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ROBLOX Laundromat is a game created by Diddleshot. It's an every-day laundromat in a generic town with a couple of washers for you to take care of some laundry, which is set as tools in your inventory that you can throw into the laundry by pressing Backspace.

People being locked into a washing machine configured to "Super Spin"

A huge portion of the reason why this game is so famous is the amount of shenanigans you can to in it. It's regular play when someone locks another inside of a washing machine and looks on when they get tumbled inside like a toy ball, or fling out like a slingshot ball. 

The Space Vortex after going super wash

It's not uncommon to see more than one person putting all of their laundry into a single machine, resetting themselves, then respawning with their pre-set "clothes" regenerated so that they can start the process all over again. It's very common to see people fighting with their laundry, or attempting to go into the space warp in the third washing machine.

It was deleted but very few people noticed, and then it was brought back with small updates.

Today, Diddleshot's priority among his places is the ROBLOX Laundromat, and there have been numerous updates to modernize the Laundromat and improve gameplay as ROBLOX's most popular laundromat.


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  • It has a picture of a girl wearing a bikini made by Mericats, which is a rare appearance.
  • Laundromat3

    The Wal-Mart found in-game.

    It has a Wal-Mart, which used to not be open but eventually it was opened. You can now buy soaps and laundry, and you can get food from a snack machine.
  • An update was made after it was brought back, but it only added some toilets and a big spare room, which upset many people.
  • It has a Space warp in Washing Machine 3 (in order from door to back of room) that activates at a certain point in the Super Spin Washing Cycle. This teleports you to outer space where you die. Wearing an Astronaut Helmet will not prevent you from dying, unlike Mission to the Moon.
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