Innovation Spaceship (IIS) is a space cruiser roleplay game made by Festivereinhard2 for the group Innovation Inc.

It is currently the most daily visited game in the research facility genre, second being the Innovation Arctic Base, and third being its competitor's game, Pinewood Computer Core.

Based on game lore, the Innovation Spaceship is set in a distant future, having travelled for a thousand years in search for life among the stars, where the spaceship had not been in contact with Earth for over 900 years. Regardless of its isolation, the spaceship boasts of "advanced" technologies (It sounds a lot like red dwarf. Doesn't it?). 

The Spaceship is based off the USS Darkstar Ship. The USS Darkstar is a half life mod. Some parts of the ship are modelled after the USS Darkstar Ship.

Due to the game's popularity, it became an official Innovation game in early 2017. It is the first time for a game not made by either madattak or Rolijok to become an official Innovation game.

Originaly the game was owned by a different accont festiveinhard (creator's first roblox account) but the account got deleted by roblox. After that the creator made a new account (Festivereinhard2 ) and continued development on the game.


Inside the Ship


The main controls of the ship. It monitors collision danger, fuel, engines, etc. You can check the ship's fuel on a board at the left of the entry.
  • Alien Translator Device
The Alien Translator Device consists of a large yellow screen in the rough center of the bridge, with a few controls on a panel below it. One such control is the custom radio, a gamepass feature which plays customs songs with a payment of 15 robux. This screen includes a grid, which can be navigated with a four-arrow panel below it. Certain points on the grid play musical signals, most of which are listed below. Finding any of these songs grants the player the "Intergalactic Music" badge.
List of Frequencies [X - Y]:
  • Control panel¬†

In front of the Steering wheel, it divides into three parts: Laser Controls, Engines Control and Hyperdrive.

  1. Engines Control: There are 7 engines, they turned green when activated and red when deactivated. They need fuel and would not activate without it.
  2. Hyperdrive: When the black bar at the end of the panel fills blue this can activate Hyperdrive, it will send the ship to another location. Players are advised to sit in the many chairs around the ship.
  3.  Laser Controls: There is a green bar that will charge with time when fully green the player has to adjust the bar next to for the white line to be in between the two green ones. After that,the player should select an objective ( Red Planet, Blue Planet,and Star) this will result in the objective to explode and raise collision danger (killing anyone on the bridge). If the player destroys Pinewood's ship this will result in one of the three Pinewood endings. If the player shoots Innovation's one for each engine it will result destroying it.
  • Steering Wheel
Slightly front of the center is a panel that includes a steering wheel, several controls and an "in space" panel, which lists all players that are currently outside of the spaceship. This area also includes a holographic star map and a small portrait.


The server room is a room filled with server banks located below the Bridge. It is only useful for getting to the Canteen. There is also a hidden button in one of the servers. When pressed, it will display the text "Number of buttons left // more to go" Or "Bill Nye Easter Egg has already been activated on this server." When the easter egg is ready then you just have to go to the bedroom while the night lever is activated.


The canteen is where the food machine is located. There are also sofas, plants, tables and a hologram of Earth. The food machine has 9 options: Sugar & Water, Pizza, Experiment 941, a Sandwich, Soda, a Burger, Tears of Enemies, Cake and Bone Juice.

Spawn Area

This is the main area of the ship located in between the Bridge and the Main Corridor. There is a bank of 8 screens in the middle, three of which display the IIS News, one that displays core temperature, and one that shows update news and two of which display static. One of the screens that show static will show the pod status during an emergency.

Main Corridor

The Main Corridor is the center of the ship adjacent to the Spawn Area, the second floor, the Labs, the security area and the Machine Room. Near the back, some areas of the floor turn transparent, allowing you to see various items going along a track.

Oxygen Chamber

The Oxygen Chamber is a room filled with plants to generate Oxygen for the ship. Be warned that one of the windows may break and then you will die of hypoxia. Stay in the chamber during a freezedown to survive and earn the Bees! ending and badge.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is a place for meetings or conferences of users/players. Basically, it serves as useful for speech but useless for other things. There is, also, a tube with the wires off and electricity coming from it, this will hurt the player a little and give them an electrifying effect, and also make the player's hair spiky. Other people can't recive this effectf from any player


The Bedroom is located on the 2nd floor and you can sleep in there, just make sure that the windows are closed in the bedroom so you can sleep. Basically, it serves as a useless room except for sleeping. It is also where a player activates the Bill Nye Easter Egg by lever if all buttons are pressed.

Shrink Machine

The Shrink Machine is a machine that can make you smaller, there are 3 settings, 1st laser is Slightly smaller than the average user, 2nd laser is Very small, and 3rd is molecule size when three lasers are on, it will teleport you to the molecule server. If you use 1 or 2 lasers more than once, you will become even smaller than you were before.


