Work at a Pizza Place is a job simulation game created by Dued1. Being one of the earliest and most popular games on the platform alongside Natural Disaster Survival, the game retains high concurrent player counts as a result of continuous updates. In 2018, the game celebrated its 10-year anniversary and reached 1B visits in the date of October 11th, 2018.

Work at a Pizza Place involves players role-playing as different types of workers doing real-world jobs in a pizza place to earn cash, which can be spent on upgrading and decorating their house, buying gears and ordering items as a customer themselves.


In the pizza place, there are six available jobs. These jobs work in a hierarchical fashion, creating interdependence between the players (for instance, a cook will not be able to work if no one is working as a cashier, consequently precluding the work of the players working in other jobs). Players can also take a break by simply entering their houses. At this point, they will be automatically included in the "On Break" team and will instantaneously get their uniforms switched to their original clothes. They can go on a break whenever they want, but they won't get paid since they're not working.


The Manager is the head of the pizza place and has several duties and powers. Managers are able to hand out bonus checks to employees, name an employee as Employee of the Day, send employees back to work, and start vote-kick processes to remove abusive players (however, if the target player has the VIP game pass, the Manager cannot kick the player or send them back to work). The manager also has the ability to work in all 5 jobs without losing the title of a manager. The manager's office is located next to the pizza boxing area. It is small and contains a desk, a wooden chair, a black executive chair, a houseplant, a coffee mug, and a lamp. The door is locked either until the manager passes through it, a player inside the office leaves it, or until the manager leaves its job. There is also a silver window on the opposite wall, which the manager can toggle between see-through and opaque and close-able blinds on the sidewall.

The manager is a one-person job, meaning there can only be one manager at a time, and no one else may become manager until the current manager:

  • Quits the game;
  • Purposely leaves the job;
  • Enters his/her own house;
  • Gets vote-kicked by other players.

Once a manager quits, the manager's office can be accessed by every player until someone sits on the black executive chair to become the new manager. When there is already a manager in the server, it is impossible for others to do this.

If a manager is being unfair or is not doing their job, players may step on the "Remove Manager" button located in the small room near the manager's office. This will submit their vote to remove the manager, and It takes 8 votes for a manager to be fired (the total amount of votes are shown above the button.) Players are encouraged to do this if the manager is constantly slacking off,  if it's being rude or abusive or if the current manager of  the server has been a manager for an exaggeratedly long period of time.


Cashiers must take orders from customers who either take the appearance of pre-made NPCs (non-player characters) or of players in the server (universally showing up wearing the classic 1.0 package). The customers come in through the front door of the store or the drive-thru and must be answered within a few minutes. After clicking on the speech bubble on top of the customer's head, there are 3 options for the cashier to respond with. In regular mode,  all of them are correct. However, they will take some time to choose their order. In Advanced Mode,  all but 2 of the options are incorrect. In this mode, the customers will take less time to choose what they want. Additionally, the customer's order will be in text instead of appearing as an image. The cashier must read their response and press the correct menu item button on the cash register. Selecting the wrong option or clicking the wrong button will turn away the customers.

Cashiers can also take orders from actual players. They must come up to the cash register to actually choose their order. At this point, a menu showing decals of pizzas and Fizzly will pop up at the bottom of the screen (all items cost 100 Moneyz each). Once the player makes a selection, he/she must tell the cashier what they want in the chat, so then the cashier will take the order. It must undergo the same process of cooking and boxing so it can be delivered to the player's house or added to their inventory. If the cashier makes the wrong selection, the player will not be charged and can try to order again until the cashier makes the correct selection.

Cashiers have a very time-sensitive job because customers will leave if not attended to for a period of time.


Cooks work in the kitchen area of the pizza place and fulfill orders shown on the whiteboard. When making pizzas, they need to make sure that the correct ingredients are on the pizza and that it is properly prepared and baked. When Fizzly cans are ordered, everything the cook needs to do is simply drag the required amount of cans and deposit on a conveyor belt, which orientates the orders to the boxing area.

