DracoSwordMaster was a user who joined Roblox in September 2006. However, the account was terminated in April of 2012. It is believed that DracoSwordMaster is responsible for the infamous 2012 April Fools Hack.


The original owner of DracoSwordMaster was an active user from 2006 until 2008 after which he gave control of his account to his brother Lawrence. Later on, a user by the name of denis29 had persuaded Lawrence for the password to the account. At the time, Lawrence was unaware that by doing so he was also revealing the password for all of his brother's alternative accounts. denis29 would then go on to impersonate DracoSwordMaster as DracoBulletMaster for years up until 2017, when Lawrence exposed denis29 on the forums as an impersonator. However, the post that Lawrence made was never noticed until a user by the name of xvbones publicized it on Twitter.

At one point, denis29 also owned a YouTube channel, where he would post videos such as vlogs, skit, and gameplay of Halo. It was later removed for unspecified reasons, most likely violating YouTube's Copyright Guidelines.


DracoSwordMaster (under the control of denis29) was allegedly the main culprit involved in the 2012 April Fools Hack. Most compromised accounts during the hacking were terminated, including him. He was said to have abused this by getting a hold of the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie in order to get access to an admin's account.[citation needed]


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  • Lawrence still plays Roblox but is not very active anymore, while his brother has completely moved on.
  • The account is said to be created from the splitting up of an unknown account, resulting in the creation of DracoSwordMaster and DracoAxeMaster, as stated by Roblox YouTuber Faave.
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