Dued1 is a game developer most known for creating one of the oldest and most popular games on Roblox, Work at a Pizza Place.


Dued1 has created places. Most visited games with 1 million visits or more.


Dued1 was involved with the anti-lag virus that gave him and several other players VIP commands on the infected place. Dued1 denied responsibility for the script, and most people did not believe him. There are still some people who continue to blame him for the script, but it is unsure whether he is truly responsible, this is related to 1x1x1x1, a Roblox myth. Some people also thought it was a mistake that Roblox admins let him in Roblox headquarters for a stream because he could have inserted the anti lag script in Roblox headquarters and infect all of Roblox. 


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  • He has been hinted as a fan of Mountain Dew in his places. 
  • Dued1's game was featured on the blog on June 19, 2014.[1]
  • He stated in a Twitch stream that he is 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall.
  • A toy of his Roblox character is available as a mystery figure from a Series 1 Mystery Pack.
  • Dued1's character can use his character in Flood Escape 2.
  • Back in March 2013, Dued1 had over 1 million profile views, and over 35,000 friends when they still existed.


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