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Friaza is an infamous ROBLOX dev that is famous for his Otaku-Anime karate games. Some of his games include "Martial Arts Battle Arena Kai" and "Gmod Prop Hunt."

At the moment he is developing a 'Jo Jo' game, but it may be taken down by copyright any time soon. Most of his games are now defunct, as a result of him neglecting to update his games for Filtering Enabled.

He likes to say he is from Scotland, and that his name is Drew Leicht.


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  • According to his YouTube account, he is an Otaku game programmer.
    • This expression is also shown in his games, group logo, and favorite list.[citation needed]
  • Friaza has changed his username over 50 times.
    • Most of the list is contained of Saitei, Friaza, and Shinei.
    • His most recent usernames were Godaka, Friaza, and Karasoma.
  • He has made a series on his YouTube channel where he teaches how to script Lua.[citation needed]
  • He has once plagiarized a trailer animation by Sylveon_Valentine after a controversial argument with StoryArtz on a coincidental close sounding game name.
    • Friaza's game was called "Ninja Arts" when StoryArtz was named "Ninja Artz"


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