The Airlock is a gateway that allows you to exit the ship, into outer space. If you don't have a spacesuit, then you will die and/or rapid depressurization. If the hyperjump is activated, you will see that the spaceship disappeared and you will be teleported to a new server when you will die of the sun's heat. Using the stack of paper from gamepass "Roleplay Tools 2.0" you can glitch through the airlock door after closing the doors and before the outer door opens, which will then enable you to fly around the inside ship.

Cloning Lab

The Cloning Lab is the area where you can create your own clones. After a lot of use, the probability of failure may go up, cause in the machine and the panel to explode, zombifying the player inside and the player controlling the machine. There is also a Zombie button. If you press the button (and have 15 robux to activate it), you can change the probability of failure to 100%, causing the player inside to be zombified.

Astronomy Lab

In the Astronomy Lab, there is a usable telescope with which you can see an Asteroid and an Alien Planet. There is also a working zombie disinfector. The room can also be used to earn the Secret Ending badge (It is behind the chalkboard! Dont tell anybody!) [Only activates during meltdowns and shutdowns].

Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is where Innovation keeps aliens and a robot spider trapped in. There are two computers in the lab, however, 1 of them gives you a badge. Simply sit down in front of it and just click "YES". It plays¬†Ôľ∂ Ôľ° Ôľį ÔľĮ Ôľ≤ Ôľ∑ Ôľ° Ôľ∂ Ôľ•¬†and rewards you with the badge.

Teleportation Lab

The teleportation lab operates like the portal in the original Innovation Lab game except that you can teleport to more than one location, it's smaller and you need an astronaut suit, or you will pop in space and die. You can use it to escape the ship during an emergency.

Security Area

The security area can only be accessed by members of the Innovation Security Group. In there they can collect various weapons and uniforms and can earn the Spontaneous Liquid State Transformation Badge and use CCTV cameras.

Machine Room

In the machine room, there are many machines, and only 2 of them do anything. The coolant machine which, when active, Pumps coolant into the core. The second is the fuel machine, which dispenses Jerrycans that can be used to refuel the ship. It also contains a glass vat of "Green Goo". During a meltdown, it will shatter and anybody who stays in it too long will disappear and earn the Spontaneous Liquid State Transformation Badge.

Core Control Room

From here you can control the core with the fans, cooling lamps, cooling towers, coolant pipes, and containment door. Plus, you can press one of the buttons (the red or blue ones) to activate the core safeguards. (you can only press one of them when the temperature is at dangerous levels) You can view what engines are on and see what the core temperature is. 


This is where the core is located. This room is useless except if the containment door is open you can stand next to the core, which will zap you with lasers that slowly kill you.

Other areas


From here you can refuel the ship with a Jerrycan and repair the engines. Keep in mind that if you do not have a spacesuit on you will die, and if you do not have a jetpack on you will not be able to control your movements.


This is one of the two places you can access through the teleporter. You will not need a return teleporter to get back, as there is a yellow return pad on it. Keep in mind that without a spacesuit you will die.

Alien Planet

This is one of the two places you can access through the teleporter. There are various Pilosus Pila (purple hairy aliens) on the planet. Keep in mind that without a spacesuit you will die and without a return teleporter you will be stranded, Also one of the places you can get seeds.

P.S, Eating those seeds can mutate you one-by-one. Too much of them will make you completely alien.

To note: one of the planets that are white have them.

Pinewood Space Station

After a self-destruct, Diddleshot, the creator of Pinewood Space Station, will abduct you and take you here. After "The Truth" ending, you will be teleported to the Limbo. But after the security ending, you will be teleported straight back to a random server of the main game.


You arrive in Limbo (also known as Inbetween) after being abducted by Diddleshot in Pinewood Space Station or getting burned by the sun. It is a 1-person server consisting of grey grass, leafless trees, and a portal radio playing a slowed-down version of the original song that it plays in portal. There is a chance of the Master of the Realm appearing and talking to you for a bit before killing you in one of a few different ways. If he does not appear after 30 seconds, the ground will disappear and you will fall down where at the bottom, there is a portal which will teleport you back to a random server of the main game. Although, there is a chance that the Master of the Realm script fails, after he appears, which will result in you "meeting" Festivereinhard2, leading him to manually send you back to the ship.

2-Player Limbo

2-Player Limbo (also called Inbetween2Player) is the exact same as normal Limbo, except with a few differences. You can only get to it by being in an escape pod and its battery dying, leading to the Master of the Realm to abduct you and bring you here. As for changes to the place itself, the Master of the Realm's messages will be a little different to acknowledge the second player (even if there is only 1 player), the Master of the Realm will always confront you, and most notably, you arrive in and have your escape pod. It is possible to survive the Master of the Realm's attempt to kill you by climbing back into or staying in your pod, it which case the Master of the Realm will make a comment then do something to kill you regardless of the pod. Note that even if you do somehow survive the second attempt to kill you, you will still be teleported back to a random game server.


