text "Launching Nukes" which may be a reference to the nuke train. An uncopylocked version of PBCC from 2016 showed that the old 3rd code was 777,¬†probably the same code someone discovered in June 2017. When inputted, the panel would say "Code Accepted. Goodbye", the core's temperature¬†would instantly jump to 4000 ¬įC¬†and a meltdown would happen. An uncopylocked version of the game from 2017 showed the code to be 2003. The meaning of this code could be related to Space Shuttle Columbia, which melted while reentering the atmosphere in 2003.

As of June 3, 2017, a user has found the third code. After news of this, Diddleshot has decided to change the code due to "extreme security measures". This was his post that day: "Someone has cracked the third code! Due to word getting out and extreme security measures we have now changed the code."

On August 11, 2018, a user claimed that while Diddleshot was in-game, he had told him that there's a person on the server that knows what he claims to be the third code. That user said: "the first digit of the third code is 3, the second digit is 6, the last digit is 0. there are more numbers in between." It is not known if this is true. However, that user is currently in the XYLEM team, which could add some credibility to it.

On one occasion in November 2018, Diddleshot supposedly entered the code and the result was an immediate freeze down. It is more likely that he remotely edited core temperature via some sort of admin commands, since entering 3rd code on full public lobby would simply be too risky, considering that in January 2019 when he once joined server where the game was glitched and a meltdown would not happen despite temp being over 4000 degrees, he just edited core temperature with admin command.
Image0 (23)
On July 25th, 2019, the third code at PBCC was cracked. A group shout was released by Diddleshot that said: ‚ÄúSomeone has discovered the third code!! We have now since changed the code.‚ÄĚ

There is an unconfirmed hint from a PBST Special Defense member that the third code is 15 digits long, but it is unknown yet if it is true.

Around January 1st, 2020 the Head of Security Csdi entered the 3rd code, this resulted in a "Supernova Event" happening. It is unclear if this was done using Admin Commands or if this is what happens if you input the 3rd code. The two screenshots to the right are the only known screenshots of that day.

On May 11, 2020, 9 people who were not supposed to have the third code badge, have attained the badge due to a Kronos flaw and an admin who gave another player temporary moderator exploited the flaw to run a script that would award the badge to other players. It is unknown what Diddleshot will do about what happened. Later, Kronos creator, Irreflexive made an announcement in the PBST Discord Server, telling everyone that he apoligizes for the flaw that allowed this to happen. What caused this was a PTS (Permission to Speak) where you can set an action and if someone violates PTS it'll do what you tell it to no matter what your admin level is. Another announcement was made by PBST Trainer CombatSwift that everyone who attained the badge after the incident are to be deleted from their inventories or they may be punished.


The main facility comprises of six sectors. Sector A (Core Entrance)


SECTOR A - Core Entrance - Spawn Room

Players spawn in a small black room upon entry. The room overlooks the external core.

To the back is a blast door that goes to an elevator lobby that transports people to the Pinewood Research Facility, while on your right is a hallway; the clothing store is first seen, and then the stairs next to it lead to an elevator.

The elevator goes down into the facility's main hallway. Next to the door in the lobby is a slideshow showcasing Pinewood's technology and views, in honor of Pinewood's 7th anniversary. A ceiling turret can be spotted, which was originally activated to bully Innovation members.


A store selling Pinewood items and clothes, such as game items, security uniforms, and fun clothes. Using in-game credits, players can buy items such as Pistol (revamped), Rifle (revamped), Gravity Coil, etc.

PBRF Elevator Lobby

This small lobby holds three passenger elevators that teleport you to Level 1 of the Pinewood Research Facility.

Main Hallway

  • SECTOR A - Core Entrance - Main Hallway
  • SECTOR A - Core Entrance - Main Hallway
The main hallway is linked to Sector B, Sector C, and Sector D.

Upon exiting the elevator, to the right is the HAZMAT suit room and the airlock to Sector B.

Going straight, another ceiling turret can be found. The first right goes to the generator room, a small server room, and the cargo bay, along with Zones 1‚Äď3.

To the left is the PB Metro station. Opposite the station is a smaller elevator going up to Sector C. Following the hallway goes right to a staircase to Sector D, F, and G, and going straight proceeds to a staircase going to the Pinewood Emergency Team Headquarters.

Generators Room / Cargo Bay ( Zone 1A )


Facility power can be diverted from the reactor core or the emergency generators in this room. The generators will only serve as an alternative power source during the reactor core meltdown. A new fire door was added in an update on February 7, 2019, that placed a door between the generator room and the main hallway. Players on one side of the door on the other side of the generators may control the door from a nearby switch.

However, if the generators are active at around T-80 to meltdown/freeze down, the generators will overload, and cause an explosion in which the radius is from the blast door to the cargo bay to the door going to the Sector A hallway.

The aftermath result is a blackout with no means of power restoration. Only emergency lights remain.

The cargo bay is where cargo is stored and transported throughout the facility. There are corridors from here that go to other subzones of Zone 1‚Äď3. A single UI can be found in the generator control room.

The cargo bay also contains a fire suppression system exact to the one at the Main Facility Station. If a fire breaks out in this area, the fire alarm in the area will sound and flash. The alarm plays the EST/Edwards fire alarm voice evacuation message found in real-life mass notification systems and fire alarm panels until the fire has been put out via fire extinguishers or the fire suppression system.


  • Shows whether facility power is from the core mainframe or the E-Generators.

Sector B (Core Mainframe)

2019-02-23 (1)

Mainframe being open

After passing through the airlock, there will be a retractable bridge leading to the mainframe. The internal core may¬†be accessed from the hatch on the right of the famous keypad, however, a HAZMAT suit or Abomination form is required to survive the radioactive reactor core. The internal core is inaccessible at high temperatures beyond 2500¬į. When inside the internal core, there is reduced gravity.

Floor Area ( Zone 1B )
2019-02-23 (2)

The floor area is the floor of the entire mainframe zone. Coolant pipes can be found here, as well as an opening to the PB Metro Main Station, a door to Zone 1‚Äď3, also three exhaust for the rising plasma event.

External Core
2019-02-23 (4)

The core mainframe

The external core is the octagon-shaped structure connected to the retractable bridge. The core mainframe panel is in the middle. On the left is a hatch to the inside of the external core, comprising of many wirings, including Reactor Boost Lasers, and Reactor Power. A hatch inside goes to the Internal Core; this area requires a HAZMAT suit or a PET HAZMAT suit.

Core Mainframe Panel

The core mainframe panel is located in the middle of the external core. It contains a keypad (primary code) which will unlock a second keypad (secondary code) which will raise a third keypad (tertiary code). If the player is inside the panel while the core mainframe is closing, they will find an image of Mr. Bean and earn the badge "You sacrificed yourself to the mainframe", however they will be killed in the process. On several occasions, the core would be glitched open which may be caused by explosions from trains and fires, etc. In the player's astonishment, the core has opened to show an image of Mr. Bean. Falling into it does the same thing.