To make a pizza, the cook must first check the whiteboard where orders are displayed. There are 3 kinds of pizza: cheese, sausage, and pepperoni. It all begins by dragging pizza dough from the conveyor belt near the back of the kitchen and placing it on the table. There are four trays on the table: sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. To add ingredients, the cook must click on the correct tray and drag the ingredient to the pizza dough. All pizzas require sauce and cheese, while the pepperoni or sausages are only added if required. Below are the instructions to make different kinds of pizza:

  • Cheese Pizza: Dough + Tomato Sauce + Cheese
  • Pepperoni Pizza: Dough + Tomato Sauce + Cheese + Pepperoni
  • Sausage Pizza: Dough + Tomato Sauce + Cheese + Sausages

Fizzly cans can be acquired from the fridge on the left side of the kitchen. Since it is a canned beverage, it doesn't need to be prepared.

After the cook adds all the ingredients to the dough, they must open an oven, place the raw pizza inside and close it. In the oven, there is a bar that changes color depending on the condition of the pizza and if the oven is being used or not:

  • Grey: States that the oven is not being used;
  • Orange: States that the oven is being used and the pizza inside it is being cooked;
  • Green: States that the pizza has been successfully cooked and needs to be removed from the oven;
  • Yellow: States that the pizza has been successfully cooked but it's starting to overcook, so it needs to be taken out of the oven immediately;
  • Red: It either states that the pizza is overcooked, that there's a can of Fizzly inside of it, or that there's a player on fire inside the oven.

The conveyor will reject the pizza if:

  • It doesn't have all of the required ingredients;
  • It was not ordered in the whiteboard;
  • It's cold;
  • It has bugs on it;
  • It's burnt;
  • It's not cooked.

Pizzas that are burning can be extinguished by the extinguisher located right next to the kitchen door. The cook must grab the extinguisher by pressing the "E" key and hold the click button on the mouse whilst facing the pizza until it is completely finished. Then, it must be thrown in the trash. Pizzas must also be trashed if left on the floor for too long because bugs will start to eat on it. If a bug-infested pizza is placed in the oven, a squealing noise will play and they will turn black. Cold pizzas can be reutilized by simply reheating them.

Although being a cook is relatively simple, new players may not understand how to make pizzas efficiently. In this case, they can access a cooking tutorial by pressing a yellow button located in the kitchen. This tutorial can be played anytime, but it will not show up to players who deleted or finished it.

Pizza Boxer

Pizza Boxers are responsible for taking pizzas from the kitchen and boxing them for delivery and for directly leading Fizzly cans into the delivery area as well. The boxing area is located right outside the manager's office. Pizza boxers must take the pizza from the conveyor belt, drag them into a box and then close them. Then the boxed pizza is placed on the small conveyor belt and transported to the delivery table. As previously said, Fizzly cans cannot be boxed, so they are to be directly deposited in a smaller conveyor belt. The first aforementioned conveyor belt will do a rejection once a pizza is straight out inserted into it. Pizzas manually brought from the kitchen cannot be boxed, but they can pass through the conveyor belt. This is a problem to the delivery drivers since they can't deliver pizzas that are not boxed.

Often, dozens of pizzas can be seen on the roof right above the boxing machine. This happens because boxers sometimes accidentally drag the pizza above the pizzeria. If a boxer has their camera tilted just right, they can actually drag those pizzas back down from the roof and box them, making this action a good way to earn money when no more pizzas are coming from the conveyor belt. However, since the recent updates in 2018, this glitch no longer works.

The pizza boxes currently have the "Builder Brothers Pizza" logo. It previously showed the 'Hot & Fresh Pizza Pizza" logo, which was a logo of a real brand, so it was modified to most likely prevent trademark infringement.


