The Quarry is a mining game developed by Dummiez. It was first being developed on November 14th, 2013 and was released in beta on April 4th, 2014. It has more than 5 million visits while being favorited by over 80,000 users. It was created as a "tribute" to PieDude777's "Epic Mining 2" after it was originally broken by later updates made by ROBLOX.

After the Jurassic World (2015) event ended, the game began gradually declining in popularity, possibly due to player link|PieDude777}}'s game being fixed and becoming re-available again to play. Soon after, the game was pulled off the front page. The interest rate beyond this point typically ranges from around 30 to 50 players.


You start on surface with pickaxe. Your mission is to dig, sell and upgrade to mine further and faster. Mine into dirt layer to get basic ores, then into stone layer to get advanced and basic ores, then into granite layer for advanced and rare ores and last obsidian layer for rare and special ores. Upgrade your pickaxe in shop and also buy other things such like faster teleport to surface time, teleport pad, visibility/light distance, dynamite and much more.

Group Ranks

Group Ranks are an optional part of The Quarry gameplay. To participate in this Ranking system, one must join the official fan club (The Quarry Fan Club), meet the criteria of a Rank, ensure they possess one of the mined total badges that proves they are qualified for a Rank, and then post on the group wall for the Rank they qualify for (Note: Your mined total on Dev Quarry doesn't count towards ranks as Dev Quarry doesn't provide badges)
Skilled Miner
Rank Name Criteria
[Novice Miner] Entry Rank
[Skilled Miner] 10,000+ Blocks Mined
[Expert Miner] 100,000+ Blocks Mined
[Master Miner] 500,000+ Blocks Mined
[Legendary Miner] 1,000,000+ Blocks Mined
[Universal Miner] 5,000,000 Blocks Mined
Ranks outside Miner are Staff Ranks; volunteers that help ensure promotions are given, rules are followed, and issues are resolved/noted (stat loss, bugs/exploits, etc.).


List of Upgrades and prices for every upgrade.

Upgrade Name +Speed [Stone] +Speed [Dirt] +Speed [Ores] +Speed [Granite] +Speed [Obsidian] +Distance [Pick] +Walkspeed [Pick] +Cooldown [All] +Inventory +Teleport +Visibility
Upgrade #1 $250 $75 $150 $16,000 $125,000 $75 $300 $200 $125 $75 $250
Upgrade #2 $600 $150 $250 $24,200 $175,000 $250 $600 $400 $450 $200 $600
Upgrade #3 $950 $300 $400 $56,500 $250,000 $450 $1,150 $700 $900 $550 $1,150
Upgrade #4 $1,500 $700 $600 $89,000 $387,500 $900 $2,300 $1,100 $1,900 $1,100 $2,600
Upgrade #5 $2,100 $1,300 $850 $111,000 $550,000 $1,800 $5,600 $2,600 $3,600 $2,300 $5,150
Upgrade #5 $3,300 $2,600 $1,150 $158,000 $725,000 $2,750 $9,600 $3,200 $6,800 $3,400 $9,700
Upgrade #6 $5,500 $6,700 $2,700 $204,000 $962,500 $4,550 $13,400 $5,100 $9,300 $5,000 $18,600
Upgrade #7 $8,000 $16,400 $3,300 $265,000 $1,450,000 $9,200 $22,500 $7,400 $16,500 $7,200 $38,900
Upgrade #8 $15,000 $30,000 $5,850 $309,000 2,000,000 $14,600 $34,000 $12,800 $40,700 $9,600 $110,000
Upgrade #9 $40,000 - $7,650 $400,000 2,825,000 $28,900 $49,700 $30,000 $88,500 $16,000 -
Upgrade #9 - - $9,900 - $3,975,000 $52,000 $110,000 - $180,000 $22,100 -
Upgrade  #10 - - $14,500 - $5,250,000 $80,000 - - $325,000 $34,200 -
Upgrade #11 - - $29,500 - $7,000,000 - - - $600,000 $49,600 -
Upgrade #12 - - $50,000 - - - - - - $120,000 -
Upgrade #13 - - - - - - - - - $175,000 -
Upgrade #14 - - - - - - - - - $230,000 -
Upgrade #15 - - - - - - - - - $310,000 -
Upgrade #16 - - - - - - - - - $530,000 -


Gamepasses provide tools, boosts, and chat options while playing The Quarry.

Gamepass Name Gamepass Features
Donation Pass  Provides gold chat and [Donator] prefix (this prefix is overridden if you are part of the game's fan club).
Ore Claim Prevents others from mining your ores for a few seconds. Good if you want to mine privately.
Instamine  Proves you a 65% chance of mining a block instantly. This gamepass has been back on-sale.
Player Points Gives you up to 3x more player points while mining.
100% Inventory Provides you double the inventory space per upgrade (max inventory space with this gamepass is 7,366).
Extras Pass Provides a permanent version of the Gravity Coil, Checkpoint Pad, and the Grappel Gun.
Place Ability Allows you to place down blocks within the quarry. Useful to prevent other players from seeing ores.
Sandbox Mode Gives you a golden pickaxe, 100% instamine, and double the chances of getting a depth charge (rare dynamite drop).