Core Mainframe Controls

It has been said before that after entering the first, second, and third code (if it's possible) to the computer core, the mainframe controls are unlocked, which have the commands to either activate lockdown, trigger meltdown, or other classified items.

Internal Core

The internal core is the large dark area underneath the two hatches. It comprises the main nuclear reactor, with six laser machines. Going through the hallway under the main reactor which has some pipes lead to the core power controls.

Sector C (Security and Admin Control)

Upon exiting the Sector C elevator, the hallway goes right, then to your left is the cafeteria, and to your right is the special room for Pinewood Security members. Going straight goes to a walkway to Admin Control and the fan room.


PBCC Elevator

Sector C elevator

The entrance to Sector C is by elevator. There are 3 buttons, one for stop, one for up, and another for down. Elevator music also plays in the background, which can be heard from a distance.

Lunch Silos (formerly Cafeteria)

A small cafeteria for Pinewood Builders members. There are some food dispensers and a coffee machine in the cafeteria. From here, you can have a view of the core. There are restrooms at the cafeteria too.


PBCC Restrooms


The restrooms have 2 rooms, female and male. Both of them have the same layout but reflected on the Y-axis. The sinks, when pressed on any light, appear to have water in them. If put on the cold option (blue) no steam will appear. If put on the hot option (red), steam will appear. In the toilets, if a person sits on them the water in them will turn brown, as to signify waste. When the green light is clicked, the waste will drain and then water will rise as to signify flushing.

Eventually, the 'water' disappears as if it had gone down the drain.


A room comprising of tier-class weaponry, a shooting range, a PBST meeting place and uniforms for Pinewood Security members. Hats may also be found here, along with a hat remover. A dispenser for trainee batons can be found here. The Tier 1 loadout is in its room, meanwhile, the Tier 2, 3, and Tier 4 Special Defense load-outs are in another room. The old loadouts have been replaced with the new ones, designed by Csdi, Pinewood's Head of Security. The shooting range also requires a Tier 4 SD+ to work. Please read the new PBST handbook for rank loadouts.

Core Room/Admin Control Room

The highest section of the facility, the admin control room oversees the core mainframe from the catwalks and also controls the coolant flow to the fans. CCTV cameras can be viewed from here. To the right is the catwalk to the coolant fan room. There are numerous user interface screens in this room:


  • Shows the capacity and status of the emergency coolant rods in Sector G.


  • Shows the status of the liquid coolant system, where its flow is controlled via Admin Control, while its source is in the Coolant Sector. When on, liquid coolant cools the core by - 5¬į¬†/ 8 seconds.
  • A small display that indicates if the temperature is rising or dropping.
    1. RISING! - Temperature is increasing(in red).
    2. STABLE - Temperature is neither increasing nor decreasing(in blue).
    3. COOLING - Temperature is decreasing(in blue).
  • Just next to the temperature status display is the temperature indicator.


  • Shows the overall status of the core, based on its temperature. There is also a colored bar that changes color depending on the core temperature. At certain statuses, a notice will display beneath the status. The statuses include¬†OVERHEAT, MELTDOWN,¬†and FREEZEDOWN.

The statutes are the following:

Take note the temperature standards on the image are not up-to-date with the actual ones in-game, however, these are the exact images used in-game.

  1. FREEZEDOWN - -4000 and below - Core is beyond unstable temperatures and is on the brink of freezedown.</span>
    • A message reads "EVACUATE FACILITY NOW!"
  1. TOO COLD - -2000 The core is at unstable temperatures.</span>
  • ¬†"WARNING - Core temperature too COLD! Activate boost lasers and increase reactor power! Turn off cooling!" will be shown randomly on top of your screen
  1. NORMAL - -1999¬į to¬†949. The core is at a stable temperature.
  2. CRITICAL - 950 The core is a critical temperature.
  3. OVERHEAT - 2600¬†to 3999¬į. The core is at a highly critical temperature.
  4. MELTDOWN - 4000¬į¬†and above - Core is beyond unstable temperatures and is on the brink of meltdown.
    • A message reads "EVACUATE FACILITY NOW!"


  • Shows the status of each cooling fan. An active fan is seen lit up on the display.


  • The uppermost monitors of the control room; these only turn on during an evacuation procedure (when a meltdown or freeze down begins), and display a large "EVAC NOW!" notice.


  • Shows the status of the reactor boost lasers inside the internal core. The lasers make the core heat¬†up¬†by 1¬į¬†/ 8 seconds.¬†

Coolant Fan Room

This room controls the coolant fans. There is a cooldown timer before disabling and enabling a fan. Each fan cools down the core by -2C/8 seconds. (Image)

Each fan symbol has 2 blades. Those 2 blades will spin according to the rotation cycle.

Sector D (Server Zone)

  • The primary servers.
  • A security checkpoint before entering the servers area.
After a security checkpoint, you will come across the main servers of the facility. A coded door to Sector F and Sector G can be found. Up the ladder is a room that overlooks Sector D and Sector F.

Climbing a ladder near the exit goes to the Transit System rail; left goes to the main station, straight to the Core Station, and right to the Coolant Station. You may also see a hatch that goes to the internal core.

Sector F (Secondary Servers)

In this large room are numerous servers holding data? At the other end of the room is the coding door to Sector G. The code for the Sector F door is 5-33-41-18. There is a device linked to the keypad that when clicked, will "hack" the door and open it.

Sector G (Emergency Coolant)

Former name: Classified Storage.

Access to this cold storage room requires the secondary code, 6-44-52-29. As of 4/4/20 Emergency Coolant is reopened. To use E-Coolant, three personnel are needed (however 1 person can do it if skilled enough) to fill the coolant tanks to the green point while the timer for e-coolant ticks down. If one of the Rods are not filled right, the E-Coolant will fail and the meltdown will continue.


  • Shows the status of each rod and whether or not they are filled right or not.

Zone areas

The zones are areas with large floor space, notably since they are cargo bays for transporting cargo throughout the facility.

Zone 1: Cargo Bay

Zone 1 comprises the facility's cargo bays located throughout the facility.

Zone 1A: Generators Room / Main Cargo Bay

See Generators Room / Cargo Bay section above.

Zone 1A: Parking Area

A road tunnel goes underneath the tracks in the cargo bay, leading to a parking area similar to the one at the PBRF and PBHQ.

The jeep spawner from Zone 1D has been moved here.

Zone 1B: Mainframe Floor

The mainframe floor comprises the entire floor of Sector B. There are additional forklifts and cargo containers here.

Zone 1C: Transit Maintenance Room

Two rooms with a spur track that leads to Zone 3 intersecting the transit system rail, a ceiling claw can be found in the Maintenance area. The cargo room is connected to a blast door to the maintenance room. In the Cargo room, many crates can be found on small platforms and there is also another ceiling claw.