Delivery drivers are responsible for delivering the boxed pizzas and Fizzly drinks to the correct house or player. Each house has a house number (such as "A1", "B2", "C3", etc.) and most orders will have one of these house numbers or they will be given to the real player. The driver must go to the correct house and taking their order to the front door, where it will be delivered to the owner (which will be the owner's clone or the same NPC a cashier previously took the order from). If the delivery driver delivers an order to the wrong house, there will be no penalty, meaning that it can be delivered to the right costumer with no problem. They get 10 (previously 15 Moneyz per order, updated back to 10 in July 2018 update) Moneyz per pizza/Fizzly delivered. The Moneyz given will increase its quantity with the progressive addition of 2 moneyz for every order given to the same house.

Delivery is one of the most crucial jobs of the pizza place, as it is the only way employees are paid without bonus checks or microtransactions. When a pizza is delivered, everyone earns money for it; so if there are no deliveries, then nobody will be paid even if everyone else is doing their job correctly. It is important to have good delivery drivers, especially those who know to take advantage of the daily 'Double Time' event, where each delivery earns everyone twice as much money. 'Double Time' starts about every 30 minutes.


Suppliers are responsible for transporting the pizza ingredients from the warehouse to the pizzeria using large trucks, which keeps resources available to cook and box pizzas. The supplies are cubes of pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausages, Fizzly, and boxes. If these supplies run out, no more pizzas can be made (or boxed) unless the supplier restocks the supplies, so they must always watch for any items that are running low. The maximum amount of resources that each item can be restocked to is 99, if the supplies are filled to 99, it will not count unless the count lowers.

There are two boards that show the stock of each ingredient: one in the pizza place's loading dock and another in the warehouse. Suppliers can check these boards to know which supplies need to deliver. Towards the back of the warehouse, there are buttons (ingredient buttons will be based on their color) which the supplier can step on to produce the ingredient cubes, which they must load into supply trucks. Afterward, the supplier must drive the truck to the pizza place's loading dock, exit the truck, and pull the lever to release the boxes onto the conveyor belt.

Because the pizza place depends on having ingredients, the supplier is one of the most important jobs in the game. Suppliers must know how to stack the supplies so there are no "loose" boxes, which may fall off the truck or make the truck fling off the map. They must also be able to get the ingredients to the pizzeria before the boxes disappear, which is hard if the roads are crowded with delivery cars and players.

Delivery trucks can knock down trees and mailboxes. This can give suppliers an advantage if there are any obstacles on the road.

On Break

Players who are not currently working are "On Break". Players can get this status by walking into their house, walk into someone's house, start the game at their house, or stay inactive while working. Players who are "On Break" do not get coins when pizzas are delivered. However, paychecks will come when they worked before. Since the December 2017 update, managers will be placed on break if they enter a house. A message will show up for the manager confirming if they want to go on break or not, and warning that someone else can become manager during that time. For trolls, staying On Break gives them a small advantage, because managers can't put them back to work not only because they're not working. Also, managers cannot enter houses without quitting their occupation.


When a new player joins the game, they are automatically given a house which they can customize. The house saves automatically, and upon joining the game their house will be loaded.

There are twelve houses on the map, divided into three sections: A (A1-A3), B (B1-B6) and C (C1-C3). The player's house will be placed into a random vacant location on one of these three streets. Any houses which are not occupied by players will be vacant until a new player joins (until this doesn't happen, a gray, medium house will host a NPC in a standardized fashion)

Houses are a way for players to spend and manage their earned Moneyz, with a feature to customize their houses. Players can change the color of their house's walls, roofs, doors, and windows, and can also buy furniture from the in-game Catalog, which they place wherever they want in their house. Additionally, certain gears, Moneyz, and optional garages can be bought with Robux.

Houses start off very small. Use the Moneyz you earn from working, bonuses or for joining the game to upgrade your house. These upgrades can expand your house size and floors (such as Large House, Two-Story House, and Backyard, as well as Mansion). There is no way for you to buy Two-Story, Three-Story houses and a backyard with Robux as these upgrades have been converted to be bought with Moneyz.

