Frinigus is a Roblox game developer/builder and the owner of Sharkbyte Studios & Sharkbyte Studios 2. Alongside scripter TigerCaptain, he continues to develop minigames and survival-style games for the community.


Frinigus first found success with his original game Dungeon Master. It was first released in early 2017, becoming popular with millions of visits later in the year with the help of TigerCaptain. As of December 2019, it has over 9 million visits.

In August 2017, Frinigus and TigerCaptain unveiled their latest project, Lab Experiment. It is mostly inspired by the original game Plates of Fate: Mayhem by DylanBuildar. This game became popular quickly and reached the front page with thousands of concurrent visitors by December 2017.

Both of the above games are published by Frinigus and TigerCaptain's group, Sharkbyte Studios.

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