In the corner of the Cargo room, hidden away, is a small cave that leads to a barrier overlooking the Zone 3 security checkpoint.

Zone 1D: Caverns Transition

The caverns transition is a small section that connects Zone 1A to Zones 1C and 1E, as well as Zone 2.

Zone 1E: Launch Silos

The launch silos hold eight modified Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicles that, when launched in an emergency, leads to the Pinewood Space Station's docking module. There is a delay time between launching each rocket.

The ladder leads to a small hallway going to the PB Metro Launch Silos Station and the blast door leads to caverns going to the cargo bay.

The passages on the ceiling were formerly open before a 2019 update, which added doors for the silos that could only be opened during a meltdown or freezedown.

Zone 2: Caverns

Zone 2 comprises the caverns, which serves as a connector to the gap between Zone 1D and Zone 1E. A blast door connects Zone 2 to 1A, and a tunnel going to a security checkpoint connects Zone 2 to 3.

Mining activity is present here.

Zone 3: PBRF Carpark

A long series of tunnels after a security checkpoint leading to the Zone 3 blast door. In Zone 3, the main feature is the lift to the Pinewood Research Facility's underground car park, a vehicle spawner, and a looped track for the transit system.

Turning left as you enter following a section of track will lead you down to Zone 2 and the transit maintenance room. To access this area by the transit system, a speed of 100 studs per second is required to climb the ramp.

Non-Sector areas

These areas are not assigned to a sector but are areas within the facility.

Transit System (Pinewood Metro)

The PB Metro transit system is a four-car diesel hauled train that connects numerous parts of the facility.


The transit system runs in a circumferential track, with a spur track from after Coolant Station to before Launch Silos Station.

  • Main Facility Station - The first station that leads to the Sector C elevator and Sector A. The passenger train spawns here, and it is one of two stations¬†with fire suppression systems, another can Cargo Bay A.
  • Cargo Bay Station - A station with no physical platform, but is considered a stop in the transit system. Leads to the cargo bay, generators room, caverns, Zones 2 and 3, and Sector B floor. This area also has a fire suppression system, like the main transit station
  • Launch Silos Station - Leads to the launch silos and caverns. Before this is the spur track.
  • Ocean Station - An unused station for the inaccessible ocean area, found directly at the window overlooking the ocean area.
  • Coolant Station - Leads to the coolant supply and after this is the spur track.
  • Core Station - Leads to the transit system cargo depot (spawn of container and missile trains) and a ramp and hallway to the Sector B retractable bridge.


The PB Metro transit system carries numerous kinds of cargoes. All caught fire when crashed into another train, or derailed. Any train holding Missiles are the most flammable.

  • Passenger - Can carry mostly passengers. These trains sometimes catch fire.
  • Cargo (Missiles) - Can carry a few passengers and missiles for the launch silos. Highly flammable, and explosive.
  • Cargo (Containers & Fuel, Coolant Tanks) - Can carry a few passengers and random cargo to different stations. Mildly flammable. As of the new Train Update, generators have now tanks which must be refilled to keep the generators running.

Pinewood Emergency Team Headquarters

The main facilities of the Pinewood Emergency Team are located at a level that overlooks the core mainframe. This area is accessible from transversing the Sector A hallway up till it goes upwards, leading to this level. It is also accessible if you go to Core Station. PET Headquarters include PB Medkit Giver, remove suit button (step on), health boost +150, PET Hazmat Suit, PET Fire Suit, PET Medic Suit and PET Loadout. It also has a UI in which shows if there is a fire, and where you can activate suppressors. Also, security camera like the one in Admin Control.

The Computer Science Labs

The Computer Science Labs has a satelite system, a UFO, some servers, and a data robot.

Coolant Sector

While not part of the six sectors, (or even the unknown Sector E) The coolant sector houses many coolant supply tanks. When these are on, they send a flow of liquid nitrogen directly into the core via pipes. The flow can be controlled in Admin Control.

Game Pass Room

An isolated small room with chairs and monitors identical to the ones in the Admin Control room. These grant access to the facility's CCTV and is a safe zone from the meltdown. Only accessible to owners of the Escape pass, and can be entered at any time.


Meltdown Sequence

If the facility's temperature reaches high levels, a meltdown sequence will initiate.

To be updated: List of events/announcements during meltdown. (This list needs to be updated.)

