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Funnehcake (also known as Funneh and by her real name Kat/Katherine) is a Canadian family-friendly gaming YouTuber with over 7.39 million subscribers, going by the channel name ItsFunneh. She joined YouTube on September 1, 2011 and Roblox on July 6, 2016.


Funneh and the Krew and KREW ∇

In 2016, Funneh opened the group "Funneh and the Krew" as a fan-club towards her and the 'Krew'. In 2020, Funneh opened the group "KREW ∇ " as the second fan-club group towards her and the Krew.

UGC Items

On April 17, 2020, Funnehcake released her first UGC Item called Slice O' Pizza. Lunar3clispe textured this item. It costs 25 Robux.

On May 29, 2020, She released her second UGC Item called Hawaiian Pizza. Lunar3clispe also textured this item and model by ItsDraconiteDragon. It also costs 25 Robux.

Krew members

Funneh has 4 siblings who she often plays games with:


GOLD3NGLARE is one of Funneh's sisters. Gold is the second most subscribed to channel out of the Krew. She joined Roblox on July 4, 2016. Her real name is Kim.


Lunar3clispe is another one of Funneh's sisters. On her YouTube channel, she records speedpaints of hers. She joined Roblox on July 3, 2016. Her real name is Wenny.


RainbowsYT is another one of Funneh's sisters. She is the oldest sibling in her family. She joined Roblox on July 24, 2016. Her real name is Betty.


ItsDraconiteDragon is Funneh's brother. Also known as Draco, he is the youngest sibling out of the Krew. He joined Roblox on July 3, 2016. He is the only Krew Member that is male. His real name is Allen.


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