Strife! is a game created by the user Fenrier. The game has 7,000,000 visits and 83,000 favorites. This game is currently in alpha.

In this game, Strife! is a fighting game that lets you have 20 different classes to choose from. After everyone chooses their class, all available players are teleported into a map to fight to the death.


When a round starts, a map and gamemode is randomly chosen and players are teleported to that map. Upon arrival, players spawn in with their weapons, with a set of abilities, that they chose and equip them. Then, they must complete the task of the gamemode in order to win (see Gamemode section).


[F] - Equip Weapon

[LMB] - Standard Attack Combo (4 attacks)

[E], [Z], [X], [C], [V] - Abilities (majority have a cooldown)

Game Mechanics

Standard Attack Combo - A combo of attacks by pressing LMB several times. Standard attacks can be used without mana.

Abilities - An attack that requires mana and has a cooldown, but is more powerful than a standard attack and has unique effects.

Stats - There is three types of stats you have: Damage, Defense, and Speed.

  • Damage (statistically) is how much damage you can deal on average.
  • Defense is how much damage you can resist.
  • Speed is how fast you can move on foot.

Health - Health is the threshold to fight before you die. The majority of the classes have 1000 health, but Nether has 800 health.

Damage - Damage is how much damage you deal to the enemy's HP. Based on user's damage stats and enemy's defense stats. Critical damage is when an attack deals 200 damage.

Mana - Mana is generated throughout the round. Mana is needed to cast most abilities, because without mana, you cannot cast them.

Stun - Whenever you get attacked, stun is added to the Stun Bar, with a threshold of 100. Stun varies from attacks. Once the Stun Bar reaches 100, the player is stunned for around 3 seconds, unable to move nor attack.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control is special effects that changes the fight of the game. There are currently 5 types of crowd control. Some are low-tier CC, meaning some abilities can ignore it. High-tier CC bypasses the majority of abilities used.

Stun - If your Stun bar reaches 100, you become stunned for around 3 seconds. When you're stunned, you cannot move nor attack. High-tier CC.

Stagger - Implemented in some classes' abilities. Whenever you get hit by an attack that staggers, you'll be unable to move or attack for around 1.5 seconds, regardless of amount of stun. Low-tier CC.

Suppressed - When you're suppressed, you're locked into a position and any attacks/abilities you were doing are cancelled. High-tier CC.

Off-Balance - When you're off-balanced, you cannot activate any abilities or attack for a set period of time, but you can still move. Low-tier CC.

Timelocked - When you're timelocked, you are locked into a position for a set period. However, attacks and abilities aren't cancelled. After the timelocked effect passes, the player timelocked will resume its animations. Low-tier CC.