LEGEND: Bold Italics = GUI / Hint, Bold = Sound, 

  1. Core status: CRITICAL 
    • "WARNING - Core temperature too HOT! Activate coolant and cooling fans! Disable boost lasers and reactor power." will repeatedly be shown on the top of your screen randomly when the temperature exceeds 1000
  2. Core status: OVERHEAT 
  3. 2400 Terminals in Admin Control begin to display "CORE OVERHEAT" and "SYSTEM FAILURE!"
  4. ¬į; The internal core will burn any players inside the chamber due to hot temperatures.¬†You need a PET hazmat suit to enter.
  5. The internal core will become inaccessible and the grilles beneath the keypad will emit an orange-green flame. You need a PET hazmat suit to enter.
  6. 2650 Smoke emits out of the radioactive pipe connected to the core, and the coolant pipe connected to the core breaks. Other coolant pipes around the facility emit smoke. Water particles were added to the breaking of the coolant pipes, as so with inside the core.
  7. 3000¬į; Red emergency lights¬†turn on and all lights in Admin Control and the holo computers turn red. The keypad at the mainframe is no longer operational due to the high temperatures.
  8. Core status: MELTDOWN 
  9. The core makes beeping noises.
  10. 4000¬į; "Meltdown in 4 Minutes."¬†plays. It repeats twice. Defcon Alarm - SGC will¬†play at low volume at the mainframe area.¬†
  11. When the temperature begins to increase dramatically, alarm sounds will be heard in Admin Control and the words "EVAC NOW!" will be shown on the screens above the security cameras, with one of the words appearing at a time.
  12. "The core has reached critical meltdown temperatures. Now is your only chance to stabilize it using Emergency Coolant." Will show up on the screen as of 4/4/20. Players have to activate E-Coolant at perfect levels (see E-Coolant)
  13. If players fail to activate Emergency Coolant- "Unable to stabilize core due to incorrect coolant rod levels!" 
  14. If players activate E-Coolant, the core temperature will drop to 3000, and "Core has been saved by E-Coolant. You may return to normal operation."
  15. Ominous 60 plays.
    • Alarm plays.
    • Rockets can now be launched.
  16. Alarm plays.
  17. "Core temperatures are now exceeding safe levels. Evacuation protocol now in place. Pinewood Computer Core Complex."
  18. "Attention! All personnel may proceed to emergency rocket launch silos."
    • Volcania Lava (a)¬†plays (as of February 23, 2019).
  19. "Attention! Attention! Lockdown in progress. Lockdown in progress. Please stand clear of the blast doors, as this facility is now under lockdown."
    • Lockdown blast doors begin to close¬†simultaneously. (Takes about 5 seconds to close completely)
    • By this point, if the rockets have already launched there is only one way out: the vehicle access point.
  20. "Emergency power activated."
  21. "Attention! Core explosion imminent! Please evacuate Section Five."
  22. A brief earthquake will shake the core, and a window in the main hallway will shatter, providing players with a shortcut to Launch Silos.
  23. "Core temperatures are now exceeding safe levels. Evacuation protocol now in place. Pinewood Computer Core Complex."
    • Tactical Nuke Alarm plays for about 5 seconds.
    • Game Pass exit now accessible.
    • The core temperature begins to increase extremely rapidly.
  24. "Attention! All personnel may proceed to emergency rocket launch silos." - This announcement plays twice.
    • The power goes out, leaving the facility almost pitch dark.
    • Power may be restored by diverting the power supply to the emergency generators in the Generators Room. Take note of the risks upon activating the generators.
    • Volcania Lava (a) stops and Destruction Imminent¬†plays.
    • "Evacuate to Launch¬†Silos!"
  26. A red-colored substance will flood the area surrounding the reactor core, killing any player that touches it.
  27. "Core temperatures are now exceeding safe levels. Evacuation protocol now in place for. Pinewood Computer Core Complex.
  28. "Your attention please. The ESDS or emergency self-destruction system has been initiated. All of the reactor safeguards are deactivated. Please proceed to the emergency silos as this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill."
    • "WARNING! Self Destruct System Initiated!"
    • "Have a nice day"
    • Klaxon Alarm 2¬†plays for about 10 seconds.
  29. "Evacuate the facility immediately."
  30. "Core temperatures are now exceeding safe levels. Evacuation protocol now in place for. Pinewood Computer Core Complex."
  31. A timer appears and it starts at T-120.
  32. Around T-90; Debris falls down from the ceiling of Sector B.
  33. T-100; Generators begin to overload if they are active at this time.
    • T-100; The Generators GUI screen emits red light, and the generator light alarm turns brighter.
    • T-70; All the generators explode, and facility power is permanently disabled.¬†Destruction (a)¬†plays. The power direction screen will display "OVERLOADED".
  34. T-30; The external core releases several red particles.
  35. Deep Voiced Countdown will be heard at T-10, the timer disappears and Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix) can be heard.
  36. T-0; Core explodes. A loud explosive sound is played. Alarm stops. The sound of people screaming was heard in the past but has been removed.
    • A red-white¬†ball of explosive matter will expand from the core mainframe, eventually burning everyone inside it; from the core itself to the edges of the facility. The red ball stops growing as the music stops.
  37. Everywhere will eventually be engulfed by the explosive matter ball, after the "Hypernova" update in Early December 2018.

The explosive matter ball won’t engulf the whole map anymore.

    • The last recordable core temperature is approximately 13967154354777C or 25140877838630F. This may vary slightly due to¬†lag during the explosion -¬†As of the Freezedown update, temperature units were removed from the game.
  1. Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix) stops.
    • "Rebuilding in 5 seconds." - Counts down
    • Frenetic Technic¬†plays instead.
  2. The meltdown temperature reaches all the way to 3517748333631

The game no longer shuts down servers upon the conclusion of the meltdown, instead, the facility now regenerates in the same server. This coincides with the introduction of the "Server with 10+ meltdowns!" badge.

Secondary Events

Below is the secondary events that doesn't cause immediate danger either to the facility or players.

Fire Outbreak

If a PB Metro train crashes, there's a high possibility it may catch fire and can spread quickly, especially if it's a train holding missiles. To attempt to put out the fire, use a fire extinguisher found throughout the facility, or use the fire suppression system. 

Only the PET fire suit is capable of preventing a player from being set on fire.

Fires commonly occur in the main transit system station; ceiling sprinklers may be activated in that area, however, these sprinklers have a cooldown timer. Other areas that easily catch fire are the Cargo Bay and Launch Silos.

If a fire outbreak occurs in the main transit system, Klaxon Alarm 2 plays softly for 10 seconds and an announcement plays. The announcement will say "Attention! Attention! An emergency has been reported in this area. Please cease operations, and leave the building utilizing the nearest exit, or fire exit stairway. Do not use elevators, repeat, do not use elevators". The announcement heard in-game is one of the voice evacuation messages heard on Edwards fire alarm voice evac systems in real life.


Abominations are players that have been in contact with an unknown toxic waste. They have the appearance of a green zombie-like character with ripped rags for clothes and a ravenous face. Even though they are hunched over and have a limp, they can move normally, equip tools, open doors as usual, and can interact with the game exactly the same. However, if a regular player comes in contact with an Abomination they will take a small amount of damage. This damage can be lethal and can kill other players if their health is sufficiently low enough.

Although Abominations look very similar to the more widely known zombies, it is impossible to 'infect' other people and transform them into additional Abominations.

To become an Abomination, a player must visit the Transit System's station. Between the Transit station and the Coolant sector is a pool of toxic waste which has dripped from a broken pipe. Standing in the pool of waste will transform the player into an Abomination (unless the player is wearing a PET hazmat suit).

As of October 2019, Abominations have been marked as KoS (Kill on Sight) in the PBST handbook. On-duty PBST members are not allowed to become Abominations. PET Hazmat must also kill Abominations and cannot become them.

There was formerly a group dedicated to "researching" abominations, but has since been left as a joke group and forgotten.

Alien Dance Party

1. Alien Mind plays. 2. A message will appear with saying: "Our satellites are picking up a mysterious signal..." Aliens will appear at the mainframe, and they will say "Hello humans! Let's party!" Whenever you touch one of the aliens, you will get a badge named Danced with Aliens. When the event ends, the aliens will say "Goodbye humans, we will meet again very soon!" This event is the most easiest way to get credits.

Radiation Pipe Leak

You will hear a loud explosion and a message will appear saying: "The radiation pipe has burst! Flooding detected in main chamber." To solve this, PET members must wear the HAZMAT suit and enter the radioactive liquid. Then, they need to manually open all 4 drains found at the mainframe floor. The drains only stay open for 30 seconds, so you need about 2-3 members to finish the job. Once all 4 drains are open, the liquid will disappear, and the mainframe will be safe again.


Most of the lights will go out, and power from the core will be temporarily disabled. To solve this, you must go to the Emergency Generators and switch them on (generator tanks must be full). After about 3 minutes, the power will be restored and the emergency generators can be turned off. This event is similar to the blackout in the meltdown and freezedown.

Potential Earthquake

Sometimes in the facility, you may hear shaking. After some time, the following messages will appear: "Underground seismic activity has been detected"

"Secure all equipment and tools."