Formerly, players could rate houses, but this was removed since Dued1 considered it is unnecessary. A like button has been added to replace the rating system. You can find it under the Customization tab in the Catalog for 990 Moneyz.


The following is an ordered list of all currently available house upgrades that players can progress through:

Name Cost Description
Tiny House Free The default size house you start out with. Not an upgrade.
Small House 1,200 Moneyz This makes your house slightly bigger, allowing more items to be placed.
Medium House 3,700 Moneyz The house will be turned into a much larger with space for extra walls. Vacant houses are always this size, adopting a standardized appearance.
Large House 5,200 Moneyz or 960 Robux Just like the second upgrade, it makes the house slightly larger.
Two Story House 14,900 Moneyz This upgrade adds a second floor (with a staircase) to the house.
Three Story House 36,000 Moneyz Another floor is added to the house, right above the second floor. It also adds a balcony and another door.
Backyard 40,000 Moneyz Inserts a fenced-in area behind the house, a backdoor to the yard and a green button that can be pressed at any time if you wish to close your backyard, making it more private.
Basement 45,000 Moneyz Adds a basement to the house and another staircase.
Mansion 200,000 Moneyz or 2300 Robux

This is the second largest upgrade available for the house. It is coming with features; Can hold 800 furniture pieces, place furniture in the front yard, a second balcony, custom ceiling/stair colors, and a wooden backyard fence. Plus an attic.


600,000  Moneyz or 4200 Robux

As the largest and most expensive upgrade available for the house, the Estate contains nearly 2x the floor space, a new attic, giant garage, and also the ability to place furniture in garage and on the side of house.

Name Cost Description
Garage 145 R$ Adds a separate garage that can spawn locked cars and paint on a car will stay on, even if you generate a new car.
Pontoon Boat 650 R$ Gives a luxury boat with a music player and 11 seats. (In 2018 the Pontoon Boat's music player was modified. As of the update, only the driver can hear the audio they play).

Shop (Catalog & The Dump)

Since the homes of new players have nothing in them, they are usually encouraged to customize their homes by buying furniture from the catalog, using in-game Moneyz which they earn from completing their jobs. Another way of buying furniture is The Dump. The Dump is a building where you can find special discounts on items that would otherwise cost full price on the catalog. Mr. Builder owns The Dump (previously there were 2 clerks who can help you change the color of parts of your house in exchange for coins but paint buckets were issued to everyone from January 23, 2017, to replace this feature). The Dump was once closed from January 23, 2017, to January 31, 2019.

The catalog contains gear, furniture, etc., which can be purchased with Moneyz. Once you buy something from the catalog, in order to use it or place it in your house, you must use the inventory (bag on top left corner). Use the removal tool (red X gear on 2nd row [gear row]) to remove furniture.

  • To start with, the game will offer you a free furniture item (previously 4). Open up the inventory (backpack icon) and click on the item to equip and place it in your house!
  • A free gift appears above your mailbox occasionally, which is a daily item. Touch the mailbox when the present icon is shown above your mailbox.

Moneyz (Coins)

Moneyz (Coins) are the only currency used in Work at a Pizza Place.

You can earn Moneyz through the following:

  • Starter Check (500 Moneyz — can only be obtained once)
  • Daily Check (200 Moneyz, 400 with VIP)
  • Paycheck (Twice an in-game day, once in the daytime and once in nightfall)
  • Bonus Check (150 Moneyz, given by the manager)
  • Uncashed Paycheck (If the player leaves without claiming the standard check)
  • Secret Island Chest (1500 Moneyz — can only be obtained once)
  • Microtransactions
  • Selling unwanted items
  • Moneybag (maximum 2000 Moneyz, each coin gives 200)


Pets (referred to as 'Zoobers') were added to the game during Christmas 2015. They can be purchased for 7,000 Moneyz. The player can customize their Zoober upon purchase and can have 3 active at a time. The Zoobers will float near you but can be held in the player's hand if instructed to. The player can disable their Zoober any time by simply clicking the green button on the bottom right, and click it again to re-activate the Zoober.


