RoCitizens (formerly RoSims) is a Town and City game created by Firebrand1. The game is a social/roleplaying game with no clear objective. In this game the player can get a job, earn money and buy a house and furnitures.

The game is based on The Sims game series by Electronic Arts. It is very similar to Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, by 1dev2.

2016 Around the World Event

RoCitizens was part of the 2016 Around the World Event. In the event, you head to a museum and complete 3 puzzles. Completing each puzzle will give you a prize.

Badge Image Task
Egypt Exhibit Egypt Exhibit Complete the puzzles in the Egyptian Exhibit.
France Exhibit France Exhibit Complete the painting in the French Exhibit.
China Exhibit China Exhibit Complete the puzzle in the Chinese Exhibit.

Money exploits and glitches

There has been a considerably large amount of RoCitizens players who use the game's unintentional bugs and glitches, allowing them to earn unrealistically large amounts of money that would otherwise take an extremely long time to earn legitimately.

The creator of RoCitizens, Firebrand1, has cryptically responded by patching the various bugs and glitches. While this does make the techniques obsolete, players will and/or have found another new technique that has not yet been patched. He has also taken the liberty of resetting a player's money if caught exploiting in the same server.


To earn money in game you can work a job. There are multiple jobs such as:

  • Fry cook
  • Cashier (Supermarket and Nom-Burger)
  • Police Officer
  • Criminal
  • Bus Driver
  • Student

As a Fry cook, you cook food in Nom-Burger. If you are a cashier you either scan items or get the right order. If you are a Police Officer you stop criminals. If you are a criminal you rob the bank and the Gas Station. If you are a Bus Driver you drive around in a school bus and pick up and collect students. If the player is a student, they can answer trivia questions. They can earn money if they answer right.

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