At this point, a strong earthquake begins. You will hear loud shaking. Alarm plays. Yellow emergency lights activate.  After some time, Klaxon Alarm 2 plays for about 10 seconds and the following message will appear: 'Halt all trains! High seismic activity under Facility"

Neutrotoxin Gas Escape

A green gas will escape from the vents, killing anyone near them. To survive the event, PET members must equip a HAZMAT suit so that they can survive the deadly gas. If you are not a part of PET, run away from any vents until the event is over. The cooling fans must be turned on to end this event faster.

Rising Plasma

In the start of this event, you will hear rumbling which can easily confuse this disaster as an earthquake at first. The reactor core itself will then explode and turn bright pink, killing everybody that is in the reactor chamber. After the explosion sound is done playing the reactor will return to either bright red or blue as normal. A pool of plasma (a hot pink-colored substance) will then slowly rise up and flood the reactor core and the areas surrounding it, killing any players in these areas. When this event ends, it will sink back down and disappear. This is reminiscent of rising magma in Mega Miners, another PB game.


As of May 21st 2020, the disaster diagnostic board in the PIA room had a new disaster called "Missiles (wip)" on the far right of the panel. It's currently unknown what this disaster does but should be completed in the future.

Freeze down Sequence

To be added: List of events/announcements during freezedown

If the facility's temperature reaches extremely low levels, a freeze down sequence will initiate. Before the Freezedown Update on December 19, 2018, freeze down were only mere speculation to scare people from heating up the reactor as a reactor was meant to remain cool. The temperature scale at the Pinewood Computer Core before the update did not go lower than -273 ¬įC, also known as the absolute zero. This partially abides with the third law of thermodynamics, wherein all molecular motion comes to a stop as the temperature reaches absolute zero, although the same law also states that this temperature normally would not be attainable through by simply cooling the system.

However, many other ‚ÄúComputer Core‚ÄĚ games had implemented their own idea of what a freeze down sequence may be, which may have prompted Pinewood to introduce a freeze down of their own. The Freezedown Update also modifies the temperature readings to display the temperature on the surface of the display (using SurfaceGuis),¬†and removes the Celsius unit identifier, making the freeze down occur at simply -4000¬į.

Freeze down Sounds/Announcements

  1. DEFCON Alarm plays.
  2. "Freezedown in 4 minutes." This announcement plays twice
  3. Alarm plays.
    Rockets can now be launched.
  4. "Core temperatures are now exceeding high levels. Evacuation protocol now in place for. Pinewood Computer Core Complex."
  5. "Attention! All personnel may proceed to the Emergency Rocket Launch Silos."
  6. "Attention! Attention! Lockdown in progress. Lockdown in progress. Please stand clear of the blast doors as this facility is now under lockdown."
  7. "Warning. Blackhole has reached critical mass. Blackhole containment failure imminent." This announcement plays twice.
  • Following the second announcement, lightning bolts will appear above the reactor core and form a black hole, which sucks any players in when coming across this area. Part of the glass in the main lobby and the main hallway will shatter.
  • Shortly after, a brief¬†earthquake will occur.
  1. Alarm plays again.
  • A blue-colored substance will flood the area surrounding the reactor core, killing anyone upon contact with it.
  1. "Emergency power activated."
  2. The generators overload and the power goes out.
  3. "Attention! Core explosion imminent! Please evacuate Section 5."
  4. "Freezedown in 2 minutes. Evacuate the facility immediately!
  5. "Attention! All personnel may proceed to the Emergency Rocket Launch Silos." - This announcement plays twice.
  6. "Your attention please? The ESDS or emergency self-destruction system has been initiated. All of the reactor safeguards are now activated. Please proceed to the Emergency Silos as this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill."

WARNING! Self Destruct System Initiated! Extreme Freeze danger.

  • When the final timer reaches 90 seconds, another brief earthquake will occur.

LEGEND: Bold Italics = GUI / Hint, Bold = Sound.

Note: All sounds must be in Bold while all GUIs must be in Bold Italic.


The game utilizes many uploaded sounds.

LEGEND: Bold Italics = GUI / Hint, Bold = Sound, Italics = Sound Uploader / Composer / Note

Game Sounds

Alarm Sounds

  • "Minor Alarm" - Zephyred
    • played when activating the sprinklers in the Transit System Main Station or the Cargo Bay.
  • "Alarm sound" - Voco4500
    • played when facility power is being diverted from either the reactor core or the generators.
  • "Nuclear Alarm (Pinewood Computer Core)" - Diddleshot
    • plays for 5 seconds when the reactor's power level is set to 4. It sounds something like "<spanstyle="color:rgb(52,52,52);font-family:'SourceSansPro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;line-height:19.992px;">beeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeep...</span>"

Other Sounds

  • "Refreshing Elevator Music" - ¬†Explode1 (Removed)
    • Played when riding the elevator that goes to and from Sector C.
  • "Error Copy"¬†- StickRPGXG¬†(Removed)
  • "Local Forcast"

Self-Destruct Sequence

Alarm Sounds

  • "alarm" -¬†envisat
    • The new alarm used in the meltdown and freezedown sequence.
  • "unknown siren"
  • "Stargate Command Gate Active Alarm" - Xelia4 (removed)
    • The old alarm used in the self-destruct sequence.
    • it's the same alarm used in the Innovation Research Labs, however, the one used in the PBCC has a pitch of 0.7.
  • "Alarm" - CompletePilot
    • This is a looped alarm that sounds like "dunn...dunn...dunn..." and is played at low volume throughout the entire sequence. It is much more audible near the end of the sequence.
  • Alien Isolation Alarm (Alien Soundtrack) - ianireland
    • This is a looped track that plays throughout the entire self-destruct sequence. It sounds like "nyeng! nyeng! nyeng!"
  • Nuclear Meltdown¬†- Scelus
    • This is an alarm that plays for the first five seconds'¬†Volcanic Lava (a) plays. It sounds like "tyung-tiit! tyung-tiit!"
    • This alarm appears to be a slowed down version of "Modern Warfare 2 - Tactical Nuke Sound".
  • "Defcon Alarm - SGC" - ORI2626
    • This is an alarm that will sound at the mainframe when the core reaches 4000¬į¬†or -4000¬ļ. It sounds like "Tyung-tiit! Rrrt! Tyung-tiit! Rrrt!
    • It appears to be a mix of the Nuclear Meltdown and Stargate - SGC Alarm.
  • "Klaxon Alarm 2" - Zephyred
    • This is an alarm that plays for a few seconds when the "WARNING! Self Destruct System Initiated!" message appears. It sounds like "eh! eh! eh! eh!"
    • This alarm will also play if a fire outbreak occurs in the main transit system.

Music Tracks

The final track of the meltdown, it was once replaced by Hardstyle but was changed back.