The player can purchase accessories for their Zoober through the top hat button in the Pet interface. Only 1 accessory can be worn by a Zoober at a time.


The player will need to frequently check the Pet tab on the top of their screen to check on their Zoober's stats. The 4 stats are:

  • Hunger
  • Sleep
  • Fun
  • Pet

These need to be frequently checked on, and if one of the stats are low, the player can click on the correct button representing the stat to increase it (e.g. If the Zoober's sleep stats are low, click the "Sleep" button to put them to sleep). Zoober with very low stats has a tendency to cry or appear sleepy.


A picture of all stickers which can be obtained.

A customer holding an uncommon sticker capsule.

Stickers were added to the game on September 15, 2018, and function as cosmetic decorations which players can collect and apply to walls for aesthetic purposes. Their color determines the rarity, which ranges from Common (Blue), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Yellow) and Legendary (Purple). They were originally awarded for free through a daily reward system but were later changed to be available through serving customers who arrive with a capsule in their hand. Once the customer's order is delivered, it will award all players currently working at the time with a random sticker. Stickers can also be purchased using Robux from vendors in the main dining area of the restaurant, and rolling a duplicate sticker will award the player with coins.

Employee Benefits

The manager has the power to hand out employee benefits to hard-working employees. There are two kinds of employee benefits: Bonus checks and Employee of the Day.

  • Bonus checks can be handed out by the manager for hard work. These are blue, 150 Moneyz checks which can be cashed instantly. There is a 10-minute cool down for handing out bonus checks.
  • The Employee of The Day is a highly sought-after award that managers may appoint an employee for. The employee of the day is commemorated with a golden plaque of their avatar in the cashier room, manager's office, and the pizza boxing room. There is a 15-minute cool down between selecting employees of the day. Apart from having your name on the wall, this has no benefits.

Party Island

Party Island is a game that can be teleported to from Work at a Pizza Place. The game allows players to customize their house and throw parties, where other players can dance and explore other people's houses. DJ booths are popular party items.The map, unlike the regular game, only features houses, and lots of people can play. 

Players can teleport through the tall portal next to The Dump.

Easter Eggs

  • Whether intentional or not, it is possible to push a customer away from the cashier area and even carry them on your head. Just walk into a customer and they will move and jump onto your head if you keep walking. You can cook them by shoving them into an oven and closing it. They can be still interacted with normally, even when cooked.
  • There is a rocky island northwest of the mainland (near the edge of the water) (north being the direction of the supplier's warehouse from the pizza place), that has a treasure chest which will give 700 Moneyz which can be opened only once.
  • Another island can be found southeast that has a shelter, a homeless person and has a jungle-like appearance. You used to be able to sell your unwanted items by talking to the homeless person. The person looks stranded considering his overgrown beard. However, the cabin accommodates 2 beds, which suggests that there were two stranded people originally. After the July 2018 update, the homeless man was situated at the Dump where the teleporter to Party Island formerly was situated at. After The Dump reopened on January 31, 2019, the man was moved back to the island, however you can no longer sell unwanted items to him anymore. The way to sell unwanted items now is to talk to Mr. Builder, the owner of The Dump.
  • Near the drive-thru is a secret room that has a dark brown wall. It contains a "Can You Keep a Secret?" poster, along with a rusty working soda machine and a dirty restaurant table with chairs. It's possible to see players in the pizza boxing area, through the ovens from the kitchen, and a little bit of the cashier area through semi-transparent walls that can't be seen through the other side. Additionally, it is possible to get into the upper ovens by climbing a truss that is located behind them and entering them through a roof that has no collision. The semi-transparent walls are one-sided only, meaning that only those who are inside the secret room are able to see through. I once saw too online daters kissing in there and they got banned also people also call this making out room
  • There is an Easter Egg which teleports you to the Work at a Burger Place game. It can be found by swimming towards Rock Island near house C2 and touching the Krusty Krab restaurant located under the water where you will be teleported to the game. Detailed water must be enabled in for this Easter Egg to work.
  • Under the water near house A3, there is a tunnel. A skeleton can be found within the tunnel. Currently, you can swim inside the Detailed Water and into the tunnel via a hole.