Class Role Sub-Role Summary
Frigost Fighter Mage Slow enemies as much as possible in close combat, then killing them with their standard attack combo as they're unable to run away. Not very mobile itself, making it an easy target against ranged classes.
Commander Fighter Support Buffs itself and its allies, in defense and damage, to extreme limits. Meanwhile, Commander has good AoE and control on the battlefield. Overall slow attack speed and moderately high cooldowns, has trouble against ranged fighters.
Mechanic Fighter Support Uses armors for itself or for its allies to adapt to certain situations while having buffs (in both damage and defense) in the process. Lacks mobility and potential.
Spectre Fighter Rusher Indirectly kill enemies by going into Phantom Mode while keeping its body in a safe and secluded place. Can be caught off guard if body is attacked during Phantom Mode; lacks potential when not in Phantom Mode.
Vulca Mage Rusher Wields a blade and a gun, providing both melee and ranged gameplay. Buffs its attacks by increasing their damage, creating burst damage in a short amount of time. Set enemies ablaze also, withering enemies' health. Weak against AoE and crowd control, lowered base defense.
Nether Mage Rusher Damage enemies in midrange, keeping a good distance away from close combat classes. Moves in burst movements to avoid getting hit. Has its attacks damage rapidly. Lowered base health.
Trooper Mage Rusher Shoot enemies in a far distance with great aim, while not being hurt in the process. Increases in damage when landing hits. Fighting is troublesome if Trooper is in melee combat.
Cryo Mage Hexer Debuff defense and slow enemies via freezing stacks, obtained by enemies being hit by most of Cryo's abilities. Gain Frost to generate Drakes, which powers up Cryo. Weak against fast classes that can avoid its AoE and attacks.
Proto Rusher Fighter Kill the enemy as quickly as possible before the enemy has a time to react. Dodge enemy attacks and have mobility with the use of its jetpack. Bad against burst damage classes and tanks.
Renegade Rusher Fighter Focuses on constantly hitting the enemy to get stacks. Stacks allow Renegade to bypass enemy's additional defense, and getting over 10 doubles the next attack's damage and resets the stacks. Has good control over the battlefield with speed debuffs and Invisibility. Lacks defensive capabilities and a good escape route.
Major Rusher Fighter Chase down enemies. Benefits in landing hits by increasing in attack speed for a few seconds with each successful hit. Ability to increase its damage and debuff enemy's defense. Deprived in a lack of mana means it cannot chase enemies nor deal damage as well.
Obsidian Tank Mage Uses obelisks to alter the field of battle. Extremely high defense (from its "armor") and great AoE with obelisks. Rapid hits break his armor, can't defend from ranged attackers.
Omega Tank Fighter Extremely powerful melee fighter. Suppresses enemies at a melee range, then deals great damage to them as a punishment. Painfully slow and has no reliable mobility options.
Ichor Tank Fighter Soaks up damage like a sponge, then deals damage back to the attacking enemy like a bulldozer; deals powerful damage up close. No actual range attacks, slow if Ichor soaks up too much blood.
Barbarian Tank Fighter Stun enemies constantly and smash them down while they're stunned. Can easily regenerate health and stamina before and after fights. Lacks range, actual damage, and control over the field.
Abyss Support Mage Defensive support; heals and buffs itself and its allies, good AoE. Lacks offensive potential.
Tempus Support Hexer Speed up allies while slowing enemies down, while using Timelock as its main crowd control. Also uses Distortion, which can be consumed instead of Tempus's mana (Wakfu). Lackluster damage.
Anubis Hexer Fighter Curse enemies and gain permanent buffs when a curse enemy dies or when they kill an enemy themselves. Can become an unstoppable force if Anubis gets enough stacks. Weak at the start of the game.
Tundrus Hexer Mage Have insane DPS (from Tundrus's low-cooldown, low-consumption abilities) while in a distance, with an ability that gives Tundrus a small heal. Can deprive mana easily if abilities are spammed too much, bad at melee fights, and lowered base defense.
Retired Class Role Sub-Role Summary
Sievert Rusher Mage Rush down enemies with ease. Shred down enemies with DPS. Inconsistent, as Sievert uses "Rads", which change Sievert's stats and slightly disbenefit it with more Rads it has.

Category Description
Fighter Classes that focus on using their combo click attacks to do damage. Their abilities are usually used as utility or for increasing the power of their combo attacks.
Mage Classes that focus on using their abilities to deal damage with versatile ability sets meant for either great burst damage or damage over time.
Rusher Classes with great base movement or movement abilities. Rushers are usually focused on burst damage and being able to kill enemies quickly.
Tank Classes focused on having high defense, crowd control capabilities, and defense buffs.
Support Classes focused on directly aiding allies, buffing teammates, and providing crowd control.
Hexer Classes focused on heavily debuffing opponents; they have high crowd control capabilities.


Gamemode Chance Description
Elimination Common Be the last player standing! Having two or more players alive when the time runs out will result into a loss.
Deathmatch Common Kill the most players to win! When two or more players both have the highest amount of kills, it resorts to a tie and the players who had the highest amount of kills will get a win.
Team Elimination Uncommon Players are separated into two teams. Both teams must fight each other to the death in order to win. If the enemy team is eliminated, the surviving team wins.
Team Deathmatch Uncommon Players are separated into two teams. Both teams must make the most kills as a whole than the other team. To win, you must have higher kills in total than the opposing team.
Juggernaut Rare One player is the juggernaut, a player who has increased defense and damage, while the rest are attackers. The Juggernaut's goal is to eliminate all Attackers, while the Attackers' goal is to eliminate the Juggernaut.
Boss Fight Rare All players are grouped together as a team. They are giving 20 seconds to prepare to fight the boss. After that intermission, an NPC boss is spawned and will target the boss fighters. The Boss Fighters main goal is to eliminate the boss. If the boss successfully kills all the boss fighters, the players lose the round.

There is currently 1 boss available, Siegmund, who spawns on Forgotten Hill. There is one other boss as well, dubbed Neflhelm, but you can only fight him in the winter season.

Team Boss Fight Removed Implemented during the Civil War Update. Players are separated into two teams. Each team has a NPC boss that can both attack each other and their enemies. The players' main goal is to kill the enemy boss before the time runs out.

The two bosses in Team Boss Fight are Manotech and Avnas.


Name Builder Status Image
Forgotten Hill Speedydude900 Available N/A
Desert Dunes Archaic0 Available N/A
Crossroads ROBLOX (edited by creators) Available N/A
Permafrost Lake Speedydude900 Available N/A
Fort Alcazar Aedige Unavailable N/A


Strife! didn't receive a lot of attention until the Civil War event, where ROBLOX sponsored an event on Fenrier's game.

To celebrate it, Strife! made a Team Boss Fight solely for the purpose of the Civil War event.

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