Top Roblox Runway Model is a game made by DizzyPurple. The objective of the game is to dress that best fits the chosen category and have the three judges vote for you as the best outfit.


At the start of the round, the game chooses three random players as the judges. The rest of the players are the models. The game then chooses a random category that the players must base their outfit on.

The models are then teleported into the fitting room, where they can choose what they want to wear that is available. The models will have a limited amount of time before the preparation time ends and they are released onto the runaway with the clothes they have on.

The models will go on the runaway one by one, having the judges vote on their outfit on a scale of 1-10. When the model is done posing on the runaway, the model will then be teleported to the bleachers on the sides of the runaway.

Once all the models have walked on the runaway and had the judges voted on them, the game will announce who is the winner, give them the 200 points, and the game resets. If there is a tie, the game will announce who was in the tie, distribute the points evenly, and the game resets. The players who were announced as the winner will get a win and points.

Name Change

In August 2017 DizzyPurple changed the name from "Roblox's Top Model" to "Top Roblox Runway Model".


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  • Occasionally, this game can experience a glitch where rounds loop and loop. At one point, it was even hacked. This glitches were likely patched.
  • The game had experienced a lot of hacking, due to Filtering Enabled not being on, but this has been fixed as of August 11, 2017. 
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