  • Hardstyle -¬†Laurent Lombard¬†(removed)

This track replaced Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix) in February 2019 but has since been reverted.

  • The New Beginning (a) -¬†Roblox royalty-free music library¬†(removed)

  • Global Meltdown (b)¬†-¬†Robert (Bob) John Foster¬†(removed)

  • DOOM - Cyberdemon¬†-¬†Mick Gordon¬†(removed)
  • DOOM - Mastermind -¬†Mick Gordon¬†(removed)
  • Frenetic Technic¬†-¬†Bryan New

This song plays when the facility regenerates.


For meltdown and overheat announcements, see the Self-Destruct Sequence section above.

  • Today's Security Code is 5-33-41-18.
  • Don't forget, today's pizza day, so head¬†to the cafeteria to grab a hot slice.
  • Feel tired, and overworked? Freshly brewed coffee is served in the cafeteria at all hours.
  • Remember to report all suspicious activity to your supervisors, not even you are exempted from scrutiny. Stay paranoid, stay vigilant.
  • Remember, security is the first step to a¬†safe work environment. Stay secure, stay vigilant.
  • Warning! High energy detonation detected in Materials Lab.
  • PBST- Watch those coolant tank levels. Keep the core safe at all times.
  • Biohazard warning in sectors B and C.
  • Dr. Kane reports, super-conducting outerchange is activated.
    • Warning, unauthorized biological forms detected in Sector C.
    • Security officer reports men down in Sector D, medical help required.
    • PBST, watch those Coolant tanks¬†levels! Keep the Core safe at all times.
  • The following is only announced if a fire outbreak occurs in the main transit system or cargo bay A.
    • Attention. An emergency has been reported in the building. Please cease operation and leave the building utilizing the nearest exit or fire exit stairway. Do not use elevators. Repeat, do not use elevators.
    • Warning, fire burst detected in Cargo Bay¬†1A.
    • Warning, fire expansion¬†detected in Main Facility Transit Station.
    • Fire hazard in Cargo Bay B and C.


Self-Destruct Sequence / Meltdown

  • There is often a debate if the true objective of the game is to blow up the core or prevent it from blowing up.
    • Diddleshot responded saying: "whether you want to build¬†or blow stuff up it's up to you." In other words, there's no exact objective and people can do anything they want to do.
  • The meltdown is often criticized by frequent players after witnessing several meltdowns that the game has become boring and repetitive.

Abuse of Security and OP Weapons

  • People often criticize the game due to members of the Pinewood Builders Security Team (PBST) trying to prevent visitors from blowing the core.
    • A new rule has been posted, preventing the PBST from using force to prevent core meltdowns.
    • Around late August 2015, the rule, which was preventing PBST from killing players to prevent core meltdowns, was lifted, this was confirmed by Diddleshot's shout:¬†
    • Most security members act like a PBST admin is secretly watching them, even though this is false.
  • An 'OP Weapons' game pass was added to the game, giving weapons to the owner of the pass which can be abused; at the cost of 4,004 Robux (reduced to 3,111 robux), and at the expense of many players being victims of these abusers.
    • Many users who abuse the OP weapons pass end up being trailed by PBST¬†or banned from the game. This leads to them reporting Diddleshot for scamming, although it is the pass holder's responsibility to use them wisely.
    • OP weapon abuse has become more rampant prior to the October 20 events which prompted not only most of the tier-level security members¬†but also the PIA, to leave Pinewood. Non-tier Security members or Tier Security members without their loadout often have a very hard time defeating OP abusers.
    • Using the !call command allows you to report OP Weapon abuse to PIA.
    • The only actions that are considered legitimate abuse of OP Weapons to Pinewood Security protocol¬†are spawnkilling, and mass killing.
      • This means that preventing access to rooms, targeting individuals, targeting security officers, and other such actions are¬†allowed.


  • The PBCC is often criticized for being very laggy, even on players with a¬†good internet connection and decent hardware.
  • Based on several components of the PBCC that have been leaked into free models, such as the scripts responsible for the coolant system and core temperature, some users have observed that the PBCC may be poorly scripted as there were a lot of unnecessary script loops found in these components.
  • The fire event is often blamed as the cause of lag in the PBCC.
  • Most Roblox mobile app is apparently said to crash when attempting to play the game.


  • The older version of the PBCC was leaked on free models many years ago, resulting in many people making their own Computer Core facilities.
  • More recently, people have recreated components of the current PBCC, allowing many to make their own reactor core meltdowns.
  • Recently, the entire PBCC of 2016 leaked due to the availability of a functional place stealing exploit, however, the leaked game has no scripts and broken union collisions, rendering it difficult to use.
  • Pinewood Computer Core also has an abundance of hackers, such as those that insert annoying sounds¬†or delete mandatory parts of the facility that prevent a meltdown from happening.
    • A FilteringEnabled version of PBCC began development in December 2016 and was finished in March 2017.
  • Users often criticize one of the anti-exploits in-game for shutting down servers if building tools are detected in a player, as some exploiters learned to use this to repeatedly shut down servers, causing annoyance.
    • A user once injected code that played very annoying music, and that made money "rain" from the roof.
    • When the servers were exploited in 2015, it played the Windows NT 5.0 startup sound during a server shutdown by anti-exploit measures.
    • One of the anti-exploits is criticized for the fact that it plays very loud music when it shows a two-minute message:
      • "In-game damage detected ~ Pinewood Builders Anti Exploit"
      • A loud¬†ear-damaging song(The original audio was unfortunately removed) plays called "Kung Fu Fighting". The message¬†then says:
      • "Exploit detected, shutting down in T-(number) ~ Anti-Exploit by Pinewood Builders - Kung fu fighting exploiters since 2012"
      • In addition to this, newcomers may be confused, thinking the Kung Fu Fighting song is an exploit.
      • In March 2017, exploits have dramatically reduced following the game's compatibility with Filtering¬†Enabled.
      • A YouTube video of the old anti-exploit can be found here

Pinewood Computer Core no longer does this, but it still has an anti-exploit system.


