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Robloxian Waterpark is a game created by a user called Edd_E. It has currently 75M+ visits since its release.

The game is a roleplaying game, where you can dress up, explore the area, chill and socialize with other players, and make new friends! The game has many different unique features including Various interactable NPC's, waterslides and much more.

The game is still popular as the interest rate ranges from 400 to 1000 users daily, but the game has stopped being in the growth phase.

Revamp 2019- On June 15th, 2019, Edd_E updated the game and added some new features: A new sky box, a big "O" Logo sitting on one of the mountians, and added a tall building that is visual only. Night Mode has been removed and has been replaced with Dusk.

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