The following list contains all current layers and ores available to The Quarry.

Ore Name Ore Sell Price Ore Description & Appearance

Spawn Chance

Dirt $2 The first Layer in the game. Can be found from Depth 0 till Depth -112. This layer is available to all players from the start.  Layer
Stone $4 The second Layer in the game. Appears at Depth -113 till Depth -365. This layer is locked to players without a minimum of 100 blocks mined. Layer
Copper $12 A copper ore. First appears in the dirt layer,and ends in Granite layer. Mostly common
Granite $12 The third layer in the game. Starts at depth -366 till depth -776. This layer Is locked to players without a minimum of 1,000 blocks mined. Layer
Silver $24 A siler ore. First appears in the dirt layer. Most common (Dirt, Stone and Granite), Uncommon in Obsidian
Obsidian $24 The final layer for The Quarry. Starts at Depth -777 and ends at Depth -1602. This layer is locked to players without a minimum of 10,000 blocks mined. Layer
Gold $34 A gold ore. First appears in the dirt layer, and started at -1603. This layer is locked to players without a minimum of 50,000 blocks mined. Very common (Mostly in Stone and below)
Sapphire $48 A blue gem. It can be first discovered in dirt layer, starting at -2103. Must be 75K mined to this layer. Common
Ruby $66 A red gem. It can be found starting in dirt layer, to -2603. Must be 100K mined in this layer. Uncommon (Common in Stone and below)
Emerald $86 A green gem. Can sometimes be found starting in the dirt layer, commonly in Stone or deeper, and depth -3103. 200K mined req'd Uncommon (spawn rarely in dirt, commonly in Stone and below)
Diamond $194 A light blue block. Can be found starting from the stone layer to depth -3603. 300K blocks mined req'd Uncommon
Uranium $510 A bright green ore. Can be found starting in the stone layer. All found in -4103 500K blocks mined req'd Med-high
Turquoise $2,014 A turquoise ore. It was introduced during the Roblox Holidy Event 2014. It has since been made a permanent rare ore. Low
Amethyst $2,048 A dark purple ore that gives off a purple glow. It can be found in all layers, including -4227 to Bedrock. To unlock, mine ??? blocks Medium
Platinum $6,096 A white ore that gives off a white glow along with white sparkles. This can be found in any layer. Not quite rare, pretty much
Tektite $16,384 A black ore that gives off a faint red glow. It can be found at any depth. Medium
Adurite $78,720 A bright red ore that gives off a strong red glow. Can be found starting in the stone layer. Low.
Fire Crystal $171,072 A bright orange ore that glows orange and radiates fire. Its an extremely rare ore to acquire and can be found starting in the granite layer, little bit common in Obsidian layer. Medium to low chance
Viridian $314,666 A green ore with cobblestone. It is only found on Granite Layer. Cannot be spawned in Obsidian layer. Low
Unobtainium $661,337 A dark blue ore that gives off a pale blue light and blue sparkles. Currently the rarest and most valuable ore in the game. Nearly 0% chance (except Amethyst layer)
Bedrock No price The end of limit, -4251 is entirely bedrock. Starting Obsidian or deeper. Unmineable.

Changing Ores

Often while mining, common-uncommon ores can turn into rare ores (Uranium, Platninum, Amethyst, and Tektite). Players are notified of this event via message within the chatbox.
Rare Ore Notification
Ore change

Layer replaced to the ores

These events activate randomly and can sometimes happen consecutively from one another.

ROBLOX Holiday 2014

The Quarry was a featured game during the Holiday event. During this time the map was changed to match the winter theme of the event.
RobloxScreenShot01122015 173038342

Walking in a winter wonderland~

Like with the other featured games, players had the opportunity to obtain two game exclusive hats. The first hat "Snowman's Head" was obtained by touching the snowman head that perodically spawned and depsawned in various places on the map. The second hat was the "Festive Pickaxe Pack" that was obtained by finding and mining the turquoise ore while digging in the quarry.

Jurassic World Event 2015

On June 1st, 2015, The Quarry participated in the Jurassic World event. The map received a total makeover and made use of Smooth Terrain.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Players new to the game are often seen going into other people's holes and stopping when they see a rare ore. This can be frustrating to players because it either makes it harder for them to find rare ores or they want it really bad. Because of this, some players with the "Ore Claim" gamepass tend to hide their holes by placing blocks around them so others wouldn't be able to go in them. Some couldn't even mine ores given to them because some players have the ability to claim ores they have mined.
  • Adurites, fire crystals, and unobtainiums are some of the most wanted ores by players, since they are the most valuable.
  • Tektite can be easily confused as obsidian, and ruby can be confused as adurite, as they have the same colors.
  • The Viridian ore is not featured in the Dev version of this game.
  • Around early July 2016, The creator's account was compromised, resulting in dozens of malicious players stealing copies of the game and many players being given moderation tools resulting cheating, stat resets, and glitches caused by misuse of moderation tools.
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