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forstaken, known by his YouTube alias Tofuu or by his real name Joe, is a famous Roblox YouTuber. His channel has over 3,210,000 subscribers. He is friends with other known YouTubers, such as Zach (Pokediger1) Michael (IMMIKEYDOOD, formerly iiFNaTiK)  and Charlie (SeeDank). 

Tofuu is very well known for his videos on simulator related games, despite that he uploads other games from time to time.

He is also the owner of the group, The Cooking Boys which made the game Cooking Simulator, and Tofuu Productions

He participated in the RB Battles event, beating Poke in the first round and Hyper in the second, but lost to KreekCraft in the finale.



Tofuu is criticized for clickbaiting and constant use of "red arrows" on his thumbnails to point at the main subject of the video. Tofuu is also called 'guilty' for his best friend Pokediger1's ban, since Tofuu has breached his account multiple times to give himself Robux. Additionally, when the forums were still active in 2017, users on the Let's Make a Deal subforum called out Forstaken for harboring a stolen Bluesteel Domino Crown in his inventory. This is assumed to be a false accusation. He also abuses power a little. An example: him abusing admin in Boku no Roblox in one of his videos. His intros are insanely long and his titles are pretty unoriginal. They all begin with the letter I (i). 

Sugar Dating

On December 22, 2020, he exposed himself and released an apology, revealing that he was a "simp/sugar daddy". This caused controversy and confusion.


On August 14, 2019, forstaken got terminated for "creating inappropriate games or purchasing privileges in inappropriate games". Other YouTubers such as Flamingo and MyUsernamesThis got banned too for the same reason. All of these users including forstaken were unbanned by Roblox.