    A snapshot of me(YouChange) inside the tunnel hole, to indicate where you'd have to swim to enter.

    A snapshot of the Skeleton within the tunnel, with me(YouChange) alongside it.

Double Time Event & Special Pizzas

During the Double Time (DT) event which will happen occasionally in the game, players and customers would be able to walk faster and orders turn to gold pizzas. Special pizzas are pizzas that will increase the money gained for completing a regular order.

  • If the order is golden, you will get double the amount of money.
  • If the order is rainbow, you will get 10 times the amount of money. Rainbow pizzas and Fizzly makes a sparkling sound when nearby.
  • During the Double Time event (which lasts for 4 minutes and a 3-second countdown), all normal orders will become golden orders; after the event ends, all of the orders which were normal will revert to normal orders, while actual golden pizzas will remain golden, even after DT.

Game passes

There are 13 gamepasses, which they are permanent gamepasses

Name Cost Description
VIP 1,000 Robux
  • 50% more Moneyz per paycheck.
  • X2 more Moneyz in Daily checks.
  • You can use your paint bucket to change the material of your boat, car, or house.
  • The manager cannot put you back to work or nominate you for a ban.
  • Able to invite players to teleport to your house to have a party.
  • Able to teleport back to your house at any time.
  • Access to neon floors in the catalog.
  • Crown icon next to a name.
  • Yellow text chat.
Manager Teleporter 80 Robux Teleports you to the manager's chair as soon as the manager quits their job.
Hang Glider 120 Robux See the pizza place from a new perspective. WARNING: Do not attempt to use hang glider while in free fall.
Large House 960 Robux Three Story House that has a backyard and basement.
Pizza Delivery Vehicle 225 Robux Cruise around in your sweet pizza delivery vehicle. Click 'X' to turn on your headlights and 'H' to honk.
Pontoon Boat 650 Robux Take your friends on trips to different islands. Features a music player and seats up to 11 people.
Garage 145 Robux Adds a garage to your house and your own personal car that no other players can steal. The colors you paint your car save.
Emoji Pack 80 Robux Express yourself with this emote expansion pack! *Disgust *Pass out *Shocked *Evil Laugh.
Mansion 3,000 Robux Can hold 800 furniture pieces! You can put stuff in your front yard! Second balcony! Custom ceiling colors, stair colors, and much more! Wooden backyard fence!
X3 Stickers 25 Robux Put up to 3 different stickers on a wall!
Radio 300 Robux Show off your taste in music from your car radio to other nearby players.
Victorian Unlimited Set 400 Robux Place an unlimited number of Victorian style pieces in your house.
Estate 4,200 Robux
  • Free Jeep vehicle included
  • Nearly 2X the floor space!
  • New attic!
  • Giant garage!
  • Able to place furniture in the garage!
  • Able to place furniture on the side of your house


Obtainable Badges

Name Image Objective
Manager Manager Badge.png Give a bonus check to 15 players as manager.
Supplier Supplier Badge.png Bring a total of 500 supply boxes to the pizza place.
Delivery Delivery Badge.png Deliver 100 pizzas.
Pizza Boxer Pizza Boxer Badge.png Box 100 pizzas.
Cook Cook Badge.png Cook 100 pizzas.
Cashier Cashier Badge.png Take 100 customer orders.

