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Martial Arts Battle Arena Kai is a Roblox game by Friaza where you have to fight another person in an arena so you can become a black-belt. The game has lost its popularity from 2013, but it still has a few people playing it today. In this game you have different battles against people who can be a master belt or a white belt. The possibilities are endless. The belts dont stop at black, you can go on to many different belts after the black belt. It was very popular back in 2012-2013 but has recently died down with an average of 4 players on the game.  Friaza has tried to revive this game by making a new version where you can fight with multiple different people at the same time. However, most people preferred the old one and it has an average of 2 players. Friaza has been on Roblox for a while and his most recent project is Jojolion Quest.  Links are below V. The second battle arena game has 200k+ visits and the original game has a whopping 21M+ visits. Since it was a fan favorite, it hasn't been forgotten in most old Roblox fans.

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