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Firebrand1 is one of the oldest Roblox players who has joined in early 2009. Although he only played games and was a former player back then, he is famous for creating RoCitizens, the currently leading life simulator game on Roblox.


RoCitizens as of 2015-2016

Although there is no information about his time on Roblox and what did he do back then, he started on the RoCitizens project back in December 2013. It was called RoSims Beta, and was the biggest hit on Roblox, until it went down because there were almost no updates released into it. Later, when the game was out of beta, it was renamed to RoCitizens, probably to avoid lawsuits with Maxis' The Sims franchise. After several big updates, it became the top leading game on Roblox and currently got more than 16M+ visits past 3 months.
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