Unobtainable Badges

Name Image Objective
Snowman Snowman Badge.png Help the snowman find his carrot nose.
Hard Worker Hard Worker Badge.png Earn the Joyful Bell Helmet by performing each job (except manager) 5 times. If you leave the game, your progress toward the joyful bell helmet will reset. Bring 5 supply boxes to the pizza place, take 5 customer orders, cook 5 pizzas, box 5 pizzas(or Fizzly), deliver 5 pizzas(or Fizzly). Players using mobile devices do not have to take 5 customer orders.
Find Robin Find Robin Badge.png Find Robin hidden on the map.
Pizza Hat Pizza Hat Badge.png Unknown.
Find the zombie Find the zombie Badge.png Unknown.
Boombox Backpack Boombox Backpack Badge.png Unknown.
Pizza Mohawk Pizza Mohawk Badge.png Unknown.
Purple Afro Purple Afro Badge.png Unknown.
Disco Hat Disco Hat Badge.png Unknown.


ROBLOX Holiday 2014 Event

Main article: ROBLOX Holiday 2014

This is the first time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to do all job 10 times, expect Manager and On Break jobs to get the Joyful Bell Helmet. The second objective is need to find to the carrot nose in spawn-points to get the Snowman's Carrot Nose.

Teen Titans Go! Event

Main article: Teen Titans Go!

This is the second time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to find tiny Robin spawning throughout the game to get the Robin's Mask.

Disney Infinity Event

Main article: Disney Infinity

This is the third time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to deliver 30 times in the server to get the Pizza Place Hat.


This was a third party event with the game Blink (outside of roblox), created by Dued1's brother. If you purchased Blink, you could get special items in Work at a Pizza Place.

BLOXtober 2015 Event

Main article: BLOXtober 2015

This event is the fourth one held in the game. The objective is need to find the tiny zombie, which spawns in random places to get the Nerf Bandana.

Pizza Party Event

Main article: Pizza Party

This is the fifth time for featuring in an event. The objective is need to touch a pizza that has been shot from a Community Pizza Launcher to get the Boombox Backpack. The second objective is need to touch a pizza that has been shot from a Developer Pizza Launcher to get the Pizza Mohawk. The third objective is need to touch a pizza that has been shot from a Video Star Pizza Launcher to get the Purple Party Fro. The fourth objective is need to touch a pizza that has been shot from a Admin Pizza Launcher to get the Disco Ball Helmet.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Malay
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • One of the wrong responses you can say to a customer, "Hi, I'm Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?", is from the 2003 Christmas comedy film, Elf.
  • On March 30, 2018, Dued1 released two new exclusive items and double cash for two days as part of the game's 10th anniversary.
  • The game was the first to achieve 100 million visits on the platform.
  • On October 11, 2018, the game surpassed one billion visits.
  • Work at a Pizza Place has won an award for "Best Mobile Game" during the 4th Annual Bloxy Awards. Including the award, the game has been nominated 3 times throughout 3 Bloxy Award shows.
  • There is a way to "reset" the Remove Manager counter as a Manager without having to step on the vote button. First, click a player. Then, go to your office and make sure no one is in there. Finally, click the "Leave Job" button, and quickly sit on the executive chair.
  • With the purchasable Snowball gear, there is a way to abuse its knockback to push managers onto the Remove Manager button, forcefully removing them from the occupation and allowing someone else to take the job without the need for eight votes. This can also be done using the pumpkin trophy gear that could be earned by completing the maze during the Halloween 2018 event.
  • Supplier and Cashier are the only fully independent jobs in the game, meaning that they do not have to rely on someone doing another job before they can perform theirs.
  • Many features that had been removed were re-introduced later such as the drive-thru and double time.
  • Obtaining the Delivery badge will grant the user the Pizza Boy skin in Arsenal.
  • There was a way that you could get inside the manager's office via the window and using the sleep emote to glitch through it in and out. This glitch has been since patched.
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