This happens if you stay in the Oxygen Chamber during a freezedown. After a while, the Oxygen Chamber closes. When the whole ship shuts down, you get teleported into a place called Beeeeees. When you get teleported, bees start appearing from the grass. After all of the bees appear, they start creating a portal. The portal teleports you back to the main game. 

Other Dimension

This happens if you escape a meltdown/freezedown by going through the teleporter. It will teleport you to a world similar to Arrakis from the Dune movie. In one corner of the map, there is a small cave. When entered, many dimly glowing, yellow cubes are visible, dimly lighting your way until you reach a room with many pillars and a portal that when entered will teleport you to a new server. Note: It's nearly impossible in self-destruct, due to the fact that the Teleportation Room will be flooded with poisonous gases unless activated early. All your items will temporarily disappear when in the Other Dimension.


This happens if you are outside when the ship performs hyperjump, or the ship gets destroyed. When you get teleported, you are just floating along, getting closer to a star. Eventually, you will be disintegrated, and thereafter you will be teleported to the Limbo

Escape Pod

If you successfully escape the ship using an escape pod, you will eventually crash land onto an alien planet. It may be a planet that is similar or is the same as the one you can access using the teleporter room, or it may be a forested earth-like planet. On one of the planets, if you look into the sky, you can observe the remains of the ship, which is the perfect time to express your dismay. If you look closely at the crank on the pod door in the escape pod place, you will find a randomly generated number between 1 and 8. As far as we can tell, there is no way to change or choose this number (and no, pod numbers don't change anything).  Originally, your pod number corresponded to the location you landed on. Now, the place you end up on depends on the coordinates you insert into the escape pod and/or the number on your pod's crank. These coordinates and numbers are:

  1. Inputting coordinates X: 6.8 Y: 6.59 Z: 0.97 = Ice Planet + Penguins [TBC]
  2. Inputting coordinates X: 9.68 Y: -6.81 Z: 6.73 = Water Planet [TBC]
  3. Inputting coordinates X: 12 Y: 12 Z: 12 = Red Planet + Red Guns [TBC]
  4. Inputting coordinates X: 6.62 Y: 5.28 Z: 1.15 = Moon [TBC]
  5. Having a crank number of 7 = Asteroid where space worm eats your pod [TBC]
  6. Having a crank number of 8 = Pod shuts down from power shortage and Master Realm takes your pod to 2-player limbo (even if only one person is in the pod)

The coordinates do not have to be exact. After a minute or two on crashsites, a rescue ship will appear allowing you to teleport to another Innovation Inc. Spaceship server.  (Credit to MaxieLaurem, skybarrier, & GalacticQuasaur for finding these coordinates and Bluerie for testing and discovering the meaning of the crank numbers.)

The coordinates you enter do not have to be exact. If your crank's number is 8 (or 7 probably), the coordinates are ignored.

Innovation Inc Mothership

When the Spaceship jumps to the location with the Innovation Inc logo on it, the ship will arrive at the Innovation Inc Mothership. The Spaceship will dock with the mothership, and a gate outside the meeting room can be used to board it. Currently, an extra 6 escape pods are aboard. More rooms may be added in the future.


This is reachable occasionally from an escape pod. You will reach an asteroid where some seconds later a worm will emerge by one of the holes. It will then make some sounds and search around (presumably echolocation) and lunge at your pod, swallowing it.

You will be teleported to a place called Digestion, where you are inside the worm. Forward you can find an innovation cube, a PB Security personnel, and a portal. Next to the portal is a mountain of cans, a clipboard with tally marks adding up to 30, and some tools. The portal leads to another server.

Secret Zone

There is a chance that you will be teleported to the place if you go through the teleporter during a Meltdown/Freezedown/Self Destruct. When you get teleported, you walk to a bridge and soon reach a place where four portals lead to each crashsite.

Repair Screen

This is the place that you go when the ship fails to self-destruct: can save lives, displaying some staff, in a desert somewhere, with a burning cactus, a TV with an error screen displays the text "We're experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by." It's unknown how this happened.



A meltdown happens when the core temperature reaches 3000C or 5432F. Red lights will show up everywhere followed by a blackout and several explosions and fire. First, the screen will suddenly go red, then back to normal as a shockwave comes towards you and flings you around, this happens a second time. A few moments after, the screen goes black, then fades as the final wave comes towards you killing everyone in its path. After this, you will be greeted with the Repair Screen.