  • Wearing more than two hats at once and equipping a gravity coil can fling you out of the game. This only occurs when a user jumps from a seat, however.
    • This is useful for performing a glitch involving instantly escaping the core even if there is no meltdown or freezedown happening. The user simply jumps from the seat of a silo (or a forklift if there are no silos available), though if using a forklift the¬†player must make sure their forklift is parked right below any open passage (or door since a 2019 update)¬†in the ceiling. This can make it possible for more than 8 players to escape as long as players who don't manage to reach Zone 1E before all silos are launched own a Gravity Coil¬†and are wearing three or more hats.
  • If you get flung by the gravity coil glitch or by the meltdown towards the top of the PBRF Lobby 1, you will be automatically teleported to the PBRF, as the teleporter brick is above the lobby elevators' tunnel.
  • Using an auto-click program with the fire extinguisher is known to make the foam bubbles very large and release very fast, however, if the auto-click is set to a very high number, it can crash the server.
    • This glitch has¬†been patched as of October 2019 as the foam bubbles have been changed to Smoke.
  • Before the ladder behind the Admin Control elevator and the meltdown were added, it was possible to block anyone from getting into admin control by spam-clicking the up button at the top with a macro. At that time, the speed of the elevator going up was faster than it going down.
    • A user with multiple computers (to run multiple accounts at once) had an alternate account perform this action for over two days straight and kept all cooling systems offline, raising the temperature to over 30000¬įC. The comment section was flooded with complaints about the alternate account. Diddleshot later arrived and permanently banned the alternate account from the game.
    • It is still possible to prevent an elevator from reaching Sector C or Sector A by pressing on the elevator buttons from the CCTV camera in the elevator, annoying any riders, however, the camera in the elevator tends to fall off for some reason.
  • If you use the gravity coil, after jumping off the personal rocketship, you instantly fly and glitch out of the underground facility.
    • It doesn't count as a seismic activity, just because you're out of the facility.
      • They only occur when the sensors of the facility detect the seismic activity thats nearby the facility.
    • This can also be used to get to the easy escape box without needing a gamepass.
    • However, you wouldn't get sent to the PBRF (a.k.a Pinewood Builders Research Facility) because you weren't at the elevator that leads you to it.
  • There used to be a glitch with the personal rocket that allowed it to clip through certain doors, a notable one being the PIA door. It was discovered, reported, and patched.
  • Another personal rocketship glitch that was a lot more problematic, but thankfully patched, was using it in a seat to fly P.E.T. response vehicles and trains around the facility. But if you get onto the seat and click the personal rocket at the same time you get on¬†the seat of the¬†train or PET response vehicle you get a flying train or pet response vehicle. But take it with a grain of salt because it does require some luck!
  • A less problematic glitch involves any of the randomly occurring disasters, the best one for this is the Radiation Flood event.
    • Usually if the core reaches 4000¬į (meltdown) or -4000¬į¬†(freezedown), it goes straight to the respective event. But if a disaster is ongoing as one of those temperatures are reached, the disaster takes priority and the meltdown / freezedown is delayed until the disaster is over. This glitch doesn't effect the game that much, it just delays the core's demise.
  • Standing on the tracks and spawning a train will cause you to fly extremely very high, from extremely high speeds. This causes the¬†Imprecise Floating Points¬†glitch, where you appear to be¬†"corrupted" and cubic.
  • This glitch is simliar to the second personal rocketship glitch if you have the jetpack gamepass and use it on the seat of trains,PBST,PET or normal vehicles you can fly with the vehicles


  • These are the locations of all six lockdown blast doors:
    • Spawn Room going to PBRF Elevator Lobby 1
    • Sector A hallway going to Sector B hallway
    • Generators Room going to Cargo Bay (two blast doors)
    • Sector A hallway going towards Sector C elevator / Sector D, F, and G / Transit System
    • Sector C hallway going towards Admin Control, after the PBST room.
  • The facility goes by many slogans.
    • "The heart of ROBLOX intelligence."
    • "ROBLOX technology at its best."
    • "<spanstyle="color:rgb(52,52,52);font-family:'SourceSansPro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;line-height:19.6000003814697px;white-space:pre-wrap;">A processor array of massive scale, a computer beyond imagination."</span>
    • <spanstyle="color:rgb(52,52,52);font-family:'SourceSansPro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;line-height:19.6000003814697px;white-space:pre-wrap;">"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe." </span><spanstyle="color:rgb(52,52,52);font-family:'SourceSansPro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;line-height:19.6000003814697px;white-space:pre-wrap;">- Anatole France</span>
    • <spanstyle="color:rgb(52,52,52);font-family:'SourceSansPro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;line-height:19.6000003814697px;white-space:pre-wrap;">"Your journey with us has only just begun. So join us on our journey: Pinewood Builders." </span>
    • <spanstyle="color:rgb(52,52,52);font-family:'SourceSansPro',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;line-height:19.6000003814697px;white-space:pre-wrap;">"A state of the art facillity"</span>


  • The facility and the PBRF are said to be inspired from the Black Mesa Research Facility from the Half-Life series, and possibly the Aperture Science Enrichment Center from the Portal series.
  • Both the Half-Life series and the Portal series are by Valve and are in the same universe.
  • The small octagon (sometimes square) doors found throughout the facility are from Mass Effect 2.
  • The primary/security code (5-33-41-18) is the same as the security code of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in Portal 2.
  • Many of the old announcements were¬†audio files directly from the horror game "SCP Containment Breach", as well as from Portal 2, and Black Mesa, a remake of the original Half-Life.
  • Pizza being added to the game is a possible reference to the "Krusty Krab Pizza" raids (on the game) of ROBLOX's¬†Off Topic subforum.¬†The raids involved blowing up the core to "make pizza" and spamming the chat with references to the¬†SpongeBob episode¬†it involved.

Removed Features and Content

From when the facility was built in 2010 until the present day, features and content were added, and some were removed and replaced. This is an incomplete list.


  • Before the floor of Sector B was added, there was a fall damage script to prevent people from discovering the 'secrets' of the core.
  • At one point, the entire facility was covered in thick dark fog for unknown reasons sometime in 2011.
  • The facility notably used inlets, universals, and welds on the surfaces of its walls and floors until late 2012, where they were removed to give a clean, modern, and more appropriate look.
  • The facility was stated to be located beneath the Black Mesa in New Mexico¬†until it was confirmed to be located beneath the Pinewood Research Facility in the Sahara Desert.
    • This removed feature was a reference to the Black Mesa Research Facility from the Half-Life series.
  • The Mass Effect 2 door textures were replaced by brick-made doors by splitzalot.

Sector A

  • Numerous office workstations used to be where the black spawn room is today.
  • Diddleshot's office used to be above the office workstations.
  • There used to be a tertiary access elevator south of the office workstations; which was replaced by the elevator lobby going to the 2014 Pinewood Research Facility.
  • There used to be a window facing Sector B in the main hallway, on the left after exiting the elevator.
  • There used to be a futuristic-looking turret in the corner of the main hallway which moved and pointed at the nearest player's torso, which was replaced by a smaller, seemingly static ceiling turret.
  • The fonts of the square floor signs in the main hallway used to be Eras Bold ITC. The new floor signs are circular and use the Calibri Bold font.
  • Rumors say there was an escape elevator that brought users to the surface (not the PBRF elevator), but due to abuse, Diddleshot removed it.

