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EvilArtist/Vivian Arellano is a famous user who is most known for the art she makes for certain developers' Roblox games as a freelance artist. She also has UGC rights. She is currently working with the game development team Fullflower Studio on the Roblox game Mermaid Life.


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  • She was a Summer 2018 Accelerator Intern.
  • She is available as a Roblox Toy in the Celebrity Series 3 Mystery Boxes.
    • The virtual item obtained with the code from the toy is known as Interstellar Rabbit Ears.
    • Vivian has been mentioned in a blog by Business-Insider including her, Anne/Myzta and KaceyWillEatChu. 
    • In her blog she said as a kid, she aspired to be a Youtuber, which inspired some of her old names.
    • Her UGC item, Strawberry To Go 3.0 has hit 100,000 sales making it her first!
  • Outside of Roblox, she is in a relationship with berezaa.[1]
  • She was interviewed by SilentBuddy.[2]
  • She has a fan group known as the Vivinions.


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