Once a meltdown starts, it won't stop even if you get th

The wreck of the spaceship. It is a bit hard to see. (click on the image to see it. its the gray part)

e temperature back down to 2999C or 5430F. 


Freezedowns will occur at -250C or -418F. Freezedowns are exactly the same process of a meltdown, but opposite. Sometimes during a freezedown, ice walls may be visible in the spaceship and ice stalactite that can kill the players should they go under them. Not long after the oxygen chamber close, the ship will shut down, and a mysterious voice (GLaDOS) will sing "Still Alive" as the ship is flooded with poisonous gases. It is also used to earn the "Not the bees!" badge if you make it inside the oxygen chamber before a lockdown begins.


A Self-Destruct will occur if all engines are destroyed, after the self-destruct, you will see the remains of the destroyed ship and be abducted by Diddleshot. After this, you will be sent to Limbo (unless you get the Security Ending) then sent back to the spaceship (random server). 


Name Image Objective
Bloxilicious Searcher

Go into the vent in the staircase. You will find a man blowing Madattak's lost bubblegum.


This badge is located in the biology lab. Sit in the chair with the special computer in front of it. A computer screen will will pop up with a button saying "Yes". Press it.

Professional Escapist

Survive the destruction of the ship by escaping in an escape pod.

A (not that) Rare Occasion

Either be in the same server as Festivereinhard2 , have the Master of the Realm's script break in Limbo, or find him in one of the few easter eggs hidden around the crashsites.

Spontaneous Liquid State Transformation

Jump into the container of "Green Goo" in the machine room.

Body Double

Clone yourself at the cloning lab.

Planet Explorer

Visit all 6 crashites, 5 planets, and the other dimension. 

A Real Astronaut

Enter space for the first time (don’t forget your spacesuit!).

They've gone to plaid! Go start a hyperjump at ludicrous speed. There is a slight chance the ship goes at ludicrous speed during a normal hyperjump.
Brainious Scientist

Eat the brain on the table in the biology lab by clicking on it.


Go inside an activated engine, be trapped in an engine after repairing it, or touch the core while the door is open at a stable temp.

Secret Ending

Press the red button in the Astronomy Lab during a meltdown or self-destruct.

Intergalactic Music

Listen to one of the music frequencies in the Bridge:

Not The Bees Hide inside of the oxygen chamber during a freezedown.

Spawn on top of the ship.


Launch an Escape pod with people in it.

[Note: Now there is a confirmation button in the escape pod before it launches.]

The Truth Have the ship self-destruct but do not escape. Instead, wait to be sent to the destroyed ship, be abducted by Diddleshot, and listen to his monologue.

Be in space when the ship hyperjumps to a different location.

Master of the Realm

Meet the Master of the Realm by ending up at Limbo one way or another.

- He wants to play :) -

Bill Nye the Easter Egg Click all the individual buttons around the ship. Afterward, head to the bedroom, turn off the lights, and you will see the surprise. This one may be broken.

Either hyperjump to the black hole and jump in through the airlock or go into the Biology Lab, Input 0 ÷ 0 in the calculator, then jump into the black hole.

What's the point?

Put your face on any type of glass that says "Lick-Proof Glass"

Teeny Tiny

Get shrunk down by the shrink machine with all 3 lasers activated. 

Body Double Double

Clone a clone in the cloning machine in the Cloning Lab

Hanging On

Keep the core alive for 5 minutes while close to a Meltdown/Freezedown

[Lower than -150¬įC or Higher than 2850¬įC]

Easter Eggs

  • Saying ‚ÄúAnime‚ÄĚ, "nani", "kawaii",¬†"baka" or "neko"¬†in the chat will make you explode. (probably because of the creator hating anime)
  • In the black hole area, the black hole will gradually grow, eventually resulting in a singularity.
  • Sometimes, when the hyper drive is activated there is a rare chance of activating "Ludicrous Speed"; this is a reference to Space Balls. You can also get an award for being in a Ludicrous warp.
  • Using the spaceship gun, there are many options such as Pinewood Space Ship, Planets, a UFO and even the Innovation Inc Spaceship itself (dont shoot too many of the engines or the spaceship will self destruct).
  • In the oxygen room, there is a shrub where, upon clicking it, it will make a noise. Clicking it a few more times will cause it to say "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!". It is a reference to the movie King Arthur and the Holy Grail.


  • Going out of space may cause the jetpack to glitch, causing it to not change the speed of the player.
  • It is possible to glitch out of the glass tube onto the top of the ship and will not affect you.
  • Putting on the spacesuit from the teleporter room and putting on the Spare Uniform from the security changing room may sometimes cause the user's avatar to become feetless.
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