Sector B

  • There used to be no floor; making the core mainframe appear as a very tall structure in a 'foggy' chamber made up of semi-transparent grey layered parts.
  • There used to be light grey stripes on the walls of the chamber.
  • The spotlights near the Pinewood Computer Core logo used to be cone-shaped meshes until dynamic lighting was implemented.
  • The internal core used to have many reactors with the main reactor in the middle. Now, it's only two system machinery and the main reactor.
  • The hatch to the core was not yet added, therefore people tried to use the keypad to access the core. Some people are not aware of the hatch (or believe there's more than what is underneath the hatch) and still attempt to guess the code today.
  • The keypad used to be a code keypad commonly found on free models before it was replaced with a SurfaceGUI keypad.
  • The core mainframe structure used to be of a square shape. It currently is of an octagon.
  • The old mainframe code was 89012345.
  • There used to be big spotlights just below the PBCC's logo. They were removed sometime in 2013.
    • There were also additional yellow-light spotlights around the chamber.
  • There used to be catwalks just amidst the fog down the core. One of the catwalks has a sign that said "When flooded, turn around, don't drown" on top of the gate.
    • Because of the fall damage script, it was impossible to jump onto the catwalk.
    • The catwalk gate's button has no functionality, so it just does nothing.
    • The gate was also just a mesh in a wall.
  • The doors and gates used to be black or grey. It was so until the 2013 update that placed textures on them, and in 2016 the door finally got replaced by spitzalot's CFrame doors.
  • The Dress and Clean room used to have scientist lab coats morphs.
  • The Dress and Clean room used to have benches inside the fitting rooms.
  • The HAZMAT suit was a Black Mesa scientist suit. The current HAZMAT suit is a space suit with a futuristic helmet.
    • Yet another reference to Black Mesa, from the Half-Life series.
  • A reactor power control room used to exist inside the Internal Core, which controls the intensity of the reactor power in a scale of 1 to 4. Setting the intensity to 4 would cause the core temperature to increase faster. This was removed when the number of reactor boost lasers were increased from 3 to 6.
  • In an update, the reactor power was added back.

Sector C

  • The cafeteria, restrooms, and the PBST tier rooms and shooting range are recent additions to the Sector C hallway; as it once comprised of only a security kiosk.
    • The restrooms were once located in the Sector A office workstations area.
  • The hallway used to be made mostly dark brown Slate, giving it a cave-like feel.
  • The admin control room was once painted dark grey.
  • The screens in the admin control room used to resemble computer monitors from ROBLOX Powerplant.
  • There used to be a HAL 9000 at the back wall of the admin control room, with an obtainable badge if you touch it.
  • The exterior of the admin control room used to be a black box with wedges. It is now a long dark grey structure.
  • Before the meltdown update, there used to be a 'DO NOT TOUCH' button that sets all the computers in the admin control room on fire for a moment.
  • There used to be numerous computer workstations and two server computers in the admin control room.
  • There used to be a glass floor in the middle of the admin control room overlooking the core.

Sector D

  • The servers used to be six blocky machines before they were replaced by modern-looking servers.
  • The room that overlooks Sector F was just a room with workstations and a wall before the addition of Sector F.

Sector E

  • There is no Sector E, due to unknown reasons. It is a mystery, and it is believed to be the door in Cargo Bay 1B.

Sector F

  • The code door to Sector F used to have a texture with "Off-Limits" signs before being replaced by a "Sector F & G (Emergency Coolant)". It currently has a revamped texture with "off-limits" signs, and "low temperature" for Sector G's door.
  • The code for the Sector F door used to be 118118, and at one point, 1337. It was also, before E coolant was re-added,¬†6-44-52-29.
  • The current code is 5-33-41-18, the code heard across the announcements and the first code.

Sector G

  • Sector G was not added until the 2013 major updates, and the emergency coolant could not be activated until mid-2014.
  • Sector G was once known as Classified Storage before it had emergency coolant functionality.
  • In older versions of the PBCC's meltdown, Sector G had a red ambient on the emergency coolant rods.
  • Sector G used to be a room made of black plastic;¬†it is now made with a blue foil texture.
  • Sector G is known as "E-Coolant"
  • As of October 5, 2019, a sign saying, "The E-coolant game mechanic will be returning one day, redesigned. Check back soon for updates!" can be found in Sector G next to the button to activate the emergency coolant.
  • E coolant was added back.
  • This sector has the same code as Sector F, numbered 5-33-41-18.

Other Sections

  • Due to several occasional changes to the rank names in Pinewood Security, the security-only doors often changed in texture.
    • The original three-tier system represented the Tier 1 and Tier 2 doors at the PBCC.
    • The followed system which featured rank names such as Advanced Guard and Advanced Guardian had their respectively named rank names on the former T1 and T2 doors.
    • A new tier system was made, replacing Adv Guard and Adv Guardian with Tier 1 and Tier 3.
    • The tier system was again abolished with the PBST reforms, however, the door's rank identification system and textures were not changed prior to the reforms, allowing ranks as early as Security Officer to access the once-Tier 2 loadout door.
    • The tier door bug was fixed upon the addition of several more Tiers.
    • The shooting range used to be accessable by all security members, now it requires a Tier 4 SD+ to activate it. There is another shooting range like the old version in the PBCC at the PBHQ.
    • Before Csdi designed the new loadouts, there were older ones that are still accessable today in the PBRF, PBHQ, and PBSTTF. These loadouts are:
      • Tier 1 loadout:
        • Riot shotgun (called a sitgun by some because rather than doing damage it just makes players sit)
        • High damage baton (still in the PBCC, but now takes a few mores hits to kill someone with. The old one was a one hit kill)
        • Taser (again, still in the PBCC, but the old one was prone to breaking)
        • Riot shield (chunkier version as opposed to the PBCC version)
      • Tier 2 loadout:
        • MP7S Submachine gun
        • Silenced USPT with a flashlight attachment
    • There was also no seperate Tier 3 loadout, nor was there a Tier 4 SD loadout.
  • The launch silos used to be an inaccessible room viewed from a window on the transit system railway.
  • Before the Freezedown Update on December 2018, the¬†celsius unit of temperature¬†was used.
  • In Summer 2015, a large window with a view of an underwater area could be seen off the transit tracks just at the left bend after the Launch Silos. It contained a door to an unknown area to the facility, and large towers labeled 1 to 3.
    • Just before the removal of this area, an unlabeled transit station had been added with a glass tunnel leading to a locked door (not the same door mentioned above).
    • This area has been re-added as of February 2016, although isn't significant enough to be mentioned above.
    • When you drive a train into a support for this area, the wall appears to crack and water pours out, and the floor in that area floods and a red emergency light glows. The flooding stops after a few minutes.
  • The blast doors for Zones 1 to 3 used the textures of the lockdown blast doors. Custom textures by MarkoARamius replaced them.
  • There was once an event that occurred when the temp reached approximately¬†2500 Celsius, triggering a music track of the "Awakening" of King Abomination, although there never really was a physical King Abomination. It was removed sometime in 2016.
    • Lights are able to be toggled on and off.


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